Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All I want for Christmas ... (part 1)

Things are getting busy around here right now.

It's dance concert time (HELP!) :)
It's almost speech day. Christmas Carol's are playing in the stores. The trees are up in the shopping centres. No matter how much I try to deny it, Christmas is coming, and fast!

Which leads to the subject of presents. And I'm almost done there :) Thankfully.

I've also started to drop some pretty serious hints as to what I want for Christmas too.

There is nothing better than a gift that supports the lifestyle changes I have made, and this is one I really really want! (Dear Husband  - are you listening)

I love the chance to read about real women running. I love the training plans. (and can I tell you I even love reading the advertisements! There are some pretty cool things out there in the world of running and more than one are ending up on my Christmas list!) The run downs of recently held fuun runs are awesome too in helping me to set my goals! City 2 surf - you are on my wish list!

And no trashy celebrity gossip in sight!

Women's Running have allowed me the chance to share this magazing with one of you too!

For a chance to win the Nov/Dec 2012 edition of Women's Running Australia enter below!

(Disclaimer: Women's Running Australia have given me two copies of Women's Running Australia - one to review and one to give away. The opinions above are my own and I received no payment for this review.  I already read and love this magazine - the provision of product had no influence on my opinion at all :) )

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Organise and Diarise. Or should it be PRIORITISE?!

By George!

By George I think she's GOT IT!

There is wisdom in how Michelle Bridges has set up the 12wbt.

See those preseason tasks??
They aren't just there to fill time so she can get maximum numbers each round.

They aren't just there for fun - or so she can ask "But did you DO the preseason tasks" when you are struggling.

They are there - because they are something you need to do.

Even after multiple rounds - there is wisdom and learning in them.
Each round you grow. Each round your goals and priorities and circumstances change.

And if you do the tasks - as in REALLY do them properly - there is gold within.

PRESEASON TASK #6 - Organise and Diarise.
Seriously. I almost skipped it.

I mean let's be honest. I have 7 year old. A dance obsessed 7 year old. It's concert time! And a 13 week old fighterbabe! Organising my life is next to impossible right now! If it's going to happen - it just has to be flexible and fit in where it can.

And then I realised.

That method hasn't exactly seen me getting great results lately.

Yep - leaving things to chance and planning to be flexible IS NOT WORKING. It's not working - because like mothers the world over I tend to put everything else first - the house, the kids, the husband ... and try to "fit" my fitness in around it all.

And it doesn't work

So here I am DOING this task. Not only organising and diarising BUT PRIORITISING!
Putting my fitness on the must do list.|
Putting value on my health.

Because as much as I value my roles as wife and mother, there is more to me than that.

If you are a mum, or just a busy person, I'd love to hear how you prioritise your fitness in a busy world. Leave me a note in the comments xx

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Keeping it real ...

Today I was having a chat with my friend Kate (and a 12wbt legend she is!). The conversation ended with us agreeing that the one thing we do is keep it real. We tell our story - warts and all. (and sometimes there are some pretty ugly parts to it!) That's what you need to do if you want your story to show others they can change too.

In the spirit of that truth -today's post is dedicated to keeping it real.

Yes - I am back for round 4 of 12wbt.
I knew my body was going to change after my pregnancy.
I knew I would have weight to lose.

But honestly - I have more than just pregnancy weight to get gone.

Partly because I was more relaxed with my diet with pregnancy, partly because I had dreadful morning sickness that changed my eating habits (yes - I was still vomiting the day my waters broke), and partly due to the coffee shop at work and it's incredible date slice that tasted so good when I wasn't well ... I have more weight to lose than I would like.

I hoped that by the time I was 3 months post partum I would only have 5-7 kg to lose. That seemed realistic and doable to me.

But honestly. I have a good 15kg I want gone. And provided my milk supply isn't effected, I want the majority of them gone this round.

I'm posting this because so many of us lose weight, then go back to old habits and put weight back on. Maybe not all of it - but enough to know we are not where we want to be.

Guilt and berating yourself is not constructive.
It gets you nowhere. It won't get the weight gone.

The only thing that works is admitting it, taking a deep breath, and moving on.

And that's what I'm doing this round. Who's with me??

Dear Brain. Please shut up.

Here's the thing.

I am ready.

I am ready to train.

I am ready to feel alive again!'

I am ready to feel fit. To feel strong. To feel like me.

Above all I want to run. But I have a problem.

My bloody brain gets in the way.

I want to be a runner again.

I want to feel that freedom.

And logically - it is the perfect answer for this mum of two. It is effective. It is time efficient. It is economical..

But that bloody brain keeps getting in the way.

It's going to hurt.

You're so unfit now.

You can't do it anymore.

You don't run.

You'll have to stop.

Well - the time has come.

I can keep using these thoughts ... these excuses as a reason to stay home.

Or I can put on those shoes, take a step out the door and run.

I might not go fast. I may not go far. I might not even accomplish what I have planned for the day.

