Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some days are fun ... And sometimes life gets in the way.

Yestereday was fun

I turned up for step ... But because the instructor was sick we were doing boxing.
I've always wanted to do more boxing at my gym but for some reason worried about it,
Comfort zone smashed!

Lots of punching of boxing bag, skipping, stair runs,burpees, pushups, squats, mountain climbers ... Results in 459cal burned and very grazed knuckles!


That night I intended to run.
But it stormed. As in lightening, hail, and severe storm warnings,
That would be an external excuse beyond my control.
So i thought i would run on the treadmill.

But we lost power. For hours, as did the gym.

Running was not meant to be.

So instead I stretched instead. Some times you just can't win

Monday, August 29, 2011


Thanks again to

Pure nourishment

Gearing up ... and a reward!

I'm pretty good at planning rewards ... massages, pedicures, pressies ...

And very bad at following through.

Rarely do I actually DO them.

This time I followed through.
The bad I use for gym belongs to Miss 6. Or it's my handbag. Quite often I turn up and I'm missing something.

Or I want to run out the door to train and I'm wasting time searching for my HRM or the like.

So this time - I promised myself a reward and followed through. Smash up the end of round one and the preseason, and get a decent gym bag.

Well, I reckon I'm doing a pretty good job, and I found a bag I LOVE (does it suprise you that it's Lorna Jane?)

Now just to get it packed, organised and waiting for me in the car ready to go!

Monday ended up BIG!

So .. my quest to break out of my comfort zone continues!

This round is less about numbers on the scale ... and more about leaving my comfort zone behind. And lately ... I feel like I am TOTALLY rocking that! I'm saying less of I CAN'T and more of I CAN!

So - in my quest for comfort zone smashing ... I heard of a new PT in town. And since I am eager to get some group sessions in my sleepy little town (Yes - there are MORE THAN ME doing the challenge this round!) I thought I best try him out.

The day before the session I was nervous. The hour before... packing it.
Maybe it had something to do with trying new things.

Maybe it was that we were training in the park OPPOSITE my WORK at LUNCH and people might see me.

Maybe (and quite likely) it had something to do with the fact that he is Ex british marine!! (Scarey!)

But you know what.
I turned up.

And I commited to doing what he asked of me.

Warm up - jog around very large park. DONE.


  • Chest press, bicep curls, shoulder press (with bar)

  • Sumo squats to overhead lift (with medicine ball)

  • Hammer curls

  • Ab work

  • Boxing circuit

(x3 times round whole circuit) - DONE

MORE BOXING - smashed

MORE BOXING (with sprints) - DONE

Interval sprints. That he didn't let me quit till my HR hit 170 (MUST stop wearing HRM to PT!)

Honestly - I didn't think I could. I don't run fast. I plod. I didn't want to. I was tired.


Pushups, ab work, stretching


1 hour. 498 Cal burned.

Comfort zone smashed!

Oh and here is the best part .... (although he might have been buttering me up so I'd come to more sessions) ... HE CALLED ME AN ATHLETE and said I trained with INTEGRITY!

Now that was big for a Monday .. but there's more.

Miss 6 had Gecko Kids at our gym today. Which is normally my time to workout.

Since I'd already pushed pretty hard cardio wise today I decided to hit the gym and test what weights I could do. Sort of a baseline.

I was impressed. I could do more than I thought - even after all the boxing.

I'll redo them just before kickoff and put them in a page on the blog with my first fitness test results. I think it could be interesting.

So no cardio. Lots of weights. 130 Cal in abotu 45min.

Monday night is also zumba night. I probably wouldn't normally go after the day I had, but I was feeling great - and it was my instructors first night back after a pretty tough illness. I wanted to celebrate with her.

I'm glad I went! It was fun. I kinda felt coordinated at times.

And the best bit is .. I met two lovely ladies from the gym who have signed up to 12wbt because of me!

Awesome day! I'm still buzzing!!

Loving my life!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's official!!! Bridge to Brisbane!

I'd love to know how many years in a row I've said I will do this run "next year"

Well, no more waiting! This is the year!!

My kit arrived today and I'm excited!!!

Bring it on!!

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On Thursday night my PT asked me what I had planned for the weekend. I think he is getting used to our big smashup weekend adventures!
I said I wasn't sure - that for once I had nothing planned - maybe a run or something.

Well, apparently that wasn't good enough. He told me to go find one. And report back next week.

Enter my twitter buddy Rell, of Frichot Fitness.
Never one to shy away from creating a challenge she said she was onto it! And would send it through Saturday night so I didn't have time to stress about it.

Enter the challenge.
7.5km run. Then a tabata workout.

Saturday night was spent alternating between salt baths, skins, and the foam roller. I was still suffering badly with DOMS from PT, and had no idea how I was going to run.

All my hard work paid off - I felt much better, but still had a lot of glute pain when I started.

It wasn't an awesome run. But it wasn't a bad one either. I needed 7.5km and that's what I did.

Of course I had to wear my Perth crew hat to support the Perth girls in their fun runs this morning!
This is the end of the run. It was HOT by the time I finished. I was kind of glad to stop.

