Progress pics

My story in pictures - most recent at the top - earliest down the bottom - so if you want to see the journey in order scroll to the bottom then head up the page

Before and current ... face comparison. How did I breathe back then?? (answer - not well!)

Finale party round 2 2011!

12 months on . What a year on 12wbtcan do!

Graduation Day February 20 2011 - First time in a long time I felt really pretty ... beautiful even ...

Ready for Rd 1 2011!
Week 1 progress pics - the befores!

January 2011. I love how ALIVE and healthy I look now!!
And I can SEE that I am getting fitter too!

Christmas Day 2010 In my outfit I bought to celebrate my success so far

December 23 2010 - after running 3k for the first time!

November 2010

4 weeks in - October 2010

Before - September 2010