Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Countdown to Round 1 ... some tips about food!

Food seems to stress people. It isn't hard. You just need to be organised. These are a few tips that have worked for me!

  • You ARE going to want to catch up with friends! Go now and work out the calories of a skinny chinno so you are ready! Having just coffee is always acceptable! Be prepared! And if you don't want to spend the calories on the catch up ... peppermint tea is delicious and just as social!

  • That said ... why not meet up for a "talk and walk" rather than a coffee ... lots of fun and bonus calories burned

  • You are going to have nights when you do NOT have time to cook. What are you going to do? What is the solution? Does everyone in the family agree? We have some meals frozen ... but an omlette is our go to no time to cook meal. Work it out NOW. Don't be caught short!

  • Water. You need water. Take it everywhere. If you are hungry drink first. You are going to be training so you NEED to drink more! Buy a fun water bottle and never be without it!

  • You ARE going to have days when you don't think you have time for breakfast. That is ROT. You need breakfast more than ever. Pack a tupperware container with a serve of cereal in your work desk and flog some milk from the tea room at work. Eat breakfast every day. It doesn't have to be elaborate but you NEED the energy to train!

  • Oh and work out an easy breakfast that fits in your calorie count and have the ingredients at home ALL the time. Special k , banana and skim milk has gotten me through many a morning!

  • You ARE going to have to eat lunch out occasionally. Go now and work out your go to meal. Some days you don't have time to think or calculate. (I have a 6 inch subway sub on wheat - turkey - all the salads no cheese, sauce or salt - that's under 300cal and fills me! With WATER not coke remember!)

  • Some days you will be caught out and hungry ... pack a calorie counted snack in your handbag now. Or get in the habit of never leaving home without a piece of fruit!

  • Decide now what you will do about alcohol. Alcohol will destroy your weight loss efforts in a heart beat. For me ... I won't drink the whole 12 weeks. I get much better results, train much better the next day ... and I like to show myself that I don't need it from time to time

  • When you are strong and know you won't be tempted go have a look at the food labels of some of your fave foods. Check out the calorie count. Check out what you get for those calories. See how much they are ripping you off! It can be a real eye opener to see what you used to put in your body!

  • Whenever you can add a huge handful of salad greens to a meal. I even snack on them. They are practically no calories, fill you up, and also help keep you regular ;) *disclaimer - nurses are obsessed with regularity** Plus they are so full of folate and goodness ... remember the darker green the better!

  • Above all have fun and be creative! This is how you are going to eat FOREVER! No way should it be boring!

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