While waiting for my lift home I found a new toy in the playground! Perfect for chin ups. So in between stretching I did sets of jumping chins. What shocked me was I could control the lower down movement way better than I ever have before. Maybe I'm getting stronger?! The cin up goal could be in sight!

Tabata was hard. It was hot. It tested me. Those jump squats straight after the run ? They were cruel.

This is me at the end. SO ready for a shower! Check that sweat!

Rell, thank you so much for an awesome challenge! I can't wait to see what you have planned for week four!

(Gratuitous shot of my dog Misch . We had a lot of walks today. Trying to stretch out those legs! I don't have time for more doms!)

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pretty isn't it.
It's amazing how ugly 1kg of fat can look.

But to me - it's important today.

Today is a red letter day!
Today - for the first time since we bought these scales when we got married .. I am in the healthy range for body fat. Just.

And I'm excited!
As a nurse every day I see what chronic disease does to you. And 9 months ago, I was high risk for almost all of them. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes ... I had risk factors in spades!

Every marker of health I achieve that brings me closer to good health, long life (please God) and a quality life as I age.

I honestly can't tell you my body fat percentage when I first began this journey. It scared me so I didn't measure it. I know it was over 50%. And I seem to think it might have been very close to 60%.

How scarey is that.

Today - my body fat % is 22.9%
Just scraped into healthy!

Completely made my day! Now to see what 3 months of lean and strong can do!

A goal after my own heart! Gearing up!

Preseason task number four is gearing up!!

Seriously? What could be more perfect?! An excuse to shop!

For anyone new ... please don't think you need to spend a bucket load of money. Some good shoes is essential - but apart from that you can do Mish's program for free.

However for me ... this is my fourth round. And I have a sports mad hubby. And I have been lucky to get a few pressies along the way ... so I feel like I am pretty lucky with how well geared up we are!

So - I'm going to be mixing up my training cause I've learned for me it's more about keeping my mind so busy it doesn't complain!

A little running (maybe not as much due to lean and strong!), my gym, outdoor workouts with a PT, weights at home if I need. I'm commited to attending pilates at my gym ... these abs need to get STRONG to meet my goals!

Any opportunity I get I'm going to train with the 12wbt Qld Crew. I love these girls and guys! They keep me motivated and it's just plain FUN!

SO gear -

  • gym membership, check!

  • good shoes - yep! Plus I'm waiting on the athletes foot voucher I won in wk 10 last round to come so I can buy a spare pair.

  • workout gear - done!

  • HRM - yep!

  • skins for recovery. Yep!

  • good fitting sports bra - live in them! Don't forget this girls! Essential!

  • I have some weights at home, and great running routes planned, plus a whole heap of ONLINE SUPPORT! My number one tip! Surround yourself with supporters!

Truly - I' m set. Nothing more I need to buy.

Gearing up this round has been more about getting the right support around me.

Some of that is through

There is a reason I keep coming back. It puts the best programs, and pts at my fingertips as well as a wealth of supporters.

Some of that is virtual support through my twitter crew.

And this round, I am checking out PT's closer to home. I adored my Toowoomba PT but it was too much driving. I've been afraid for some stupid reason to see someone locally. But I'm busting out of my comfort zone. I've found a great PT at the gym, and I'm trialling a new guy tomorrow for some boxing and outdoor workouts.

Yep this was an easy task for me. I DID buy a new gymbag. That was fun.

And I AM going to get off this computer and go straight away and pack a spare change of gear for the car so I have NOOOOO excuses to train, even if I haven't come prepared.

Geared up. Ready.

Getting excited! Is it round 3 yet??!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

GOALS! Preseason task #3.

Goal setting.
I always struggled with this.
I always wondered if my goals were big enough. Other people seemed to dream much bigger than me.

But what I learned last round is I was putting so much pressure on myself to dream big that I wasn't having fun in the every day.

And that some of my goals are going to be smaller, every day things. These small goals are the ones that set you up to succeed.

This round I am doing Lean and strong with
Less focus on weight loss. More on getting lean muscle strength, definition, body shaping.
I am so excited!

But it does seem to make goal setting harder.
When you haven't even dipped your toes in the water how do you know what you will achieve?

So here are my goals.
Subject to much refinement as time goes by.

Lean and strong. Bring it on!

1 Month goals

1. Lose 3kg and get into healthy weight range (66kg)
TIGHT nutrition! Eat clean, whole foods. Train. Keep some cardio in with outdoor PT and SSS. Trust Mish and stick to the plan!

2. To complete every fitness challenge and weekly suprise. Participate 100%
Diarise these challenges. Complete them early in the week. Don't put them off. Maybe ask PT if we can complete fitness testing as part of PT session

3. Cut 20 sec off 1 km time trial
Do interval sprints as per running program. Keep up weights for leg strength. Find that Inner Mongrel ;)Oh and actually COMPLETE my fitness test!

4. Increase wall sit time by at least 45 sec.
Focus on leg strength . Stick with lean and strong workouts. And that inner mongrel again ;)

5. Double number of pushups on toes
By continuing with strength PT at gym and L&S workouts. Plus 100 pushup app

6. Increase our non animal protein in our diets
Stick to Mish's vegetarian plan at least every second week

7. Time my longest good form plank at beginning of week one. Add another 20 sec to it by week 4.
Um - start by actually DOING Mish's ab exercises! If they are too hard do the beginner ones

8. Commit to a week four challenge set by my buddy Rell to see how far I have come.
Just do it. No fear. No doubts. No overthinking. Just do it.

