Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just interviewed a personal trainer.

I had visions of someone I could meet with once a week and have him/her push me to the limit. Someone who would mix up the exercise and would push me harder than I would go. Someone who might mix in some burpees, some boxing ... a little creativity and a whole lot of sweat.

What I got was someone who shoved a pricelist in my hand. Told me "you kinda do each machine a little bit and then cool down at the end". And who told me we would meet so she could work out my goals. When I said I already HAD my goals ... she said "no we will meet and I will work out the right ones"

Oh me oh my.

This is the time I don't like living in the country. I so want that experience of someone pushing me harder than I can imagine ... and someone who will work with me to develop the ab strength that I just do not have. Problem is my choices are limited.

Anyone want to come train me?

Hunting for other options ... just not sure where to find them yet


  1. Oh no!! What about the instructors at some of the classes you do, maybe you could ask them if they do PT?

  2. Georgie I'm thinking of one in particular. I had thought it might have been nice to have someone apart from the gym ... a different level of support but obviously THAT backfired! I have a reassessment with him Thursday week - will ask then!