But I'll be one day closer to my goals.

Today I was going to run.

I spent all day talking myself out of it.

I was out thinking my goals.

Then - just as the day ended, I laced up those shoes and I went.

It was slow.

It was only 2k.

At one stage Miss 7 was beating me.

But I didn't let the thinking get in the way.

One step closer to being a runner again.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

40 by 40

Inspired by similar blog posts from friends ... I am setting a list of 40 things I want to do by the time I am 40.

That's not that long. A little over 15 months away. So if I want to do it I need to get moving!

Not all of them are fitness/weightloss based. But it's funny that way. Find inspiration to change your life in one way ... and the flow on effect follows through to the rest of your world!

So here it is. My 40 by 40!

  1. Learn to run again
  2. Run the Mother's Day Classic again
  3. Attend another 12wbt finale
  4. Help grow the Warwick Crew to have regular SSS and mini milestones together.
  5. Learn to swim better
  6. Read a book for fun every month
  7. Change up my wardrobe. I want a lot less clothes but I what I have I want to match, work together and truly feel like my sense of style.
  8. Renovate our bathroom
  9. Develop an area in our home for a home workout zone and use it.
  10. Get back to my goal weight
  11. Run a half marathon. It might only be once but I want to know I can.
  12. Commence personal training qualifications
  13. Bushwalk at Girraween with the family
  14. Self publish a cookbook for parents to feed their kids great food!
  15. Take time to pamper myself
  16. Swim with the dolphins again
  17. Declutter my entire house and have one ALMIGHTY garage sale! #operationantihoard
  18. Have a non spend month (essential food/bills excluded)
  19. Get cracking in my garden. Make it attractive and easy to maintain
  20. Join a sports team
  21. Become a bootcamp regular again
  22. Try out the local boxing club
  23. Take my family camping for a whole week
  24. Start  having a weekly mummy/daughter date with Miss 7. We are close - I want to keep it that way.
  25. Decide if I want to study my RNs. If it's a yes get started on it.
  26. Run in the Variety Santa Run
  27. Buy a dress that makes me feel incredibly glamourous!!
  28. And find a pair of jeans that are not only comfortable but make me feel incredible!
  29. Find an area to volunteer and commit
  30. Find a church I really love to attend
  31. Try Once a month cooking and see if it works for us.
  32. Keep the girl's photo books up to date
  33. Start to send both sets of grandparents a weekly update on how the girls are doing
  34. Study to be an Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) counsellor
  35. Find ways to use the blog to help other people conquer the weight battle and change their lives
  36. Go to the Gympie Muster again
  37. Finish compiling the family tree research I have done into something that can be given to family
  38. Attend a cooking class at the Spirit House
  39. Have one tech free day a week (gulp!)
  40. Take my husband away for a romantic weekend :)

OHHHH And a bonus one! Because I missed it!!

41. Take part in a MUD RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(OK a bonus TWO)
42. Participate in a flash mob!!! YES!
Have you ever made a list like this?? Did you actually DO it - or just write about it?

What is on your list? What SHOULD be on your list?? I'd love to know!!

Preseason tasks ... Gearing up

This is my favourite preseason task.

I kind of like to shop :)

Problem is - after several rounds of 12wbt I don't REALLY need to gear up ;)

I have my shoes (new ones coming too!). I have my heart rate monitor. I have the apps I use to track my progress. I have a gym I attend. Home weights. I'm set.

But what I wanted was a reminder.
A reminder of the tenacity, the grit, the courage that helped me reach my goal in the first place.

And that will bring me back to being my strongest fittest me yet.

When I saw these shirts I knew I'd found what I needed.

The words are a reminder.

On my body I will wear a reminder of the strength I have inside.

Another task done.

One more week till kick off.

I'm ready.

Courage2start is on twitter!


I finally did it.

The blog has it's own twitter profile.

Twitter has been an amazing tool to link me to like minded friends - people passionate about their health and fitness.

And now - through the blog's twitter page I can keep you up to date with my progress on Round 4 of 12wbt. It seems there might be some giveaways in the works too!

Come follow on twitter at @Courage2start

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shouting it out loud!

My commitment - round 4 2012 12wbt.

Yes - it's confirmed! I'm  in for round 4!!

I really wasn't sure - but the teasers for the Christmas menu, and some new features coming, as well as new mindset videos tempted me.

Then finale in Brisbane!!

I'm THERE!!!

So I am madly working my preseason tasks. Cause we know they are important.

And here I am to you - saying it out loud.

My commitment to round 4 2012.

This round I am living the round as a champion. I have no desire to get on stage - but I am living my round as a winner. I am doing what it takes to be a champion.

I am not taking things for granted. I am not going to "assume" I know it because I've done it before.

This round I am going back to basics - and listening to Mish

I will WATCH the mindset lessons - and download them as podcasts for when I walk.

I will FOLLOW Mish's menu plan

I will FOLLOW her exercise program. She wrote these for a reason.

