Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 5. Hanging in there.

This week I have given 12wbt all I've got. I've done my first ever PT session. I've done group power twice with heavy weights.

I even did Mish's outdoor workout while Miss E played!
(see - towel - water bottle - ipad to look up exercises - weights - swingset close buy for towel pulls.) Oh - and I do not and never will like burpees.

Today I wanted to throw in that towel. I hurt. I am sore. My muscles ache. It hurts to sit on the toilet! (Oh I remember that feeling well! Damn squats!)

It took every bit of my being to go to the gym today. I did not want to. I knew it would help but I did not want to!

But of course I went. And I got through it. And every track of group power HURT. I could feeel every muscle working.

I am stronger than I realise.

I'm going to rejig my weekend a little. Tomorrow due to my graduation, and not wanting to be in agony in my cute new shoes ... I am having a rest day. Sunday will be my super session for the week. No copout. Just making sure I can give it my all.

Go hard ! 78 days till the party!


  1. Good on you! I feel like that today, and to be honest, I haven't done my workout. I keep changing my mind - this can be my day off - no, JFDI - blah blah blah. I'm going to go inside now and do Mish's cardio DVD before I cook tea. I'm sick of arguing with myself and over-analysing. It's gonna hurt, but you did it, and so will I!
    P.S. Did you hire the PT?

  2. Well Done! Congrats on your graduation! I missed out on my workout too so tomorrow is not my day off, I will be working my butt off to hopefully make up for the time I lost. You can definitely do this, and I too found out today I could go further than I thought and thankfully Jess and Bec was able to push me a lot further. I am so thankful to them and so glad I sucked it up and trained despite not feeling the best. So well done for doing so, it can be hard at times but hang in there, I believe in you!