Friday, December 31, 2010

No new year resolutions here

In the past, I have loved to make resolutions at new year. What wasn't to like - a time to look back, and then look forward, at a new year full of promise.

Problem with new year resolutions is that they get broken. A lot.

This year I am not making a resolution. I am so blessed already. I have my health. I have my family. A new career. A job I love. Gorgeous friends. And a life full of promise.

Plus, why do I need a resolution? I am already doing what needs to be done. I get up, I eat well. I train. I work on my mindset every day.

No resolutions here. Not happening. But I will pack healthy food for work tomorrow. And when I get home I am going on a run.

Cause that's what we do.

Why you need to be committed ... and flexible

Things don't always go your way.

For many reasons - all of them valid - I left my workout till the evening today. I had the whole day free and it worked much better that way for my entire family.

Problem is - I got called into work after lunch - and my day was shot. And I still had my 500 calories to earn.

I needed to work - I am casual and work is pretty light over Christmas New Year.

I am determined tho - and that determination won out. Home by 7:30 - and straight in front of the TV for my zumba dvd. A workout that is effective - fun and got the job done!

SO there you go. Every day from Xmas to New Year and every day a workout.

Mission complete.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve

This year I had two goals I wanted to achieve by tomorrow - New Years's Day. With one day to go - time for an update.

My first goal was to train every day left in the year and burn 500+ calories each day. So far I have smashed this - burning 700+ some days.

Even with travel and catching up with friends I have done this. I still have today to go - and it is HOT making me want to stay inside and hide - but I WILL get this done. Watch later today for my update. In the meantime I am burning calories cleaning ;)

My second goal was to aim for the moon and loose enough weight to not be obese in 2011. Will I get there? Maybe. It's still possible. But pretty unlikely.
Am I far off? Nope. We are talking less than half a kilo of "obesity" left on me. It is going to go away REALLY soon as long as I am consistent.

Am I disappointed??

NO WAY!!! I shot for the moon - had a GREAT loss of over 1.2kg ... made some huge fitness goals, ran further than I have run before ... and bought some cute clothes that I would not have fit before.

I am ECSTATIC to even get near this goal!!!!

Bring on 2011!!!

Bonus - Runkeeper Pro is currently free!!

For iphone users ... and an update to yesterday's post ...

I was kindly informed in my comments yesterday that the full version of Runkeeper - Runkeeper Pro is currently FREE on itunes till the end of Jan 2011! This is a saving of $9.99!!!

Downloading it now - can't wait to see what extras it does!

Happy New Year everyone! And thanks so much for the info "white nectarine"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Runtracker app

I was asked yesterday in a comment what I use to track my runs. Currently I am using a fabulous app for the apple iphone called runkeeper free. Yep - that's right. It's free.
It works on the gps signal for your phone and I love it! It not only tracks my distance and pace, but emails home my personal best results for time and distance. I also love that I can set it to track walks, hikes, cycling ... pretty much anything I can think of.
Love it so much I'm goig to go see if it's worth upgrading to the paid version!
My iphone is a key tool for me in my helath and fitness. I'll do a post shortly on all the ways I use it!

New big fat hairy goal achieved!

Today the sun was shining. Oh it did my heart good!

I knew two things today.

  1. I was going to run

  2. I was going to aim for a new personal best

Actually I knew a third thing. That I was struggling to force myself to get out there and do it.

I had left my run till the afternoon and was running out of time so just got dressed and got out the doors. Music was my friend, and some pumping songs from some seemingly angry young ladies got me moving.

Today I met two huge goals.

  1. I ran up the stinking hill I've been avoiding. Twice for good measure.

  2. I ran FOUR km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See that! 4 k!!! Previously the furtherest I have EVER run without stopping was THREE!!

Sometimes it is the time you force yourself to get out there and do what the program demands that you make the biggest gains.

Now - tomorrow I am going back to my 3k. I intend to use that as my base run for a while, and just aim for a bigger run once a week. Well, I think that is what I intend to do anyway.