I will actually do my before photo - and my measurements.

I will complete my fitness test.

I will do my SSS and my mini and major milestones.

In short - I will FOLLOW the program I've commited to.

And in February - I will have no regrets.

What's your commitment to yourself and the program?? I'd love to hear! Comment below!

Get ready ... Queensland is going to UNLEASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring it ON! Finale round 4 of 12wbt is coming to QUEENSLAND! Beautiful one day ... perfect the next!

Come and train (in AIR CON!) in the heart of Brisbane!!

Queensland is ready for you! We are going to UNLEASH our inner AWESOME and give you the best finale ever!

To connect with other 12wbters coming to Qld come join this facebook page HERE - it will let you know all the official (and unofficial) events - and help you get the inside knowledge on our beautiful state!

See you in February!

Monday, October 29, 2012

She's a star!

Once is just a fluke ... but today made it twice! My girl is a star!!


Well as you know I've been struggling to find the time I want to train.
One day I thought I'd try it - so took her and her pram to the 9am step class.

(Lesson one - carrying pram, bags, and baby up the gym stairs is my first workout for the day!)

Well - with a quick top up feed, and a good cuddle first - she settled into her pram both days and SLEPT!

Today she did wake up a little earlier - but a friend turned up and cuddled her through the ab track and stretch track for me.

I call this WINNING!

Next step is to try running with the pram ... although the way my legs feel after step I may try that tomorrow - not today :)

I'm on my way back :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Guess who fighter babe got to meet ??

Guess who fighter babe and Miss 7 got to meet at the health and fitness expo in Brisbane??

So much fun!

And a trip like this add fire to the COMEBACK flame!!!

Bring it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Priorities ....

Right now - this is one of my number one priorites.
This little angel is so dependant on me.
And so all consiming of my time.

She is 9 weeks now! Can you believe it!
Life is getting that little bit easier. We are learning how to be with each other. The fog is starting to lift.

Yet I'm still finding it hard to find time to train - time just for me.

So mums who have been there before. How do you do it?
How do you fit in training time when they are new - and routine is so unpredicatable?

I'd love your tips and advice.

I am in a country town. No creche in the gyms. And her taking a bottle is a hit and miss affair.

So how do you do it? Leave a comment and some proof I can find a new kind of normal that works for BOTH of us!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October! It's on!!

October 1.
Time to get serious.

This isn't about weight loss (well it is - but that's not the centre of it)
This isn't about a dress size.

This is about being free.

It's about taking the actions, to help me live the life I want to live.

And it starts with seriousness today.

Goals for October
1. Train 5 sessions a week - with at least one Super Session that tests me.

2. Focus on nutrition. This is the one thing, with preparation I can control completely. Even if baby gives me no time to train, I can focus on what goes into my mouth. And it is the one thing that will make the biggest difference.

3. Limit my computer time, so I am actively present with my children when they are awake, and so that I get things done
4. Run a 2.5k river loop by the end of October (albeit slowly)
5. Lose 4kg

Small goals. Achievable. If I am persistant and if I am flexible.

Today is day 1. Nutrition is sound, and a return to bootcamp is planned. Bring. It. On.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all!

It's been a while! Guess I've had a few things going on ... it's hard to find your awesome when you are engulfed in newborn babyland.

And you know what? That's as it should be. They are so little for just a short short time. My baby is 5kg already! Growing fast!

But slowly the fog is rising. Our girls (both of them -oh how I love to say I am a mum of DAUGHTERS) are doing beautifully. Miss 7 truly has been a gift and I am madly in love with her AND her baby sister! I am starting to feel like we've got this, and it's time to start to find me.

And it's time to write again. And train. And find the joy.

I've taken time to heal - after pregnancy and the c-section this was a necessity. And I've got good people surrounding me, and lots of good advice on what to do.

Now it is time to feel like me again.

It will be different. There is no way I can commit to hours at the gym, or fixed times for sessions. Heck right now I'll be lucky some days if I see the gym at all!

A good 9 mths ago - Emma from Emazon gave me the key. She told me back that - that fluidity would be the word for where I am right now. And boy is she right.

I don't have the luxury of a gym with a creche, or someone to come and sit with my girl while I train. And her routine (if there is one) will change day by day. That is the way of a newborn.

But what I do have is knowledge. I've travelled this journey with commitment in the past, and I have learned what I need to do.

I know how to train. I know what my body needs. I know my technique and how to make it fun. I know what I love to do - what brings me joy.

I have a 24 hour gym at my disposal (not that I will use it odd hours - rest is important too).
I have enough weights here to lift and lift heavy!
I have my body weight - and an aresenal of ways to train using only that.
I have a husband who will do what he can to make it happen.
My pt who is there ready to support me till I'm back to sessions with him
A facebook and twitter family who rock!
And I have me. We are not designed to be big inactive lumps of lard. Our bodies are programmed to be strong. To be tested. To endure. My body wants to train, it loves to eat healthy, it wants to be strong ... and that is what will bring me the win!

