Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeping it Real #week 26

26 weeks!

This week's Keeping it Real is a day late ... but I've had a mixed up week!
Not as big a week as my friend Rell! Check out her Keeping it real this week! Huge!
I have NO IDEA how she survived it in tact - but she did!

This week has been ... pretty blah for me to be honest.
Monday night I started to get the sniffles - and by Tuesday morning I was knocked flat with a cold.
It's been a long time since I've felt that bad .. and it pretty much took me all week to get over it.
So this week's strategy was survival parenting. Bare minimum. Lots of rest. Heaps of fluids. And take care of baby and me and get well as fast as I could. (which apparently is VERY SLOW)

So here goes ... this week's Keeping it Real


This week was all about HYDRATION. Being sick the one thing I concentrated was getting enough fluid. I am LOVING my new Lifefactory Glass water bottle! Dishwasher safe (for the germs), doesn't make the water taste plasticy or metallic and keeps the water cool.

Food wise,

Let's call this a rollercoaster week! Some things were good. I craved fruit (MANDARINS!) like never before. I would eat bags of the things.
Some were bad. Between tiredness, sickness and just feeling yuk I didn't want to prepare any food, so I bought easy options far too often.

My big lasagne and chicken soup cookup last week were a lifesaver! Home made frozen meals on standby are one of the best investments in your health you can make. No matter how you try to plan ... life always finds a way of throwing you a curve ball. ALWAYS have something decent that you can control in the freezer!


Things are going well. I feel huge already ... but I know I have a long way to go! I can feel my ligaments softening (hello relaxin) and have had a few close calls when my ankles have turned unexpectedly. Which means I need to talk to my PT tonight and make sure we are exercising safe.

I can definately feel I get full much quicker now. Baby must be pushing my stomach out of the way so he/she can grow! Oh - and the reflux has begun. UGH. I remember this from Miss E.

Baby has been great while I was ill at reassuring mummy with lots of movement. Best feeling in the world!


PT Monday night was awesome. Lots of lifting. Rowing. (I do hate the rower tho), hill walking. A really varied session which felt great.

Good thing it did. When the illness hit it knocked me for six. I missed bootcamp. Plus a bonus session at the dam :( By the end of the week I was getting some gentle walks in, because doing nothing felt worse than doing something. But this week was a real lesson in listening to my body.

There wasn't a lot of other this week. I slept. I ate. I rested. I rested.

Oh and paw paw ointment is the best thing EVER for a sore sore nose.

This week

My body is already telling me what it wants this week.
Clean food. Simple flavours.

This was my lunch. A very simple tofu and veggie stirfry. Seriously 10 min to make. Good food is not hard.

This week I am gently adding the exercise back in. PT tonight, where I will be talking about the "where to from here" now we are almost third trimester.

This week I am also going to look into aqua aerobics. Water has never been my thing. But I'm hoping I might enjoy it as a way to keep active in the next few months.

Lots of walks. Walks heal my soul.

Oh - and I've entered a 5k fun run! Just a local one. I want to be part of it with our local 12wbt crew! I won't be after a pb. I won't even run the lot. I'm going to do it with Miss 7, and we will run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit, walk a lot. But I think it will be great to get out there.

More sorting at home - starting to want to get things organised.

A nurturing week and a return to feeling better.

Oh - and this! Five:am yogurt has finally hit my local town!! It is GOOOOOOD!!
My new snack of choice!!

Big HUGE weekend!

For my 12wbt family ... it has a been a big HUGE weekend!

The WORLD RECORD BREAKING group workout!


For many - Emazon's Stand your Ground.

Seeing the results! Meeting friends! Celebrating!

For other's - there have been their own special milestones.
Following my twitter family I have celebrated Bryrun completing ANOTHER ULTRA Marathon!

So many 12wbt family ran. I especially take my hat off to the half marathoner's.It has been an amazing weekend all round.

This weekend I chose not to go to finale. Which made me sad :(
But other commitments were stopping me, and I had important baby growing business to do ;)

My 12wbt family still made me feel part of it - with tweets and photos and calls and texts (although next time Mish - could you PLEASE choose a venue with mobile phone reception!)