Today I feel strong. Empowered. I can do anything.

Gonna go find me a boxing class.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Honestly - it really DOES become a way of life ...

It's that time again - in a few short weeks Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation will begin again, and of course this brings a heap of new friends to her Facebook page seeking information.

I remember those early days on the challenge. It was so overwhelming. Honestly, some days it all felt like a bit too much and I wasn't sure I would be able to do it. Add to that the fact that I had FAILED at so many diets before ... I was feeling very overwhelmed.

Today I can stand and look back and say it really does become a way of life. Right now this is honestly the easiest "diet" (and it ISN'T a diet) I have ever done. It is just a part of my every day.

I thought I would take the time to share a few things I have learnt so far.

  1. You can do this. Trust yourself and your body. You are capable of greater things than you ever imagined. But you have to BELIEVE in yourself and ALLOW yourself to achieve them.
  2. Trust Michelle. She speaks sense. I know. I have run this program past doctors, health & fitness industry professionals and my husband (a dietitian). This program works because it makes sense. It will not hurt you. It is balanced. But it only works if you do it. So stop thinking of all the doubts you have and just trust for a while. It will work. Don't overanalyse.
  3. The mindset lessons are the key. This is why this program is different. Where else do you get 4 weeks preparation before you even start a program? Where else do you get support in the form of bi-weekly videos that speak to the things in your psyche that have let you down over and over again? You NEED to do the mindset work. Watch the videos. Take part in the live chat. Rewatch it again during the week. Take notes. Download them as podcasts. Listen to them again. Go back to earlier lessons when you are struggling. This stuff works. This is what changes lives. It is hard work but oh so worth it.
  4. Speaking of the preseason - do IT. Do not rush it. Put your all into it. At the time some of it may seem airy fairy. But there will come a stage when you are halfway through that the goals you made are the very thing holding you to the program on a tough day. Or that the commitment and handshake you made keeps you going. The preseason work builds you a strong foundation for the program. I say it again. DO IT. and revisist it. A lot. I will be doing it all over again this time - and will be putting more time into it.
  5. Don't stress over the menu. Seriously. In the beginning it seems all you think about is food. But now, 15 or so weeks down the track, I find I am barely thinking of food. Mish has taught me well. I know that each meal is 300 calories, and I have a good stable of favourites that I can pull from without thinking. I know what my snacks are and what I can have. I just do it. Unless I am going out food is just Robot mode for me.
  6. Do the weekly suprises. I didn't do them all. Wish I had. Don't have regrets!
  7. You are not going for a walk. You are not exercising. You are training. Mish uses this word over and over again. Put your all into it. Believe you can do better than you ever thought possible. You are going to train 6 days a week for the rest of your life. Get over it. And set big goals. It is such a RUSH when you achieve them.
  8. When she gets you to write your goals down, do it. Then cross them out and make them bigger. You can achieve more than that. You really can.
  9. Take photos. Keep a diary. Blog. Whatever. You are going to wish you had if you didn't
  10. When the forums open - get active on them. Answer posts. Write questions. Use the forums, facebook and twitter to get support. This is massive in the success of this program! It is the power of the group! We are family. We leave no one behind. But you have to reach out to get help first!

And above all - give it 120%. It is only 12 weeks of your life! You will never regret giving it your all - not for one minute! Aim high and go hard! It's fun!

Happy Scales Dance Day!

Today is weigh in Wednesday when we are on the program. And even though nothing has we are currently on a break, nothing has changed. I still eat well. Still train. And today is Wednesday so I still weigh in!

I have a friendly bet going with Mish that I can lose 5kg before the seasons starts ... and trust me - I am going to get to that goal.

Today's weigh in gets me a lot closer. I mean, this is crazy ... who loses weight over xmas???


1.2kg gone this week! 1.7kg out of my 5kg goal. And 13.8kg in total!!!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

I am now .6 of a kg away from being in the 70s. That is HUGE to me!! And I cannot wait to get there.