And so I trained.

Today I escaped babyland. For an hour Paul watched the girls and I hit the gym.
It was EMPTY (with the exception of the pilates class)! How wrong is that?!

9 am on a Saturday morning ... and the gym was my playground! (AWESOME - but WHERE WERE you people!)

However it was awesome!

I got on those treadmills and nailed out some walk/run intervals (testing my body before I start running again), and then I hit the weights hard. I didn't lift as heavy, but I lifted with form, with no mucking about, with focus and intensity. Making the most of the hour I had.

I was me.

So I'm back.

Don't expect perfection. I don't believe in it. My life certainly doesn't allow it.

Just expect me. Doing the best I can.

I've got me some goals to meet!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My little distraction ...

I honestly thought I had typed this post. Such is the memory of a new mama!

And then ... well then I got a little busy.

A little distracted. And with good reason.

To all those who have followed my journey - wished us luck, prayed and hoped with us ...
our little miracle is here.

Welcome Fighter Babe earthside!

A beautiful girl - born a trifle early at 37 wks 3 days and tiny at 6lb 5oz.

And she has worked her way into our hearts already.

I was blessed with a good pregnancy - and managed to stay active right till the end. In fact, in the afternoon before my waters broke I was down at the river walking.

My body has changed. Of course. I have some weight to lose. Of course. And 12wbt  will help me with that.

I'm glad to know it's there.

But right now we are taking the weightloss slowly. I have the birth to recover from, and this gorgeous little person to soak up. I've waited a long time for newborn cuddles. I'm going to get my fill of them xx

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How do you celebrate a 12wbt babe??

Well - if you are blessed enough to have my local crew ... with baby Bootcamp of course!

If you know me ... you know I do not DO baby showers. There are lots of reasons. It's not that I'm not grateful. It is just not something I do. Ever.

Seems the only people who can break through my shell are my local 12wbt team!

These girls rock! I live in a small country area. When I started 12wbt I was it. There was no local support at all!

Now we are a team of 40 plus. And I love these girl! They are keeping me going and motivated .. and make me look forward to training hard with them when I am back on board!
Morning tea was provided by the lovely Tara! So beautiful!
And my 12wbt girls and the girls from my bootcamp/pt group (plus my pt who is NOT a girl!) joined together to celebrate and train! Everyone trained with a pregnant belly! Mine is on the left ... all the others are courtesy of balloons! Funny thing is - the balloons have tricked many people in the pis!

The activities were chosen by me ... the number of reps were based on the answers from baby shower games.
Push ups were first up ... as a result of everyone guessing with string the size of my belly. The number of pushups were determined by how far out their estimate was! Every centimetre out was 1 pushup! Poor Linda ended up with 88 of them! Funny part is ... she's a midwife!

Justin my pt (who may have chosen other fake balloon assets rather than belly) helped her out by taking 20 of her 88 pushups for her! Good man!

Squats were next ... I had to fill in a survey on various baby characteristics ... and whether I hoped they would come from me or daddy. Everyone had to guess my responses. Every time they were out ... 10 squats.

Linda did the squats complete with baby belly and added pregnancy "weight gain"

Shuttle runs, complete with planks, burpees, lunges, situps ....

Oh and something knew Linda invented! The vomits. One burpee . One frog jump. Repeat till you hit the tree. (or vomit!)
For someone who doesn't "do" babyshowers ... I had a ball! Coffee out afterwards ... it was lovely!

Next time I'll be doing the training - not the orders! Big thanks to my local crew ... and Tara and Linda for organising it!

I couldn't have asked for a more "me" shower!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping it real - 32 weeks!

It's been a while since my last Keeping it Real Post! A month in fact! A lot can change in a month ... so here goes.

Week 32

Mixed bag here. Going away for me never means the best nutrition. Especially when pregnancy restrictions (re listeria) mean avoiding salad bars etc (my normal staple away! Give me veges!!!)

I did pay a ridiculous amount for fruit skewers and yogurt at the hotel for breakfast, and it was worth every cent! Fresh fruit! YUM!

The good note - is I am finally craving what my body needs. Fruit. Veges. Salad. Water. SO much water. I finally feel like it's not a constant battle to eat well. I think that being on holidays and not having to fight the third trimester morning sickness helps too!

Um yeah. I feel pregnant. How people are just starting to figure it out is beyond me. I'm pretty big!
I have no clothes that fit and don't want to spend money on them - THAT is getting me down! I miss my pretty wardrobe I was starting to get together!

Our little family had it's last trip away as a family of three on the weekend. We went to the Gold coast for the Gold Coast marathon (hubby and Miss 7 ran ! I was just jealous!) It was so nice to be somewhere WARM but I really was feeling the travel.

My other pregnancy hint ... 2XU compression socks are not just for running! Put on first thing in the morning they are great for keeping swelling down and helping sore pregnant legs get through the day!


um yeah. This has slowed way way down.