3 month goals

1.Lose 6kg (10% body weight)
Stick to plan 100% Add some running on SSS. Nutrition is the key. Track every mouthful in written journal

2.Decrease body fat and build lean body muscle
STICK TO THE PROGRAM! Work out with PT to increase intensity and maintain correct form

3.Get the I can'ts out of my head. Believe in my body and my ability.
Push myself beyond my preconceived ability. Use PT's and group sessions to try new thing. Say yes more than no. Keep becoming a runner. Blog my journey so I can see what I've done.

4.Double my wall sit time from week 1
Do wall sits twice a week. Stick with running and lean and strong to increase leg strength. Believe I can.

5. Triple my pushup on toes tally from week 4!
By continuing with strength PT at gym and L&S workouts. Plus 100 pushup app
And doing pushups on toes at bootcamps and every chance I get!

6.Double my plank time from week one
Um - start by actually DOING Mish's ab exercises! If they are too hard do the beginner ones. And planking every second day!

8. Commit to a week 8 and week 12 challenge from Rell at Frichot Fitness to prove how far I've come!
Set the time aside. Believe. Achieve big things!

9. Go rockclimbing!
HOWStick with lean and strong to develop the strength I will need!

10. Do a chinup!
Stick to lean and strong. Work with PT on strength. Do chinups, holds and jumping chin ups any chance I get!

Six month goals

1. Maintain my weight, strength and fitness routine. Be living the life I always dreamed!
Put the habits in place during round 3. Support myself with like minded people. Find a trainer I love to keep encouraging me. Never forget how far I've come.

2. Set a PB for distance and pace at run for kids with Rell!
Save money for Melbourne! Change to lean and fit. Follow my running program set by Frichot Fitness! Soak up the atmosphere and embrace it!

3. Go on a holiday with my family , and enjoy our new lives. Swim, run, have fun. Be the active mum and wife I want to be!
Plan it. Go. Enjoy.

12 month goals

1.Run Gold Coast half marathon

Stick to lean and strong to build strength round 3 - maintain 10k runs. Follow Rell's Runners plan for marathon build up and lean and fit in new year.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

PT last night. Legs SMASHED

My goal this round is to get outside my comfort zone.

PT is sure achieving that!

He's got me lifting heavier than I ever thought possible, pushing myself harder and burning insane calories in an hour.

After a warmup, last nights workout began with the legs.

Leg press. First set, he decided to challenge me. Oh boy did he challenge me. 160kg leg press. Set of 12.
It was heavy.
It was hard.
And I did it!

Before that session I felt flat. After that first set ... I was a rockstar!
Leg press was supersetted with squat jumps. After the first set we did drop sets, down to 100.
5 rounds.

Legs were like jelly.
Which really didn't help on the stair sprints. 5 rounds.

My memory is foggy after that.
Pushups. On two medicine balls. 5 sets. With more stair sprints in between.
Who decided to put stairs in anyway?
And how much harder do those stupid balls make pushups?!

Chest press. HEAVY. Four sets.

Then the ultimate challenge!
Kneeling balance on fitball!
Um yeah. It felt as it sounds.
It looks something like this . VIDEO LINK
except a lot less co-ordinated

Apparently it smashes dynamic core strength.
And something about proprioception. I'll let you google that one!

The ultimate goal - is I will be doing that and throwing and catching medicine balls.
We'll see.

Final round was planks. Lots of planks.

It hurt. I won't lie.
I struggled.

But I did it.

My rule with PT is if he thinks I can do it, then I am not using the word NO or CAN'T

Although calling him crazy I think is allowed!

Preseason task #2. Get real.

I love and I loathe this task. I love it cause it helps. I need to do it. I think if you only did one task this is the one you should do.

But it takes so looong!

So this is what it is for now.
It will change, and I am sure to add to it.

But this is it today! Getting real. Gut wrenchigly arms wide open honest!

Internal exuses

1. We are busy
1. When it comes down to it - what really matters? Our health is number one. Prioritise our future.

2. I don't know how to do the weights
2. Use the resources. Ask at the gym. You are paying them. Run it by your pt. Ask on twitter. The forums. You can do this. Stronger than you realise

3. No one to watch miss 6.
3. She can run 2km faster than you now! It isn't perfect but it's something! Go for a run together. Then get into some burpees at home!

4. I live so far away from people. I am missing out .
4. Be diligent with diarising. Go to what you can. Use twitter for virtual challenges. And suck it up princess.

5. I am tired
5. Yes you are. You are a mum. Tired is what we do. But exercise does revitalise me. TRAIN

6. I don't have my shoes/bra with me
6. Keep an old set in the car!

7. I'll look like a fool (particularly with outdoor training and wanting to join boxing gym)
7. Look at all you have done and achieved. Not one person has laughed at you. You just need to go and give it a go. In two sessions you will be a regular!

