My fun runs!

I thought it would be fun to keep a record of my fun runs here! (and the changing me!)
And to keep them together ... Blog Post - My top 10 running tips

Twilight Run, March 2011, 3km. (Miss 6 did 1km)

My first real fun run!

Mother's Day Classic
I felt amazing! 8km.
And I got to meet Mish!!!

Warwick Pentath Run
Miss E and I also ran the 1500m sprint

Gold Coast Marathon Series
My first 10km
Miss E ran 2 km
Daddy ran his first marathon
$1125 raised for Cancer Research

Brisbane Running Festival
10km . Hot and Hard
Miss E ran 2km!

Bridge to Brisbane
The run I have wanted to run for 10 years!
It was fast and awesome!
And my hubby ran too!