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Courage2start began as a blog to chronicle my journey on Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program

What started as a weight loss blog has become so much more.
In Courage2start I have written about my experiences in losing 30kg, learning to run, raising funds for cancer research and my miracle pregnancy after 7 years secondary infertility.

I write about food, fitness, mindset challenges, and teaching my two children - Miss 7 and Fighterbabe to grow up fit, strong and and healthy.

I love reviewing products and sharing giveaways with my readers. I have changed my life by eating "real" food, training hard, and changing the way I think. I don't believe in the miracle cure and will only review products that support the way I live my life.

My interests include
Fitness products
Exercise gear and clothing
New food products
Activities for family fun
Adventures to be had
Ways to pamper ...
And products that support healthy living

I can be contacted at

Much love xxx

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