PT didn't happen this week. Walking a lot at the Gold Coast gave me some pretty horrid Braxton Hicks contractions, so we both decided training would be unwise.

So right now my training is a lot of walking (which I think is becoming a waddle), stretching, and light weights.

I really really miss training hard! Especially after being at the Gold Coast ! I want to run again! But physio advice meant running had to stop ... and I know I WILL be back! I am making plans! (which is another blog to come soon!)

So right now Training is more about keeping the headspace and the habit. It will be a slow recovery but I have goals


What to say ... holidays are amazing. I am so much more relaxed and totally soaking up my time with Miss 7.

Along with other twitter friends I am taking part in #operationantihoard to get the physical clutter out of our homes. The amazing side effect is so much mental clutter is leaving too.

I am loving being pregnant. But getting tired. I hate to drive long trips now!

Right now I feel like I am in a stabilising time. Settling down for the birth. For life with a newborn. And trying to make sustainable plans to get me back.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

No Junk July!

Oh how I need this! I am joining with the incredible LIZ from Lastchancetraining.com.au in a challenge for this month ... NO JUNK JULY!

As always - I am claiming participation NOT perfection! I am starting day TWO due to hearing about it far too late to undo the damage of a weekend away at the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast marathon series.

As soon as I read Liz's blog post I was IN! Aiming for a month of clean eating - but also environmentally sustainable food where possible! What's to lose!

The last few weeks of pregnancy I haven't been eating as well as I have wanted. And I'm feeling it.

But there is nothing like a few days away eating out to get me back on track. It makes me CRAVE fruit and veges like a woman possessed!!!

So I'm in! Are you? Check in with Liz at www.lastchancetraining.com
Leave me a comment here or on facebook to let me know you are in too!

And use the hashtag on twitter #Nojunkjuly so we can find your posts!

THIS was my lunch today. Salad, salad, salad, sustainably fished tuna, and a peppermint and red raspberry leaf tea. (yep it's 3rd trimester)

After devouring winter strawberries for morning tea, and home baked whole meal toast for breakfast I'm feeling good.

#Nojunkjuly ! Don't let bad winter habits take hold!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Need some motivation?

Round 2 12wbters have hit week four! It can get tough around here. The sparkle and the newness is gone. The end seems so far. Consistency is all you have to get you where you want to go. Sometimes it helps to look at where you are heading! Check this out. This is the video of member's success that was played at finale in round 1! It always makes me cry to see how much our member's achieve!

(and if you keep a close eye you will see a few guest appearances from your's truly ... at Kangaroo Point stair climb, Doing the dreading reverse stair climbs in the gym, and even fighter babe rates a mention!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drink more water

Pregnant or not - these little words apply to me and my health and fitness journey.

Drink more water.

I can really tell the difference. If I am well hydrated I feel better. I eat better. I perform better in training. I even sleep better.

Let myself get dehydrated and I'm a mess.

On a day of a hard session I pre-hydrate all day (and the day before if it is a race). I notice it if I don't.

And now - at 30 weeks pregnant - I am noticing it more than ever.

I need water.

Not tea.
Not coffee.

These drink bottles are my saviour! The lifefactory glass bottles. I found them online and thought I would try them and I LOVE them!

Glass doesn't make the water taste foul. It keeps my water colder longer. And I don't have to worry about nasties leaching out of the plastic into my drink.

Drink more water.

It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping it Real - weeks 27 (and 28!)

Keeping it real ... means admitting perfection is a long way away! Especially for me! And right now ... especially with blogging! So yes - I missed week 27 (due to some massive computer glitches ) - so here it is ... Keeping it real - Week's 27 and 28!!

Week 27 and 28

I remember it from Miss E and it is back.
Hate it!
So I am focussing on small meals more often, and trying to work my way around it.
Would love to hear your tips.

On another nutrition note, I am still addicted to mandarins. And 5am yogurt. YUM!

Week 28 had another lovely suprise for me. Pregnancy vomiting is BACK! Oh joys. Early shifts are not fun. (and maxalon is not that effective). Breakfast needs to be eaten in the recliner ... so I can lean back while I eat and give my belly room. Apparently between bub and all my organs there is not much room in there for food!

Any tips ... let me know! I really want to hear them!


The girls on twitter have christened this baby #fighterbabe and he/she is living up to that name! Movements have become big massive kicks - and not only did Miss 7 get to feel baby move ... but I can see my belly moving too! I don't remember seeing my belly move with Miss 7! It's kind of fun!

This week also meant my glucose challenge test. Yum. Not. Flat lemonade at 8 am is not my idea of fun.

The good news however, is I passed. That and all my other bloods were great!
Great news. Healthy mama = healthy babe!

And just for you guys ... bump update! 28 weeks pregnant!
Miss 7 looks kind of excited too!

Other pregnancy news is sleep seems to be a thing of the past. I wake up over and over and over and over again. Naps are my friend!