8. I lose focus
8. Don't. For the next three month you are living and breathing this. This is your one chance in life to see just how strong you can be.No excuses. Blog, forums, twitter, get involved. And find some accountability partners

9. Its a special occasion
9. Then do something special. Go somewhere nice. Make a beautiful healthy meal with life nurturing ingredients. Crap food and greed is not special

10. My girl wants a treat
10. Do something that is a treat. Have cuddles. Go to the park. Pack her a planet box . Make it special. But don't make it something that harms you both

11. I fell off the wagon so I may as well keep going
11. Um yeah. how much of an idiot does that make you sound. You fell off the wagon. Stop . Breathe. Re read your goals. What is it that serves you?

EXTERNAL EXCUSES (within my control)
1. It's so stinking hot.
1. Yes it will be . But guess what - you have a gym. A fan. You can train early and late. and it's better than winter
2. Got home too late to cook dinner
2. Keep meals frozen. Keep tofu and veges in the fridge. It takes no time to make a stirfry. Or have an omlette! I mean you have chooks! You have an egg surplus!
3. It's raining
3. So what. Run anyway. Summer rain is warm. Or do your weights.! Lean and strong is perfect for that. Or go to the gym. You have a hundred ways to workout! JFDI!
4. This week is sooo busy.
4. Yep. The all are. You are doing so much more , and they are going to get busier. Plan your week. Diarise obsessively. Plan hubby's week too. Use every spare 30 min you get! Eyes on the prize!
5. I need to clean
5. Then clean. Set a timer, work hard and fast. But make sure your workout is scheduled too! Get the family helping - they can all pull their own weight.

Round 3. 2011. Preseason task #1. Introduce yourself

Can you believe it has been a year since I first joined 12wbt?

I can't even imagine how I felt when I began. Desperate I think. I was a mess.
I don't think I even realised just how shocking my health was.
Morbidly obese. Sad. Size 18-20. Chronically tired.
And exercise. HA. I would tell you I walked ... but the reality ... I was too tired to move most afternoons.

I am so so grateful that I am not introducing that me to you this round.
This is me. The better version of me.
The best version of myself I can be!

My name is Kath. I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a nurse.
I am 37 ... and live in a little country town in Qld.
I have the best supporters in the world!

I am a learning to runner, and I have a BHAG (big huge audacious goal) - 12 fun runs in 12 months.

I am learning I am stronger than I knew I could be.

I still have weight to lose. But for some reason, the numbers don't seem to matter as much anymore.

I still struggle at times with training ... but I also am learning how amazing it makes me feel.
I still struggle with food at times. But I am having more wins than losses.

My greatest 12wbt achievement? Inspiring my little girl. Fit and healthy is what she knows.

This round is for me - to learn how strong I can be.
This round I am going to smash lean and strong.

And I can't wait!

So I'm Kath . Oh and I blog a bit too. ;)
Can't wait to share round 3 with you!

It's going to be a rockstar way to see out the year!!

And that's a wrap.

I love every round of 12wbt.
And there is always so much more I want to blog.

But ... the time has come.
I need to turn my focus forward and look at the round to come.

It is time to focus on my preseason tasks, my goals, and plans for round 3.

I have big big things planned to finish off the year.

To everyone who has shared my round 2 journey ... THANK YOU!

It's been a rocky ride and you have given me amazing support!

The story doesn't have a final chapter though ... it's time to move forward.

Onto round3 !

Thank round 2. It was a fun ride!

Round 2 2011, finale party wrap up

If you thought the workout was big ... the party was HUGE!
Big big thanks to my chaffeurs for the night! You made life so much easier!

I was so lucky to be able to attend early to help with the setup this round. It was so exciting to be there and watch the crowds flood in! The excitement was palpable when the doors opened!

Step one of course - photos with Mish! And she was as beautiful as ever!

We kindof scrub up pretty well out of workout gear don't we?!
I felt so beautiful.
It ws a night of firsts.
First ever strapless dress. First time with red lipstick.
And I felt beautiful.
Like a princess.

I am never going to be the person who wins awards. I have too much weight to lose to win lean and strong, not enough weight to win the comp ... but I honestly do not care. I am so the winner in life!

And standing next to Gabi as the winners were introduced made my heart sing.

I feel like part of this 12wbt family.

I felt so much pride seeing their achievements, and hearing Gabi whisper so proudly about the astounding changes in front of us!

This is why I am part of this family.

Lives are changing. It is not that people are getting skinny. It is lives being saved.

Visceral fat (the fat around the organs) GONE.

Cardiovascular health improved OUT OF SITE!

Depression - being tackled!

Michelle may be the celebrity trainer from the biggest loser, but the more I do the program, the more I see, this is her mission field. It is about giving us the tools to change our lives. She doesn't do it. Her team don't do it for us.

She gives us the tools, the courage, and puts us in a place of support. The hard yards are done by us.

And results come.

One man - 40kg lost in 12 weeks.

One lady - her parent's came and suprised her ... and the joy and pride in their faces ... it made us all teary!

The confidence! The joy! The laughter!
I got to celebrate with my strongest supporters, my friends, my training buddies!

And celebrate we did! Night of nights!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Round 2. Finale Day. The workout

How do I take the amazing group workout and put it into words? Seriously? What words are there when you are living a life you once didn't even have the courage to dream about!?
This workout ... this finale party too, felt different to me.