So no time to rest. Breakfast as usual today. And later I train. (but first I need to get into this disaster of a house!)

I love how simple this formula is. Eat right. Train hard. You will lose. Easy.


Today has been a good day

We had the lovliest most relaxed day for my husband's birthday today.

He went for a ride, and then when he got home we hit the gym together. I wasn't feeling the best so walked instead of running but did it on the incline to get my heart rate up. 45min of cardio later ... 350 calories burnt.

After a lazy day at home(and a nap) I went for a walk to help with the muscle soreness I have.

The walk felt good - so I kept going. 6.5k in just over an hour!

I feel fantastic and know I have done everything I can this week for my journey. Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm not worried. I'm sure I've lost - but even more importantly - my choices and behaviours have been GREAT!

Monday, December 27, 2010

And then the skies cleared ...

at least for a little while ...

So we went on a tour of the floods ... by bike. An extra 450cal burned ... totally 950 for today!!!

I wish this wasn't the reason for our ride ... people's lives are in a mess.

Behind me is Miss E's little athletics field

But it sure felt good to be cycling as a family ...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 more days...

5 more days till new year.

and i am going to train and get 500 cal every single one.

today, as posted earlier, I ran. Day 1 complete.

Gonna finish the year going hard!

A break on the weather!!!

Forget the indoor workouts! The weather broke! (for an hour at lunch at least) so I got out there!

The plan was to do just 10 min (as Mish recomends on the days you just don't want to train). And just to walk. But 5 min in I changed the plan.

It was hot and sticky (especially as i had a spray jacket on) but I got through 3km again! And the last 200m were going hard and uphill!!

It was a bit slower than I had been going - but considering the puddles, the fact I ran without music as I have been, and having to slow for a car I am happy with how I went.

And it has done the world of good to my mood ...

The rain is not an excuse this time ...

I can't run today.

Really I can't.

This is not an excuse.

This is my favourite running track in town.

In flood.

However, I AM going to get my 500 Calories burnt today. Somehow. It's like death by a 1000 cuts getting them up.

I'll report back later when I manage to do it

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas day leftovers ...

Christmas Day leftovers are the mother of invention

Bean, golden cherry tomato and salmon warm salad for lunch.

And look at this cool gift I got yesterday!! A running cd! (with tracks for jogging, running and interval training!)

What a difference 4 mths makes!

Remember my shopping trip earlier this week?

Well, I wore my new outfit for Christmas and felt amazing!

I am still in shock at the difference 4mths of hard work and clean eating can make. I look at the photos and don't expect to see what I do. The progress so far amazes me.

Christmas was wonderful! Spent with my family, we had fun! Great food - not too much of it. A workout to start the day! I had a ball ... just like you should!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A very Merry 12wbt Christmas!

Twas the morning of Christmas and outside the house .... the rain was falling ...

Yep. Christmas morning is dark, wet and cool for a change. Perfect weather for a RUN!

Who would have thought it, even 4 short months ago, that I would be hanging out Christmas morning to go running? Crazy!

Good thing it was cool - because the girl slept in. So after santa stockings were opened, and she was happily playing with her new toys off I went.

And I did it! 3k again! Just to prove it wasn't a fluke!! And just a teeny bit faster than the other day! Merry Christmas to me!

I'm not cranky - just stinking hot and sweaty after hitting the 3k mark!

Mummy and daughter after mum's run. Hot and sweaty and SO alive!

And how good is it to come home to Mish's buttermilk pancakes and berries for breakfast

Merry Christmas all! May God bless you with your health this year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas traditions - 12wbt style!

We've been making cookies each Christmas ever since she was this big ...

And now she is THIS big!!

So I couldn't miss this year.

But just cause we made them doesn't mean I need to eat them!

The tradition is in the making - not the eating. Memories made ... and off to bless our friends with a card and a cookie today!