Big news was ... I got to run in the pentath run! I have sooooo missed the fun run atmosphere .. and the exciting bit is I got to run with Miss 7, and meet up with some local 12wbt crew members too! Watch out Mish! Even the country towns are going off with 12wbt success!

This run is epic! 5 different run distances adding up to a full marathon distance over two days.

Miss 7 and I lined up for the 5k. My plan was to take it easy. To run a bit, walk a bit, and that running with her would slow me down ... and make me take it easy!

Problem is - she took off! And sprinted the first 2.5 km!
My girl is a legend!

Which meant I ran a lot more than I intended. And I was SORE that night and the next day. I think my fun run days are over for a little while.

Our cheer squad ... you don't get spectators like this on the Bridge to Brisbane or City2surf!

Miss E and I on the way back ... after her sprint to half way (and her getting a bit upset and worried that she lost track of mummy - I was too slow) it took a LOT of encouragement to get her back to the finish. But we did it! Complete with stopping for silly pics!

Oh - and I managed to squeeze into my Qld crew shirt ... just! I doubt It will fit any more this pregnancy!

On other fitness news ... I love the cross trainer right now. It doesn't hurt my hips. It doesn't hurt my bump. It is my new friend!

Other ramblings

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I definately am feeling third trimester pregnant! But despite being 7 years older than when pregnant with Miss 7, my body is coping much better. I remember being in twice weekly physio with Miss 7 to cope with back, hip and pelvic pain. This time my body is so much stronger I am coping way better!

However the floor seems to be getting further away!

Keeping it real, my plan from now is to look at stopping PT at the end of the month. I will be focussing more on stretching, walking, the cross trainer, and just moving as much as I can.

Fighterbabe is starting to feel very very real 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeping it Real #week 26

26 weeks!

This week's Keeping it Real is a day late ... but I've had a mixed up week!
Not as big a week as my friend Rell! Check out her Keeping it real this week! Huge! http://rellkeepingitreal.wordpress.com/
I have NO IDEA how she survived it in tact - but she did!

This week has been ... pretty blah for me to be honest.
Monday night I started to get the sniffles - and by Tuesday morning I was knocked flat with a cold.
It's been a long time since I've felt that bad .. and it pretty much took me all week to get over it.
So this week's strategy was survival parenting. Bare minimum. Lots of rest. Heaps of fluids. And take care of baby and me and get well as fast as I could. (which apparently is VERY SLOW)

So here goes ... this week's Keeping it Real


This week was all about HYDRATION. Being sick the one thing I concentrated was getting enough fluid. I am LOVING my new Lifefactory Glass water bottle! Dishwasher safe (for the germs), doesn't make the water taste plasticy or metallic and keeps the water cool.

Food wise,

Let's call this a rollercoaster week! Some things were good. I craved fruit (MANDARINS!) like never before. I would eat bags of the things.
Some were bad. Between tiredness, sickness and just feeling yuk I didn't want to prepare any food, so I bought easy options far too often.

My big lasagne and chicken soup cookup last week were a lifesaver! Home made frozen meals on standby are one of the best investments in your health you can make. No matter how you try to plan ... life always finds a way of throwing you a curve ball. ALWAYS have something decent that you can control in the freezer!


Things are going well. I feel huge already ... but I know I have a long way to go! I can feel my ligaments softening (hello relaxin) and have had a few close calls when my ankles have turned unexpectedly. Which means I need to talk to my PT tonight and make sure we are exercising safe.

I can definately feel I get full much quicker now. Baby must be pushing my stomach out of the way so he/she can grow! Oh - and the reflux has begun. UGH. I remember this from Miss E.

Baby has been great while I was ill at reassuring mummy with lots of movement. Best feeling in the world!


PT Monday night was awesome. Lots of lifting. Rowing. (I do hate the rower tho), hill walking. A really varied session which felt great.

Good thing it did. When the illness hit it knocked me for six. I missed bootcamp. Plus a bonus session at the dam :( By the end of the week I was getting some gentle walks in, because doing nothing felt worse than doing something. But this week was a real lesson in listening to my body.

There wasn't a lot of other this week. I slept. I ate. I rested. I rested.

Oh and paw paw ointment is the best thing EVER for a sore sore nose.

This week

My body is already telling me what it wants this week.
Clean food. Simple flavours.

This was my lunch. A very simple tofu and veggie stirfry. Seriously 10 min to make. Good food is not hard.

This week I am gently adding the exercise back in. PT tonight, where I will be talking about the "where to from here" now we are almost third trimester.

This week I am also going to look into aqua aerobics. Water has never been my thing. But I'm hoping I might enjoy it as a way to keep active in the next few months.

Lots of walks. Walks heal my soul.

Oh - and I've entered a 5k fun run! Just a local one. I want to be part of it with our local 12wbt crew! I won't be after a pb. I won't even run the lot. I'm going to do it with Miss 7, and we will run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit, walk a lot. But I think it will be great to get out there.