After a week of being sick - and then the weekend busy in and out of the house, I am ready for some normality.

Today I am eating clean.
My body is craving water. Fruit. Veges. Tofu!

Today I am rehydrating! A lot!

Today I am getting my home sorted for a way too busy upcoming week.

And tonight I train.

Whether you went to finale, or didn't - remember - it was just ONE weekend.
Your 12wbt journey does not have a finish date.

Today is another day. Listen to your body.
Eat for health.

And choose the lifestyle that will let you be the best version of you ever!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping it real 25 weeks

25 weeks today! Joining again with Rell at and "Keeping it Real" as we sum up our weeks.

This week has been a pretty tiring and emotional week. I think those pregnancy hormones have well and truly taken control. My sleep is very interrupted. I'm reminded how important rest in any way I can get it is.

This week I went out to dinner with my local team from! We were celebrating a successful round for many, and welcoming some new members. It was an awesome night. So much ENERGY! And it gave me a chance to frock up! So here it is - a rare pic out of workout gear on this blog!


This week was a lot better. I still had some slip ups, and still let too much sugar in - but I will try again this week. This week I found the energy to cook a little - which made a big difference. First up was a crazy desire for chicken and corn soup. I've never made it before and it was easy! And DELICIOUS! So that was lunch AND dinner for two days (whoops!) and more in the freezer. Yum!

Tonight Miss 7 wanted lasagne. So Jen's Lasagne from 12wbt it was. I never ever make one lasagne. 3 in the oven. So dinner tonight was sorted plus a lot of leftovers frozen. I'm hoping this makes eating well easier as I get more tired.

I had another obstetrician appointment this week - and again it was pleasantly boring. All is going well as far as we are aware - no complications. Next appointment I get scanned again. Movements are stronger and MIss 7 felt baby for the first time today!(Although I'm not convinced she believes it WAS baby!) I am tired. And waking up a LOT at night. And crazy insane dreams. 

So I'm focussing on resting when I can. For mother's day today I had a lovely long nap!

My exercise

This week had definate ups and downs. PT Monday was great. We did a cardio pyramid and it felt strong. Bootcamp Wednesday I felt like I was on fire! The shuttle runs probably looked hilarious but it felt GREAT to run! Friday's bootcamp was abysmal though. I felt sore before I started and just wasn't into it. I guess I was there though. Lots of walks too this week. I still haven't got back to classes at the gym ... maybe I will soon ;)

This week I have been trying to balance life. Time with Miss 7 - lots of school events for her. Appointments. House. Miss 7 got student of the week which I am proud of AND presented the classes work beautifully at assembly.

The nursery is looking great. I see an ikea trip soon to finish it off.

We do need to think harder about basics like a carseat some time soon too I guess. It is just overwhelming.

This coming week I am just focussing more on balance. Walking. Training. Stretching. Bubble baths. And cutting out that stupid sugar!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding what makes my soul sing ...

I might not be getting my fitness goals from smashing heavy weights or PB's on my runs ... so this week I went in search of what makes my soul sing!

Waterfalls, mountains, fresh air and my family!
Photobombed by Miss 6!
Bump and I at the lookout at the top of the falls!
The spectacular Queen Mary falls. My photo does NOT do it justice!
Bump and I ... action shot!

I feel like I can breathe again. What makes your soul sing?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can I do 12wbt if ....

I've been around the 12wbt world for a while now ... and every round I get asked the same question ... in a different way.

A beautiful friend Rae asked my advise on if 12wbt will work for her on my facebook page today.
Her situation is more complicated - but my answer is the same whether you are asking me ...