That's the way we do things now!

Christmas plans!

One more sleep!!!!

I am so excited about Christmas this year! Especially because of how excited Miss E (5) is about Christmas ... but moreso because this year I feel strong, healthy and I have a plan!

So many years Christmas is about food. Bad food. Decadent food. And lots of it.

This year in our home Christmas is about beautiful food. Food that is special. Food we come together as a family over. But excess and overeating? No.

Our menu for Christmas this year is

  • Buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit salad

Morning tea

  • Berries, mango and fruit platter


  • Crispy skinned salmon, salad and pumpkin feta and walnut salad


  • Roast Dinner with veges
  • Pavlova with fresh fruit


I am so excited about our menu!

It's going to be a fun day all round!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

Determination defeated the mind!!!


Today I went for a run - even though I felt tired. Today I told myself I could stop when I needed to - but I wasn't going to take the easy way out.

Today I managed to win over the mind games that make me stop.

Today I ran 3km!! Non stop! (and then I walked the same way home!)

This is me after - hot - sweaty - tired - JUBILANT!

It was slow. Of course. I am more of a penguin than a gazelle. And when I wanted to stop I slowed my running as slow was I could but kept on going.

But I did it.


Here's the proof.

Feeling like a ROCKSTAR today!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aiming for the moon!

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.
W. Clement Stone

I have a short term goal. It's a big one ... don't know if I can do it, but I'm sure going to try!

As of yesterday I have 1.8kg to lose, till I am no longer classified as obese on the BMI scale. Sure - I will still be overweight, but as I have been obese for pretty much my entire married life (and some time before!) this is a HUGE goal for me.

My goal, and I am writing it here to make it real, is not to be obese in 2011.

That gives me till January 1st to lose 1.8kg.

Possible? Yes. In an ideal world. On weeks that I train hard, eat clean I have lost that in a week, and I have a 9 days. (10 including yesterday)

Is there every chance I will fail? Of course! I mean - there is Christmas. My gym is closed. It's raining ALL the time. And weight loss is never an exact science.

Does the thought of failure mean I am not going to give it a go???

NO WAY! Even if I shoot for the 1.8kg, and only lose a bit of that ... I am still on my way down!!

Aiming for the moon ... and if I only hit a star ... gonna smile anyway!!!

So - not obese in 2011??? Gonna give it a good crack!

NOT the news I wanted to hear.

Today I found out sad sad news!
Today is the last day my gym is open until the 27th.

Not happy Jan.

So today I need to go and smash it up ... and then make plans till the 27th. I had wanted to work on my running so I guess this is the time to do it.

I just wish the rain would slow down!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hellllooooo gym! I have missed you so!

My friend ... it has been far too long between workouts ... but I am BACK!!!

Today I dragged Miss E (5yr old) to the gym so I could workout. She sat and coloured (mainly - and screamed MUM I HAVE A PROBLEM .... I'M BORED! at least once)- and I sweated.

10 min on the xtrainer. Level 6.
25 min running. I ran for all but 2 min. I went hard. I sweated. I decided to download PINK when I get home because the choruses in her songs make you WORK.
Finishing with another 15 min on the xtrainer - levels 6 -8.

When I finished I had jelly legs. I was sweating like I had run a marathon in Darwin in the summer. But I felt SO. GOOD.

It felt so good to be back.

The gym and I have a love hate relationship. Today however it was love.

Rockstar day!

(and for the record - my toe was fine!)

Signed, sealed and commited. My first fun run!

I've always wanted to be a runner. Don't get me wrong, I will never run fast. And I don't want to run huge distances. But when I want to workout I would love the ability and the confidence to step out my front door, run for half an hour and have my workout done.

Somehow however my mind gets in the way. Even when my body can go on, at the first sign of tiredness my mind tells me to stop. And stupidly I let it.

Not next year. In 2011 I WILL learn to run. I might not reach perfection, occasionally I will walk a little ... but I AM going to be a runner.

