Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gearing up - some of my favourite iPhone aps!

You know, I swore I would never get an iPhone ...

But then one day I actually had a good long look at them - and realised what an amazing tool they could be to my health and fitness journey (as well as organising the rest of our life!) Truthfully - it has been worth every cent.

Some of my fave apps for the 12wbt are ...

Blogpress. I love love love that I can update my blog from my phone - or from an ipad. So quick and easy to use and means I can blog while I'm waiting for Miss E to finish a swim or ballet class. Plus it is quicker to upload photos too!

The 100 push ups app. One of my goals this round is to do pushups. Real pushups on my toes. This app is great. You start by doing a test to see how many pushups you can do right now. Then every day it sets you a program to do 5 sets of pushups at different number of reps. It gradually increases the reps so you are doing more and more pushups as you go. I love it for that little bit of guidance and a push in doing these!

I love this little app for tracking my weight and calculating my bmi as I go. It also graphs changes over time. Simple and easy to use!

Oh I how I love this! The gps in the phone tracks my distance, my speed, and the app sends me emails on my pb's as they occur. It also draws a map of my route. And there are coaching sessions available too.

Pocket weather AU - not perfect but gives me an idea of upcoming weather conditions. Helps me plan my training!

And of course I adore facebook and twitter for keeping in touch with Michelle and my 12wbt mates! There are lots more apps I use ... I'll try to do another post later today - more centred about food and nutrition!

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