Can I do 12wbt if

  • I am vegetarian
  • I am coeliac
  • I am dairy free
  • I am injured and cannot exercise
  • My family has specific food allergies
  • My husband works busy hours
Over and over my answer is yes ... BUT
  • you will have to do just a little bit more work
  • you may need to think creatively
  • and most importantly - YOU NEED TO DO YOUR PRESEASON TASKS!! You see - you have many more reasons excuses why 12wbt won't work for you. You need to nail them now. You need to write down your reasons excuses when Mish asks you to, and you need to make SURE that you have concrete answers as to how you WILL overcome them!
Rae asked me today if 12wbt will work for her as her family is eating
low sacylilate, low amine, preservative free and colour free. 
She is also determined not to be seen as "dieting" in front of her kids - and cooking separate meals for mum because she is on a diet.
Can 12wbt work for her??

Rae - the answer is a big fat (qualified) yes!!!
I commend you on not dietiting in front of your kids. Let's face it - there are so many places in our world that our kids are smashed with unhealthy food, diet, exercise and body images. Our home is where we can protect them - and the best way of teaching them how to be healthy is to live it in front of them! (and that included the dads too!!!)

The reason I know 12wbt can work for you ... is it's not rocket science. It's maths. You eat 1200 calories. You exercise. You lose weight. Oh - and most importantly - you work on your mindset. Over and over again. 

12wbt is going to rock for you! Most of the meals are healthy unprocessed whole foods and quick delicious recipes. In our household there is no such thing as a kids meal. we all eat the same (although I may cut down the spice in Miss 7's at times!)

Some foods you are going to have to swap. The tomato based meals like Nat's lasagne are out for you ... and a lot of the wraps have deli meat which is high in amines. BUT ... there is a recipe index where you can look for alternate recipes (all meals are around 300 cal so can be swapped) and you can use a little fresh chicken, or tuna etc in the wraps. There are a lot of soups in the menu in winter too - so you can choose meals such as pumpkin soup based on the veges that you like!

Another option is to freeze some of the meals that your family cannot eat, and take them for your work lunches. That way you get to experience them too!

I've faced a similar dilemma as hubby is a coeliac and also training for marathons. So every meal that we share must be gluten free, and I need to adapt to make sure he gets a LOT more energy in. 

Some of the simplicity of 12wbt goes ... I can't just use the ready made shopping list. But every week when the eating plan comes out I print it and grab my trusty pen. I cross out what we won't be eating, swap the meals from the recipe index ... and off we go!

Somehow I think, if you are used to working out menu plans that suit your family, this is going to be an easy exercise for you! 

You need a calorie counter (calorie king australia is a free ap on iphone) and it will allow you to make equal substitutions.

But 12wbt still will provide you with a heap of new recipes, great support, exercise plans to challenge you and great mindset videos to help shape the way you think about food and training.

For my other readers ...

If you are vegetarian your life just got easier! Mish now has a fantastic vegetarian menu plan!
There is an info sheet on many food substitutions available ... you just need a little time to plan and substitute.
Mish also now has a specific breastfeeding and pregnancy plan (and can I say they are great!)

Life does get in the way sometimes. If you are injured you will need to work around it as best you can. But this is 80% nutrition. Eat right - and chances are you will lose weight anyway!

The key is - you do NOT LET YOUR reasons EXCUSES get in the way of your successes. There is a way around it - and if you can't find it ask around. The forums are an excellent place to get your questions answered. Many seasoned 12wbters continue for successive rounds just to pay it forward. And Mish has a team of fitness professionals and a dietitian to help you find the answers you need.

The whole premise of the 12wbt nutrition program is whole, fresh food. Substitutions can be tough - but they are worth it. And when you find a recipe that works for your family - feel free to swap it.
Or adapt what you are already eating - keeping a close eye on calories.

Hopefully this helps! If it doesn't - feel free to message me on facebook or leave a comment. I'll do my best to come through for you!

Round 2 2012, are you in???

Today is another chance to change your life.
Today is the start of round 2 2012 of the 12wbt.

I love this program.
It saved my life.
Not only did it save my life - but it saved and changed the lives of so many people I know!

What makes it succeed is the community!
The program works (but you have to actually DO it!)

But above that, get involved in the facebook groups, the forums (especially the forums) and twitter. Get support and love and help and encouragement from others travelling the exact same road as you.

It's not just about food. It's not just about exercise.
It's about support.
And tough love.
And working the mindset.
And pushing beyond what you thought possible.