To give me (and my stupid brain) a reason to keep going I have set a big goal. My first ever fun run. I have chosen the TWILIGHT RUN in Brisbane in March as my first goal.

It is far enough away that it gives me time to train. It is close enough that it feels within reach. It is short enough that it isn't overwhelming.

And some 12wbt buddies I have met through the net are going to run it too. So it should be fun!

To make it real I have booked and paid today. I have committed. This IS going to happen!


Wednesday weigh in!

Wedenesday came fast today! Must be something about the Christmas season!

This week I am down .5kg! Yippeee! (actually - technically I am down more but since that was relosing what I ate when I set my inner teenager free I am not counting it)

I have a goal to lose 5kg by the start of round 1 2011. Actually I have a deal with Mish that it WILL be done.

And I am on my way!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

.5kg is 1/10th of the way. I have 7 weeks to go. But now my foot is starting to heal I am confident I can pick up the exercising pace again!

Happy day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Too busy NOT to workout today!

It's Christmas. I'm busy. Aren't we all?
Today I have SOOO MUCH to do. My one day to clean. To run errands. To finish the wrapping. Oh and to work this afternoon.

I have too much to do today NOT to workout. I need that energy boost I can only get from exercise. I need that rush to get me through the morning without resorting to too much caffeine (or cake to go with it at that!)

Well, the monkey is off my back. 8am. 1hr hard walking done. 500 calories burnt.

I was going to go to the gym - but after non stop rain FOREVER, with a morning like THIS how could you not get outside.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

The week before Christmas (12wbt style!)

**This poem was posted on facebook today by Margaret Evans. And it is FABULOUS! It is just how I feel about Christmas this year! and with her permission I get to share it all with you! **

Twas the week before Christmas, and I am having a thought
About all the fresh food and vege’s I’ve bought
To take me through Christmas and New Years Day
I’m not putting on weight – NO BLOODY WAY

...I baked Nat’s Lasagne and Thai Pumpkin Soup
Plenty for me and all of the troupe.
I have Cinnamon Roast Pumpkin, Walnuts and Fetta
Nutritious, delicious salad – I have never had better

The turkey is ready (all counted and weighed)
The ham as well, on other plates it will stay
Roast potatoes for family, salad for me
And then we’ll have a dance around the tree

Christmas this year is about family and friends
Not pigging out then making amends
Oh, I plan to have a jolly good time
And that does involve a glass (or three) of wine

...So thank you Michelle, and all of the team
I hope you know – to us - how much you mean

Here’s to a wonderful and happy end of the year
Wish you a safe and merry season of cheer.
I will see you in February, with clothes less tight
For now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Today I finally celebrated. And I cried.

I've been relistening to the mindset lessons I have as a podcast from doing Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

I'm getting so much more out of them the second time.

What hit me today was when she told us that every success should be rewarded. And I know I haven't done this.

Yes I lost 12kg in the 12wbt. I lost over 12% of my body weight. I was a success. My BP is now in the healthy range. I am no longer morbidly obese. (I hate those words but it WAS my reality)

But because I did not go hard to the end I thought I was a failure.

Yes - I did not meet my standards or the expectations of the program - but I am NOT a failure. And today I celebrated!

Today I went out and bought myself an outfit. Not because I needed clothes for an event. Not because my pants are falling down and I need something to "get me through" so I will buy something inexpensive for now.

I went out and bought something FABULOUS.

I gave myself two rules. #1. No black. I must add colour #2 No old people clothes. I had to look for something to make me look as young as I am feeling.

Today I learnt some lessons. And I cried.

I learnt
That I have to buy new underwear! Baggy undies are not a good look! And store mirrors certainly don't help with that!

That I CAN wear something that is young and funky! Well, I think I can anyway!

That the best thing to do when you go shopping is take in multiple sizes of the same item. And choose the one that looks the best. DO not give the size the power. (Learnt this on 12wbt too!)