More sorting at home - starting to want to get things organised.

A nurturing week and a return to feeling better.

Oh - and this! Five:am yogurt has finally hit my local town!! It is GOOOOOOD!!
My new snack of choice!!

Big HUGE weekend!

For my 12wbt family ... it has a been a big HUGE weekend!

The WORLD RECORD BREAKING group workout!


For many - Emazon's Stand your Ground.

Seeing the results! Meeting friends! Celebrating!

For other's - there have been their own special milestones.
Following my twitter family I have celebrated Bryrun completing ANOTHER ULTRA Marathon!

So many 12wbt family ran. I especially take my hat off to the half marathoner's.It has been an amazing weekend all round.

This weekend I chose not to go to finale. Which made me sad :(
But other commitments were stopping me, and I had important baby growing business to do ;)

My 12wbt family still made me feel part of it - with tweets and photos and calls and texts (although next time Mish - could you PLEASE choose a venue with mobile phone reception!)

After a week of being sick - and then the weekend busy in and out of the house, I am ready for some normality.

Today I am eating clean.
My body is craving water. Fruit. Veges. Tofu!

Today I am rehydrating! A lot!

Today I am getting my home sorted for a way too busy upcoming week.

And tonight I train.

Whether you went to finale, or didn't - remember - it was just ONE weekend.
Your 12wbt journey does not have a finish date.

Today is another day. Listen to your body.
Eat for health.

And choose the lifestyle that will let you be the best version of you ever!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping it real 25 weeks

25 weeks today! Joining again with Rell at  http://rellkeepingitreal.wordpress.com/ and "Keeping it Real" as we sum up our weeks.

This week has been a pretty tiring and emotional week. I think those pregnancy hormones have well and truly taken control. My sleep is very interrupted. I'm reminded how important rest in any way I can get it is.

This week I went out to dinner with my local team from 12wbt.com! We were celebrating a successful round for many, and welcoming some new members. It was an awesome night. So much ENERGY! And it gave me a chance to frock up! So here it is - a rare pic out of workout gear on this blog!


This week was a lot better. I still had some slip ups, and still let too much sugar in - but I will try again this week. This week I found the energy to cook a little - which made a big difference. First up was a crazy desire for chicken and corn soup. I've never made it before and it was easy! And DELICIOUS! So that was lunch AND dinner for two days (whoops!) and more in the freezer. Yum!

Tonight Miss 7 wanted lasagne. So Jen's Lasagne from 12wbt it was. I never ever make one lasagne. 3 in the oven. So dinner tonight was sorted plus a lot of leftovers frozen. I'm hoping this makes eating well easier as I get more tired.

I had another obstetrician appointment this week - and again it was pleasantly boring. All is going well as far as we are aware - no complications. Next appointment I get scanned again. Movements are stronger and MIss 7 felt baby for the first time today!(Although I'm not convinced she believes it WAS baby!) I am tired. And waking up a LOT at night. And crazy insane dreams. 

So I'm focussing on resting when I can. For mother's day today I had a lovely long nap!

My exercise

This week had definate ups and downs. PT Monday was great. We did a cardio pyramid and it felt strong. Bootcamp Wednesday I felt like I was on fire! The shuttle runs probably looked hilarious but it felt GREAT to run! Friday's bootcamp was abysmal though. I felt sore before I started and just wasn't into it. I guess I was there though. Lots of walks too this week. I still haven't got back to classes at the gym ... maybe I will soon ;)

This week I have been trying to balance life. Time with Miss 7 - lots of school events for her. Appointments. House. Miss 7 got student of the week which I am proud of AND presented the classes work beautifully at assembly.

The nursery is looking great. I see an ikea trip soon to finish it off.

We do need to think harder about basics like a carseat some time soon too I guess. It is just overwhelming.

This coming week I am just focussing more on balance. Walking. Training. Stretching. Bubble baths. And cutting out that stupid sugar!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding what makes my soul sing ...

I might not be getting my fitness goals from smashing heavy weights or PB's on my runs ... so this week I went in search of what makes my soul sing!

Waterfalls, mountains, fresh air and my family!
Photobombed by Miss 6!
Bump and I at the lookout at the top of the falls!
The spectacular Queen Mary falls. My photo does NOT do it justice!
Bump and I ... action shot!

I feel like I can breathe again. What makes your soul sing?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can I do 12wbt if ....

I've been around the 12wbt world for a while now ... and every round I get asked the same question ... in a different way.

A beautiful friend Rae asked my advise on if 12wbt will work for her on my facebook page today.
Her situation is more complicated - but my answer is the same whether you are asking me ...