This round I felt like I belonged.
I wasn't the lone country girl. I was back with my mates! I was with friends I have met online and in real life. I was with people who GOT what I did and WHY I did it!

This round I was strong. I might not have met all my weight loss goals, but this round I have proven physical and mental strength. I survived. And I flourished. No training session could be a struggle after what I have been through! I was ready to be flogged and smile the whole time!

I met new friends! I met people who inspire me! I had a ball!

And we were on OUR home turf! We were in QLD! Check out the Qld crew! We rocked it! The weather ... the day ... it was perfect! Bring the party to Qld and WE DELIVER!

And it was awesome. It was a sea of people, no complaints, no excuses, just bringing all they had and more to train.

It was a sea of people who have fought battles, who have overcome, who have reached new heights. Who had one purpose. To celebrate what they have done, and prove to themselves how far they have come.
We got to be trained by the best. No one complains when Mish Bridges tells you to go harder! We got to meet the support crew. We got to do things we never imagined.
And we were strong. 800 people strong. 800 strong bodies. 800 strong hearts. One passion and one purpose.
Yes we broke the record again. Australia's largest outdoor workout. But that isn't what mattered. What mattered was the JOY!! Where else are you sweating doing pushups in the sand with a smile on your face?
Where else do mother and daughter (and father) train together? And train hard. No gentle 30 minute walks for this crew.

This is us. We gave our all. We sprinted. We punched. We did pushups and burpees till we wondered if the throwupees were on their way. And we rejoiced and celebrated!!

Someone asked me not so long ago how long I intend to do this for. The answer is simple. Forever.

Training started as a means to a cause. I trained to lose weight.
Now I train because it is me. It is what brings me joy, makes me realise my strengths, makes me feel alive. I train because this is who I am.

And I am never going back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You guys rock!! 25,001!!!

25,001 visitors to since the blog began in December 2010!!

It still amazes me that you guys want to read my ramblings ... But thank yiu so much for sharing my journey!!! You guys make me smile!!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you know what's cool about 12wbt?

You can make amazing friends that you never ever met!

This round I started campaigning to become an honourary perth crew member.
Don't get me wrong ... I am a qlder through and through!
But what i love about perth crew is despite the rest of the country getting Mish meet and greets, parties, book signings, finales ... and the live chats based on eastern state time lines ... The perth crew have become their own version of awesomeness!

Honestly, they could have complained about the chats being before most of them got home for the day, or always having the most expensive flights, or just being so far away. They could have complained or made excuses. Or just decided this isn't for them.

But that doesn't seem to be the Perth way!

They have come together, and become their own best version of themselves. Individually they are all an awesome type of crazy, together they are FUN and INSANE!

They travel on mass, they support their own (no WAY i could come close to sarah's votes for the scales!), they are bright, and LOUD and awesome.

And they get results!!!

One of the highlights of my weekend was this!!!


As i said, i never wanted to invade their group, they are AWESOME, they don't need me.... But i wanted them to know i think they rock!

And now i have my own perth crew hat!

I'm going to wear it with pride when I train this round, and endeavour to have it worn out by the time i finally get to perth!

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Round 2 wrap up video 2011

This is the video that was shared at the FINALE party!!

It is totally awesome!

WE are awesome!

These are lives CHANGED!

I am so so proud of all of us!

If you are even thinking about weight loss - or maybe signing up for round 3 ... Please watch this!!

Even the dogs are fitter!

(and you might see a scarey before shot too if you look ... next time I want my AFTER there!)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big blogs coming...

But for now just a few pics from yesterday! It was an amazing day.


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's go!!

Today is final workout with Mish and then the BIG finale party !!

I woke early and full of nervous energy ... So taking full use of grandparents as babysitters ;) paul and I headed to Sandgate for a run!

Today is PERFECT! Check out this qld weather!! Sunshine is my friend!!

I had an awesome run!! It was gorgeous ... Sun out, running by the sea, and just running because I could!

As my friend Angela messaged me ... You never regret a run!

Lady Gaga was the theme of my run!!

There's nothing wrong with loving who you are
She said, cause he made you perfect babe
So hold your head up , girl, and you'll go far
Listen to me when I say

I'm beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way

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I think he thinks my pain is a competition!

Pt session number two yesterday.
I don't think I should have told him about my smash up session on Sunday. I think he sees smashing me up the most as a competition.

Thursday's workout was intense,

I warmed up before he arrived. Dumb idea. It gave him more time to punish me.

Round one. Chest press. Heavy. Easy I guess now I new what was coming!
Round two. Fitball dumbell chest press. 10kg dumbells.
Supersetted with pushups with one hand on a medicine ball.
First round hurt but i could do it. By second round I was stuffed!!

Third round. Kettlebell swings. Then run the stairs.
Then dumbell squats (15kg). Elbows to knees or he wouldn't count it. Then stairs.
Repeat x 5.
Oh and then we ran round the block for fun ;)

Fourth round.
Cable row, hold for 10 sec the last rep of each set with him pulling against me.
Supersetted with modifed chinups. 5 sets.

