Since I joined Michelle Bridges 12week Body Transformation I have

  • Lost over 12 kg almost 14kg over 15kg! over TWENTY kg!!!
  • Can now run 3km 5km 7km  TEN kmwithout stopping
  • Actually enjoy cycling with my family
  • Gone from the mid 90s to the very low 80s the high 70s!! The LOW 70s!Yippee!
  • Gone from a size 18 (almost a 20) to a comfortable size 14 in most things (and a 12 in some!)
  • Signed up for my first fun run
  • Overcome my fear of classes and started going to BodyPump and Zumba classes (and STEP!)
  • Gone from a (VERY) XL to a medium (still in shock there!)
  • Seen my blood pressure drop from 165/95 to 120/65
  • Seriously curbed my eating and snacking
  • Gone from a multiple times a week fast food addict to a person who will go out for coffee and ONLY order the coffee
  • Overcome my fear of gyms and joined a gym. And actually USED the membership - often!
  • Struggled, and strayed and went off program. But more importantly ... grew up, realised my mistakes and found my way back on program. This is a way of life!
  • Went on vacation with the family and actually ate well, was active and STILL had a ball!
  • Ran by the beach  - a long held dream! AND  RAN 5k!
  • Ran with my husband too! Something I wished I could do forever but was never fit enough to
  • Ran my first 10km! HUGE ! Who would have thought I would do that?!
  • Became an EXERCISER! I get cranky if I don't go!
  • Started going to personal training. Almost threw up but I went!
I'll add more as I think of them! 12wbt is lifechanging. This is the proof!