That when you try on a size 14 in a non stretchy non old people, tailored style, and learn it fits, you may burst into tears right there in that change room.

That people notice your weight loss. And it's ok to stop at "Thanks" rather than telling them you still have so much to lose.

That I do NOT need to stop for a coffee and a cake on a shopping trip

That in 12 weeks I lost 12kg. But what that really means is going from a (large) size 18 to a size 14. And going from an XL (and wishing it was a little loser) to a medium. Do you have any idea how much that shocked me?

Ihave not enjoyed shopping in years. I used to love it. But before I would shop and grab anything that fit. Today I found something I adore!!! Pics will come - but maybe not till Christmas day. I have a pedicure I've been promising myself to have first!

Gonna tell you the truth ...

I had put on a little bit of weight at the end of our 12wbt challenge.

There are no excuses. The only reason I did was I let the spoilt teenager inside me come out and eat what she wanted like there are no consequences.

I am MAD at myself for doing it.

But ... with only a few days back on track I am back where I should be. And very happy. It's amazing how effectively the human body works when you treat it right.

So any loss from now is a REAL loss. I am not counting that weight I lost there in my figures. Why should I get the joy from losing something I was stupid to put back on?

Just being honest. That's all.

Rockstar moment!!

First run post toe breakage! (OK - honest? First run in a few weeks)

No pain. Walked as much as I ran ... but it felt so good to sweat again!

Feeling like a rockstar today!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My favourite breakfast

This was my favourite breakfast from the entire 12 week challenge.

And I think it was the very first one we had.


How can you not feel healthy eating food like this??

Planning for tomorrow

Tomorrow (Sunday)

My favourite breakfast ever
Banana, blueberries, strawberries, yoghurt, and meusli - 334 calories
Coffee 45 (379 cal total)

Morning tea
Coffee 45
1 rice paper roll 70

Salad sandwich 290

Afternoon tea
yogurt 90

Nicoise salad 265

Hot chocolate 50

Total for day 1189 calories

Exercise - GYM. Hoping with my foot I can walk on the treadmill, cycle, xtrainer and do my weights.

A new fun ACTIVE family christmas tradition!

Every Christmas we go look at the Christmas lights! But this year - thanks to Mish Bridges and 12wbt I had the tools and ability to really enjoy them with my family this year!

Tonight we went out BY BIKE to see the Christmas lights! Two hours of riding ... a whole heap of fun ... and a 5 year old who is seeing being active as the best part of her day. And yes - even the bikes had solar powered strands of Christmas lights on them!

Tonight I was the FUN, ACTIVE mum I want to be. I loved it. My girl loved it. And I secretly think my hubby had a good time too.

THIS is one of my favourite Christmas memories for this year!

And a really bad after pic - self portrait style. Just to prove I was there. And because I wish I took more photos last challenge so better start now.

Setting me some Big Fat Goals!

In 4 weeks pre-season starts for the 12wbt.
In 8 weeks Round 1 of 2011 officially begins.

It's time to make some plans!

By the start of the 2011 12 wbt I will have ...

Lost 7 kg
Gone from being obese to an "overweight" bmi
Chosen, signed up for and paid for a fun run to have as a fitness goal
Attended 20 group fitness classes

Begun running again (when the toe heals!)
Bought a fabulous outfit that makes me feel incredible!

Found a running route I love and run it 3-4 times a week

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today ...

Today was a good day. I worked. So 8 hours solid on my feet.

I stuck to my food plan for the day. But steak became a roast chicken thanks to my husband who took pity on me working. Same calories tho - so that is FINE by me!

As for workouts, a broken toe has me struggling a little - but I am no longer using it as an excuse. I walked. 30 minutes but it was a walk at least. And tonight we are going for a ride to see the Christmas lights. Maybe not a SSS (Super Saturday Session) but it is a start!

Oh - and we brought in these from our garden

Beautiful! I need to find a GREAT tomato salad recipe!