Fifth round.
Lat pull down. 55kg. He helped me pull it down then i had to focus on returning it back sloooowly. Paul calls it eccentric contractions. Im not sure, i just know it hurt.

Chest press. Like the lat pull down. Heavy. He helped me press it then i had to focus on the sloooow return.

Round six
Leg press.
Two legs, right leg, two legs, left leg. That's one rep. On the two legs he would use his bodyweight to make it harder.

Round 7
Pushups. On two medicine balls. Then on the ground, till failure. Then he used a towel to help me squeeze a few more out.

Round 8.

Talk about an intense hour and a chest/shoulder smashup! Maybe i shouldnt have told him i want to improve my push up technique!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too awesome for words

Normally, when my blog goes quiet it means so have I. My eating is offtrack, my exercise is not happening, my mind is in just the wrong place.

Not this week.
This week I have gone quiet ... But it is not because of what I am not doing. It's because of ALL I am doing!!
It's been a big week, with big steps forward, and I'm struggling to find the words to give justice to how I feel right now.

So instead of having multiple posts in my mind that never get written, I am letting go of perfection, and taking the time to just get this week recorded any way i can.

So here it is! The wrap up of an AWESOME week!!

THURSDAY: pt session with new pt at my gym. He is just how I like my PT's ... Just that little bit crazy. This was a trial session to see how we gel, and for him to get to know where i am fitness wise. I've given him a very loose framework of what i want from my sessions. Strength work, correct technique, and to push myself past the I can'ts in my head. Seems he likes that sort of challenge. The session was hard, fast, intense. Lots of strength work, lots of Kettlebells, pushup work, and preparation for chin ups. It's early days but I'm excited about where this can lead!

FRIDAY was a busy day, so it was cardio at the gym. Lots of calories burned, simple training.

SATURDAY after an early shift I was aching for a run. The only fitness goal I had yet to achieve this round, was to run 12k, and after my hell run at the Brisbane running festival I wasnt too excited by this. But I wanted to hit my goal, and after some encouragement from #coachrell I went out. The aim was long and slow. Time didn't matter, distance did. Long, slow, and just get the job done.

I actually don't know my real time. I had some "technical difficulties". But I know my real distance. And that is what matters. 12km. Long, slow but done. Over 800 caloriea burned. And feeling like a ROCKSTAR!

(note to self ... Do not do a new pb for distance and then hop in the car for 2.5hrs. Take more time to stretch. And soak. Ow!!)

SUNDAY Sunday I was excited! Finally I got to do a training session with my Brisbane girls! And not only one session, but TWO!

Session one was an intense group personal training session at zenergy. I had heard good things about these sessions ... But had never been free AND in Brisbane when they were on! So yet another early get up, 7 am start and I was pumped!!

20 12wbt girls rocked up. In teams of four we did a circuit of burpees, renegade rows, pushing a leg press with 40kg on it up with our arms ( in teams of two), tyre flipping, water container carrying, clap pushups, wheelbarrow rows, butterfly situps, sledgehammer work and medicine ball slam downs. 4 min sessions, 2 min rests

When we were done ( and i thought we were about to stretch) Mase kindly announced, half the time , double the intensity, half the rest. KILLER!!!

When I first started 12wbt doing a challenge like this would have been laughable! Now, it was fun. Don't get me wrong, it was bloody hard work. One hour, almost 400 calories, and I worked HARD! this was a session where doing NORMAL burpees felt like a rest!!

When i finished I looked a mess. I was exhausted. But I felt so alive!! Awesome awesome fun!!!

Just to make Sunday a little crazier, we hopped in the car and drove immediately to Newfarm Park for a 90 minute bootcamp session. Insane. Shuttle runs, the circle of death, grunts, pushups, ab work, strength work with those blasted sandbags ... Intense!

A big big thanks to Kim ... My partner in the slaughter! She kept me smiling. She had me laughing ... And she ran fast when I needed her to get back so I could stop those stinking sandbag shoulder presses!!

500 more calories ... A million laug
Hs ... Snd s total of 900 cal for the day!!

MONDAY oh Monday.Monday was a rest day, although I did wa around the Ekka for what seemed like forever. And raced up every set of stairs i found with miss 6 for fun. Despite the lack of exercise Moday was a winner. I went to the ekka, home of the dagwood dog, hot chips, fairy floss, unlimited samples and the famous strawberry sundae and I ate clean. I ate good wholesome food, tried a few new things (a japanese cabbage pancake!) and did not feel deprived. In the past i would have inhaled a dagwood dog, a million taste samples and finished off with the traditional strawberry sundae. Instead, i was mindful, in control, and I left feeling great, not heavy and guilty. In the cue to buy strawberry sundaes all round I had time to think and decided i really didn't need one. I wasnt hungry, i wouldnt miss it if i didnt eat it, and it was NOT going to fit my plan for the day. I went without, had two spoons of Paul's and am so pleased with my decision.
It was so rich, so creamy, i would not have felt good after eatng it. Two spoons was enough, i had the taste, i wasnt deprived ... And i was still on track. Happy happy me!

There have been lots of other big wins this week ... Step, pilates, big calorie burns ... But these are my rockstar days. I finished round 2 with an absolute bang. I was strong, i went hard, and i gave it my all

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wanna see what i did sunday?