Can I do 12wbt if

  • I am vegetarian
  • I am coeliac
  • I am dairy free
  • I am injured and cannot exercise
  • My family has specific food allergies
  • My husband works busy hours
Over and over my answer is yes ... BUT
  • you will have to do just a little bit more work
  • you may need to think creatively
  • and most importantly - YOU NEED TO DO YOUR PRESEASON TASKS!! You see - you have many more reasons excuses why 12wbt won't work for you. You need to nail them now. You need to write down your reasons excuses when Mish asks you to, and you need to make SURE that you have concrete answers as to how you WILL overcome them!
Rae asked me today if 12wbt will work for her as her family is eating
low sacylilate, low amine, preservative free and colour free. 
She is also determined not to be seen as "dieting" in front of her kids - and cooking separate meals for mum because she is on a diet.
Can 12wbt work for her??

Rae - the answer is a big fat (qualified) yes!!!
I commend you on not dietiting in front of your kids. Let's face it - there are so many places in our world that our kids are smashed with unhealthy food, diet, exercise and body images. Our home is where we can protect them - and the best way of teaching them how to be healthy is to live it in front of them! (and that included the dads too!!!)

The reason I know 12wbt can work for you ... is it's not rocket science. It's maths. You eat 1200 calories. You exercise. You lose weight. Oh - and most importantly - you work on your mindset. Over and over again. 

12wbt is going to rock for you! Most of the meals are healthy unprocessed whole foods and quick delicious recipes. In our household there is no such thing as a kids meal. we all eat the same (although I may cut down the spice in Miss 7's at times!)

Some foods you are going to have to swap. The tomato based meals like Nat's lasagne are out for you ... and a lot of the wraps have deli meat which is high in amines. BUT ... there is a recipe index where you can look for alternate recipes (all meals are around 300 cal so can be swapped) and you can use a little fresh chicken, or tuna etc in the wraps. There are a lot of soups in the menu in winter too - so you can choose meals such as pumpkin soup based on the veges that you like!

Another option is to freeze some of the meals that your family cannot eat, and take them for your work lunches. That way you get to experience them too!

I've faced a similar dilemma as hubby is a coeliac and also training for marathons. So every meal that we share must be gluten free, and I need to adapt to make sure he gets a LOT more energy in. 

Some of the simplicity of 12wbt goes ... I can't just use the ready made shopping list. But every week when the eating plan comes out I print it and grab my trusty pen. I cross out what we won't be eating, swap the meals from the recipe index ... and off we go!

Somehow I think, if you are used to working out menu plans that suit your family, this is going to be an easy exercise for you! 

You need a calorie counter (calorie king australia is a free ap on iphone) and it will allow you to make equal substitutions.

But 12wbt still will provide you with a heap of new recipes, great support, exercise plans to challenge you and great mindset videos to help shape the way you think about food and training.

For my other readers ...

If you are vegetarian your life just got easier! Mish now has a fantastic vegetarian menu plan!
There is an info sheet on many food substitutions available ... you just need a little time to plan and substitute.
Mish also now has a specific breastfeeding and pregnancy plan (and can I say they are great!)

Life does get in the way sometimes. If you are injured you will need to work around it as best you can. But this is 80% nutrition. Eat right - and chances are you will lose weight anyway!

The key is - you do NOT LET YOUR reasons EXCUSES get in the way of your successes. There is a way around it - and if you can't find it ask around. The forums are an excellent place to get your questions answered. Many seasoned 12wbters continue for successive rounds just to pay it forward. And Mish has a team of fitness professionals and a dietitian to help you find the answers you need.

The whole premise of the 12wbt nutrition program is whole, fresh food. Substitutions can be tough - but they are worth it. And when you find a recipe that works for your family - feel free to swap it.
Or adapt what you are already eating - keeping a close eye on calories.

Hopefully this helps! If it doesn't - feel free to message me on facebook or leave a comment. I'll do my best to come through for you!

Round 2 2012, are you in???

Today is another chance to change your life.
Today is the start of round 2 2012 of the 12wbt.

I love this program.
It saved my life.
Not only did it save my life - but it saved and changed the lives of so many people I know!

What makes it succeed is the community!
The program works (but you have to actually DO it!)

But above that, get involved in the facebook groups, the forums (especially the forums) and twitter. Get support and love and help and encouragement from others travelling the exact same road as you.

It's not just about food. It's not just about exercise.
It's about support.
And tough love.
And working the mindset.
And pushing beyond what you thought possible.

This round I will not be a signed up member of the program, as I will soon be entering my last trimester and will be taking the training a little easier.

But I will still be living the 12wbt life.
I will still be eating well.

If you are not on my facebook page click on https://www.facebook.com/#!/Courage2start and come join! That is where most of my updates are (and I believe you can now send me a message there too!)

Follow the blog (to the right there ----> )

And sign up!

I wish I had words to describe how 12wbt.com has changed my life.

But maybe a few pics will help describe

Just the face. This blew me away. No wonder I used to struggle to breathe. And check out my eyes. Now they SPARKLE!

This pic wasn't even at the end of my journey. One year on. So much fitter and stronger. From barely able to walk - to running 10 km.

With Mish at Finale Rd 3 2011, accepting the inspirational blogger award. I felt AMAZING that night!!!