Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a FINALIST!!!!!

And I need your help!!!

So ... a while ago I entered the "absurd excuse competition" on Michelle Bridges 12wbt facebook page.

The prize rocks my world! If I won I would win flights to Melbourne and accomodation, polar HRM, but the big bit is ....


Anyone who has followed my journey knows how much Mish has changed my life. I have lost almost 17kg and by the end of May I KNOW I will be a healthy weight! This will be my first time being healthy since I was about 19. The thought blows me away.
But above and beyond that Mish has given me a zest for life back. Instead of hiding, I am now out there trying new things. I wear clothes that fit. I threw in a job that was stressing our family and am now working in a more challenging area and loving it! And little bit by little bit I am encouraging others to take the same babysteps I am!
And now I have the chance not only to meet Mish and tell her my story in person and thank her ... but to have my BEHIND kicked by her in TRAINING!
I would love love love LOVE your votes.! You can vote once a day ... the winners are announced Feb 21. And if you are wondering if you should do the 12wbt challenge the answer is YES!!!
This is the story behind my "excuse"

My husband was working with a football team in his younger days. A footballer had asked for an extra practise. He didn't turn up. When they called him he said "well um ... I ws playing scrabble with the computer ... and um ... it cheated. So I had to go downtown a...nd buy ... um a dictionary to check. And I was right! It did! So that's why I missed training!"

Cracked me up when my husband told me the story!

To vote go here!

and scroll down to the computer cheated at scrabble excuse!

I'd love every one of your votes! Whether it is just today ... or every day!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Kath on becoming a finalist...and cos you want this so bad I went and voted for ya!

    Good luck, I hope you WIN!

    This lifestyle choice makes you are a winner anyway...