Thursday, February 17, 2011

SMASHED my expectations!!

Because I have a massive week planned with training next week ... I thought I would do my 1km time trial yesterday just in case I run out of time next week. It's always been something I put off till the last minute and struggled with so it felt so GOOD to get the monkey off my back.

A time trial is a 1km distance. Get there as fast as you can. Run, walk or crawl.

Well yesterday I went out there FAST! (fast for me that is!) I pushed harder than I thought I should have at the start but it felt good. The last 200m were HARD. I wanted to stop but NO WAY. I can run 5k - why am I going to stop on 1?

Well talk about SMASHING my expectations! Last round the best time I did was 7min40sec. I remember the amazing feeling when I smashed the intermediate group!

This round I hit 5min51sec!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? SUB 6min!!

I went harder and stronger than I ever thought possible - my dream was to hit sub 6 min for the ROUND!!!!


(oh my! How am I going to improve on THAT this round!)

Still dancing 12 hours later!! Off to smash some more goals! (housework related!)

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