Today was a good day!

Success is more than the scales show

Success is about more than weight loss.

In my first 12 weeks I have reduced my blood pressure from being hypertensive to normal. From 166/90 (scarey!) to 120/60. Without meds.

My BMI has decreased from being in the morbidly obese range to "just" obese. And I am knocking on "just overweight"'s door.

My body has gone from exhibiting signs of Polycystic ovarian syndrome to a normal cycle length. A huge thing for me.

My moods are much improved. And for someone with a past history of depression this is something I am very aware of and pleased to see.

These are the things that that matter to me.
Weight loss is just weight loss. But these are the things that effect my health and longevity.

Changes are happening around here!

The courage to continue

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Today is just one more step in the journey. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Have a great day today!

Why? Reason #1

Cause she deserves this. She deserves a mum in love with life. A mum who has set a good example for her. A mum who can keep up with her.

Oh - and a mum who is alive.

Yep she is my #1 reason why. And I love her for it.

Preplanning for tomorrow

Tomorrow I work. So I am preplanning for tomorrow and packing my lunch

Poached egg - 85
Wholemeal muffin 135
Skinny chino (homemade - only 1/2 cup milk)- 50 = 270

Morning Tea

Nestle Diet yoghurt - 90

3 chicken rice paper rolls - 200
2 plums 85 = 285

Afternoon tea
Cappucino (homemade) 50
Green smoothie - 90
Apple - 90

Chargrilled beef with avocado and corn salsa 310 calories

Total for day. 1185 calories

Exercise - bike ride

This week I will ...

Workout. Every day. It might be walking, (hey I broke my toe!), or weights at the gym but I WILL workout.

Listen to my podcasts. The preseason. Week one. I am going to work my mindsets.

I am going to plan. Where did I go wrong last time? How can I improve?

I am going to goal set. I have 4 weeks till preseason. I have 8 till week 1. I am going to use this time and make some BIG FAT GOALS and knock them down.

I will calorie count. Except Christmas Day. But I think that is officially next week.

I will prepack my days food. To reduce temptation.

I will weigh in on Wednesday. And re do my measurements. And post.

This week I will win


I need to reflect.

I need to work out why I lost focus.

I need to work out how it won't happen again.

Tonight is not the time for that - but I had a few thoughts I wanted to get down while they were fresh.

When I stopped working out, and stopped counting calories ... I stopped talking about what I was doing. I stopped on the forums. I stopped tweeting and facebooking. I didn't listen to the mindset videos. I hid.

I don't want to be that person in hiding.

I need to work on this mindset and get strategies in place for when I stray again (cause we all have that possibility in us)

I can't wait for the preseason. I am going to be so ready for that excuses task.

The before , the during, the after

You know, I might not have gotten the results I wanted. But I GOT results. 4 weeks till preseason begins. 8 weeks till the next 12 week challenge. Then 12 more weeks of going hard. Not only will I get results, by the middle of next year I am going to be fit, strong

The story begins ... 12 weeks ago

Or maybe a little bit more.

I wish I began this blog at the beginning. But I didn't need it then. I need it now.

12 weeks ago I began the journey of a lifetime.
I began the 12 week body transformation challenge with Michelle Bridges (yep - trainer from the Biggest Loser!)

In 12 weeks I lost over 12kg. I began a journey of learning to say no to myself. Of learning how to eat. And how to train.

Did I go hard the whole 12 weeks? Honestly no. The last 4 weeks I lost my focus and it shows.

Do I have regrets? Of course. Imagine what could have happened if I went hard the ENTIRE time?? What goals could I have achieved?

BUT, it is what it is. The 12 weeks is over. Another 12 weeks begins in February.
But February is a long long way away. And I have some goals that need kicking in the meantime.

So begins this blog. Watch this space. Last time it was about weight loss. And it still is.

And in the new year, and the new challenge, I am going to kick it up. It will be all about the fitness. Watch me!