This round I will not be a signed up member of the program, as I will soon be entering my last trimester and will be taking the training a little easier.

But I will still be living the 12wbt life.
I will still be eating well.

If you are not on my facebook page click on!/Courage2start and come join! That is where most of my updates are (and I believe you can now send me a message there too!)

Follow the blog (to the right there ----> )

And sign up!

I wish I had words to describe how has changed my life.

But maybe a few pics will help describe

Just the face. This blew me away. No wonder I used to struggle to breathe. And check out my eyes. Now they SPARKLE!

This pic wasn't even at the end of my journey. One year on. So much fitter and stronger. From barely able to walk - to running 10 km.

With Mish at Finale Rd 3 2011, accepting the inspirational blogger award. I felt AMAZING that night!!!

Keeping it real. 24 weeks!

6 months! Can you believe it! I am still amazed and blessed that I am still here ... still training for two ... and still living the life I have dreamed of for SO long!
Once again with Rell, from I am blogging this week on life, nutrition, fitness and my pregnancy! All honest. No perfection. Just Keeping it real.

In big news this week - Miss 6 became Miss SEVEN! Yep - my girl had a birthday and she seems SO GROWN UP! I cannot believe I am the mother of a SEVEN YEAR OLD!

Which kind of leads in to ....


Yes. We had a birthday. Which meant a birthday party. Our parties have changed. There were a LOT of healthy options. There was also cake. A four layer white chocolate cake with raspberry flavoured icing. YUM! (I LOVE to bake!)

And there were meals out. Far too many of them.

As Rell eluded to her in her blog tonight, I too am feeling the effects of too much sugar. Not just sugar but salt from meals out. Even choosing the healthy options, there is hidden salt and between that and the pregnancy it is leaving me feeling so dehydrated.

So my focus this week is to NOT eat sugar. And to drink water. Lots of water. My body is craving it so much it is waking me at night. Back to basics again I think.


Ok it's a bad pic taken by Miss 6/7 on my way to bootcamp, but this week I feel like I've exploded!
I'm still fitting into my medium Lorna Jane clothes, and I am still happy with my weight gain. I AM however feeling the effects of baby! I feel shorter of breath, and it is definately harder to bend over!

Sleep is not great. I wake up a lot at night. Which can make work a little tougher, but overall I'm doing well. Lots of regular movements to calm my paranoia, and no new symptoms. Obstetritian appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully another boring one!

My exercise
As I mentioned in the pregnancy comments, I am starting to feel the effects of my added bulk around the middle!

Running is hard, even though all I am doing now is short shuttle runs. I get out of breathe very fast. At PT this week we did boxing which suits me perfectly right now. Friday's bootcamp was a struggle. I found it much harder and am starting to speak out and say that I'm just doing things differently. And I'm ok with that. The social aspect of bootcamp is good for me. It keeps me focussed on my long term goals. And it makes me happy. I am just going to have to jog when they run, walk when I tire, and go low impact all the way!

Today bump and I went for a 5k walk. No speed records for sure but it was good for my head, and my heart, and my body. It gave me focus. So my new plan is to walk. 5 km a day (unless my body tells me otherwise) and do extra training only if I feel like it. But walking will be my baseline, keep the exercise habit going, and remind me that this is who I am. Someone who trains no matter what.


I've been working on my mindset, and I will be blogging about that more soon. The session I spent with Emazon of was amazing and just what I needed. I know where I am, and where I am going. I just need to get my mind following that path. And it will. The woman I am will insist on it!

I'm in shock that this pregnancy is starting to speed up! It seems to be going much faster now. Maybe I'm nesting but I'm so focussed right now on removing any clutter from our home pre baby - so much so that I have set myself a daily decluttering requirement and I am ruthless about it!

And I was blessed to spend the weekend home with my family. I've missed them. They are my roots. They ground me. My heart feels so much stronger since I've been home.

This week

This week I am focussing on getting the food right, keeping hydrated, and playing with my training to see what feels right. Take it easy - but not too easy. Keep focussed, strong and Keeping it real.

Much love xxx