Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week One. The wrap up. Good bad and ugly.

Week one 12wbt Wrap up!

The good ...
  • The food! This round I promised myself to try everything once unless I could absolutely not adapt it for my gluten free husband. I tried recipes I have avoided last round. Oh my the are good! This is not boring diet food people - this is a way I could eat for life!
  • On that note - I love Pizza night! Who would put sweet potato and ricotta on a Pizza? Apparently Mish does and it is GOOD!
  • Wearing a size 12 dress to my grad and feeling beautiful! It was good to see all my hard work paying off!
  • My first personal training session. I worked so much harder than I thought was capable. It was hard .. but made me feel so so strong.
  • Reassessment day at my gym! Loved seeing results in the measurements!
  • Getting my dogtags in the mail as a reminder of what we are doing and why! Thanks Lisa - I love them!
  • A huge weight loss this week! 1.8kg at this stage of the game is GREAT for me! I certainly don't expect that next week. In fact I will be happy to lose again next week ...
  • Discovering I am now a MEDIUM at Lorna Jane! I love Lorna Jane!
  • My family support - everyone including my daughter, husband and my parents have shown me incredible support with starting this round! Don't worry mum - I am aiming for HEALTHY not skinny. I love that you all make this easier
  • Sticking with my trying new things goal - I did group step and personal training! And I was better at both than I thought I would be!

The bad ...

  • Burpees. I still have nothing good to say about burpees.
  • Pump on Friday. I was still so sore I found it hard to finish tracks. I got through it - but it wasn't pretty.
  • I skipped my flexibility day. Going to do extra stretches today to make up for it. I really do need to commit to the pilates class each week.
  • I still haven't had my super (sunday for this week) session. I promise I will. It is scheduled for late afternoon. check back and keep me accountable.
  • I still don't seem to have the shopping organised. Instead of taking the time to sit down and make one big list I ended up going back and forth to the shops every couple of days. Which cost me a lot of time, and extra money. I am tempted to try getting the groceries delivered home. With the extra time training takes in my day I need to find every time saver I can!
  • Finding it hard to fit my runs in. Again - must look at my scheduling
  • Some really cruddy runs due to lack of time
  • My 5 year old turned to my tap teacher and said "You know - my mummy just doesn't GET tap". Yep - she's right. But I'm still trying

The ugly ...

  • Feeling like I would throw up for 30 min after personal training!
  • Discovering my total lack of ab strength. I am still a ZERO on the ab test. Really need to work on that.
  • My home. The extra time I spent cooking, training, (and checking the forums) meant less time at home. I need to find better balance here! A full cleaning morning with my family today has helped so much!
  • DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness. I suffered it badly this week. I know it meant I worked HARD ... but it hurt so much!

Bring on week TWO!!!

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  1. Hello Kath,
    My name is Liz and I've been following a few of the 12WBT blogs (a few of my clients have done it or are doing it!) I'm glad to see you're doing so well and enjoying the freedom that a good weight loss can bring.

    Keep up the great work!
    Liz N