Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I really thought the losses would slow ...

Now that I have have lost so much weight and am now over half way in my journey I really thought the scales would slow ... that the losses would be small.

But I was a little bit hopeful. My nutrition has been spot on and so clean. I have busted a gut at the gym doing over 700 cal the last two days -and even walking on my rest day.

And this week my work paid off!

1.8kg gone. 8.6kg to my goal for this round. And a total weight loss of 19.7kg.

Next week I want to see 20kg total loss BAD. And I am going to do what it takes!

Train hard guys. Eat clean. The program works if we do it!

I am going about today with a smile!


  1. That is awesome! Makes your overall goal seem so much more achievable!