I haven't had the words to describe the intense double workout session that I did with the qld girls in Brisbane on sunday!

It was or final chance at a big smash up, leave nothing in the tank weekend workout ... So smash it we did!

So thankful to ang who arranged for this video to be made.
Here's the proof, we went hard, we conquered, we did it!!

video link!

Today could be the beginning of something big

Today is the start of round 3 of Michelle Bridges twelve week body transformation.

Today you can go to and sign up, to change your life.

Today could be the start of something big.

I blog about this program because I believe it. I blog because it changed my life, my mindset, my family ... My future.

This program works. But you have to trust it, and you have to do it.

It is a good solid program. The nutrition is sound, the exercise safe, the support unprecedented.

There is proof it works. Just go to facebook, and read the testimonials. Check out some before and afters. Watch some of the videos.

This program works. I am proof. My family is proof.

You have two options. Join, and change your life ... Or go on exactly as you have.

You deserve an extraordinary life.

And leave me your user name in the comments here! I will find you on the forums and say hi!!!

Come and join the family! I cant wait to meet you!!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hell yeah!!!!!!!

My previous pb for distance run is 10km.

This is the face of a woman who has smashed her pb! This is a sweaty beetroot face that ran 12km and burnt over 800 calories!!!!!

This means that as of today I have achieved EVERY fitness goal I set this round!!!

City 2 surf runners go hard! You were my inspiration today!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love this

From Pure Nourishment. Check them out on facebook

Smashing through my comfort zone.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Giving myself a good talking to at times.

And I know what I want my mantra for round three to be.


I don't want the I can'ts holding me back anymore.

I don't want my achievements to be limited by what my head tells my body it can do.

I don't want to NOT do things because I am embarrassed anymore.

Or because I wonder what people will think of me.

I don't want to limit things because I don't think I'm strong enough, fast enough, fit enough.

So round three?

Round three is all about stretching outside of where I feel safe, and comfortable.

It's about breaking those limits.

Seeing what I can do.


Starting lean and strong for one! Weights scare me!

Early morning classes.

Running longer, further.

Trying new classes. Like spin. Spin terrifies me.

Trying out the boxing gym. (Great workout but it stinks of sweaty men!)

I'm going to do push out of comfortable. Into stretching it. Edge close to that panic zone.

It's there on the edge that the improvements are the strongest I reckon!

There is no finish line!

Today is the end of round 2,2011 12wbt.

It has been a challenging round for many of us, and some absolutely incredible amazing results have been reached!
I am so proud of my little family.

Despite the challenges, I am still pretty proud of my efforts this round. No I didn't smash it out of the park, but I am lighter, stronger, and fitter than I was last round.

But the biggest change is in my mind. I know what I have to do to keep getting results, and I know my mind is in a good good place!

Despite all my challenges, I kept coming back to good clean food when I strayed.

Despite all my challenges, I kept training, sometimes with less focus but I trained.

Despite all my challenges I still ran.

I smashed goals.
I payed it forward.

I'm still here.

And now I'm ready to shine.

There IS no finish line.

There is NO off season.

Even though final weigh in has occured, nothing changes.

I still trained tonight.
I still set goals.

I still ate clean.

There is no finish line.

To me the time between rounds is a great time to test what we have learned. It lets us see our strengths, our weaknesses, and refocus and come back stronger.

Round 2 is over. I'm not even a little bit sad.

I have new challenges, and new adventures and I am not wasting ANY time.

Bring on round three!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What difference does 12 months on 12wbt make?

About this much difference!
And a whole lifestyle change!

If you read my blog and are thinkng 12wbt is for you NOW is the time to sign up!
A new round starts Monday!!!

I'm living proof it works!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last chance training

Today is Tuesday, and for once I'm not working.
Tomorrow is weight in, so that makes today last chance training.
Actually it's not only weigh in but it's THE FINAL weigh in for this round!

Now - just because I've only lost a little this round, it doesn't mean I can't finish like a champion, and that is what I've done.

This morning I did Group Step. I love this class, but rarely get to do it.
Consider it smashed. All 427 calories of it! That is more than I burn some runs! And a whole heap of fun!

Just before school pick up I decided to see how it felt to run. After Sunday I've been nervous about it, and putting it off. I was thinking of not running until the weekend, but I promised my twitter running coach Rell that I would still get my three runs in. (She's getting tougher! After Gold Coast it was run IF and WHEN I wanted the following week!)

It was gorgeous weather. Sunny, not too hot. Perfect except for that STINKING HEADWIND every time I found a hill to climb.

But 4k done. The last km almost exclusively into the wind. And I'm ok with the time considering!

Hot,tired, sweaty ... but thrilled! I've given it my all!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yesterday miss 6 was at home sick, so I wasn't sure if I would get a workout in.

I used some time when she was resting to do what I could. Two rounds of read 'em and weap, ( a challenge from the program), 10 min with the boxing bag and 100 kettlebell swings! I felt awesome!

Hubby finished early too so I rushed to the gum and followed that up with group power, ( like pump). I maxed out on the squat track and did a pb, 10kg each side! Not bad for legs that ran 10k yesterday!!

Getting ready to get strong!

