Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Am I a woman of my word??? OH YEAH!

Back before Christmas I spoke to Michelle Bridges on facebook. I promised her a 5kg loss in the "off season" of www.12wbt.com. I promised I would lose that 5kg by the time round 1 2011 starts on FEBRUARY 21!

Well today I DID it! Weigh in Wednesday brough a loss of 1.1kg~ This brings my total off season weight loss to 5.5kg!

I love that 12wbt TEACHES you so you can easily do this by yourself. It is more than a "diet" ... it is for life!

Happy scales day!


  1. Bloody Fantastic Kath! Sublime! You're a real inspiration - or should I say thinspiration?! Hehe

  2. Nice one! Congrats on reaching your goal!
    Did you have a reward set up?

    My reward for end of 12wbt will be a new squash outfit (Skirt and Tank). I've been wearing the same daggy skirt and big baggy men's t-shirt for 5 years.

    It's exciting! WELL DONE YOU :) Imagine what you're going to achieve by end of round 1 2011!! x

  3. Thanks guys! My reward is heading to Brisbane for the Pain in Paradise bootcamp! And a dress for my nursing graduation. My fellow students haven't seen my in 17.6kg