New link!

I have now linked all my fun runs, and the blog posts about them on a tab at the top of the page.

It makes it a bit easier for me to look back on, and to share with those of you who want to know abot my running journey!

To access just click the tab that says "FUN RUNS" at the top of the page!

(other tabs will be updated soon - I've been slack)

Some runs are just tough - Brisbane Running Festival

Yesterday was another milestone. My second 10km fun run.

Yesterday we ran at the Brisbane running festival.

And I'm not going to lie to you ... it was tough.

See that medal there .... I feel in two ways about it.

One is that I earned that thing. It was tough. I feel like I earned it in a battle of the minds to get the job done.

But the other side, is I feel like I didn't do what I was meant to. You see my pace was up and down and round the place like a yoyo. And I walked some. Not a lot, but maybe 30-40 m in each of the last three km's.

And I know that in itself that isn't bad ... but I struggle with the "have to do it perfectly" mentality. And the "you don't deserve it " mentality. And that is WRONG.

SO that is the purpose of today's blog. To tell myself off. To set a few truths straight. And then to celebrate what I HAVE done and achieved. Cause I deserve to. And to just get it out there. Because we will ALL have a bad run from time to time, and sometimes that bad run is during a race. And it's ok. We need to give ourselves permission to not always be top of our game. But to still find the achievements inside. Yesterday was a bad run - yes. But I still achieved something amazing!

The Brisbane running festival is a yearly event run by intraining. Part of the battle they have, is the lack of council support for funruns. Where other major councils will happily shut down major roads to stage a crowd bringing, city wide event, the Brisbane city council in it's wisdom are INCREDIBLY unwilling to do so. Even early, on a Sunday morning, before the shoppers come hit the streets :(

Which led to the first of many issues yesterday. The course. In order not to use any major roads, the beginning of the course was a lap around the gardens. For much of this first km, we had a 3m wide strip to run, with hundreds wanting to run there. Don't even get me started on the marathon, where the elite runners were almost tripping over the amateurs as they had TWO laps of this narrow path to run!

Besides the inconvenience, this led to a real issue for me. For the first km, maybe two, it was nearly impossible to run your own pace. I was either jogging at pretty much walking speed, or being swept along at 4min/km pace to avoid being trampled! I just couldn't get into my own pace, which meant, I couldn't switch off and get inside my head. Losing this at the start of the race, made it so much harder as the km's went on. I didn't have my pace, my head wasn't in it's happy pace, and I was just plain frustrated.

My next struggle was with the heat. Where I live we are still in winter. We still have frosty mornings. But it was hot . Really hot. And there was no escape from the sun. My run didn't even begin until 9:30. And the sun beat hard on me the entire run. I really struggled. Honestly, on the way back when the icecream vans at southbank opened I could have quite easily pulled over and pulled out. I hate the heat at the best of times! It was tough.

The later start time, and staying at my inlaws also led to poor nutrition preparation for the race. I am a creature of habit. If I am running I like to get up early have a breakfast of oats, and give it time to digest WELL before the run begins! Problem is, I had to eat an unfamiliar cereal to me, and I ate WAY too early for a 0930 start. About 6k in I knew I didn't have enough fuel in the tank. I was really struggling.

So that is the bad. But also there lies the learning. I need to be more prepared for running in the heat, especially as summer comes closer. I need to find a way to improve my pacing, and I need to watch my prerace nutrition. Maybe even practice my long runs with just a few mouthfuls of endura or the like, to see how my body respond to it in case I need it during a race. I have things I can improve, things I can work on. Plus - considering only two weeks ago the whole family was sick, I can't expect perfection on this race day.

But when the bad happens , it helps you also recognise the awesome parts of the day.

Awesome thing #1!

I walked yes, but only to get by, and only for a few steps.
And I don't care who you are, a little walking still makes me a runner.
I could have so easily pulled out.

I could have so easily turned it into a walk.

Heck, I could have gone for coffee or icecream.

But instead I walked a little, got my breath back, and kept going. I had a plan, a commitment and I did it.

Awesome thing #2

I managed a tougher course!

Let's face it, Gold Coast was cruisey! It was flat, fast, cool and easy.

This was hot, with some long hills (not big hills but they kept going and going)

And I did it.

In fact, all the harder bits I ran.

I did it.

Awesome thing #3

I completed another 10k run!

Hard or not I did it! I have the finisher medal. You can't take that away from me!

Awesome thing # 4 (and the most awesome of all)

With two k's to go, and on struggle street, I finally caught up with another 12 weeker. She amazes me. She is in her 50s and living a life that I envy! Wait till you hear about her plans for Xmas! Well, together we could NOT give up. We are 12 weekers! And step by step, we dragged each other home. We even found the strength for the final blast at the end!

This is us, at the end. With Miss 6, who ran the 2k.

Official time 1:11:18

7:08 min/km pace. 716th out of 871 competitors.

Hard or not. Hot or not.
We did it.
Instead of sitting at home, sleeping in on a Sunday morning, or out there eating a greasy breakfast at a cafe... we were there running.
Hot, hard, tired, struggling ...
We did it.
We crossed off another goal
We are finishers.

And no matter what you say, you can't take that away from us.

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