Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly suprise #1 ... The fitness test

This round one of my commitments is that i will do every weekly suprise. Every single one. I am embracing the entire experience.

Suprise #1 is the fitness test.

This sets the level that we are to work at in the fitness programs, and gives a standard which we can aim to improve ... Its our baseline.

Test #1 is the 1km time trial. To run 1km as hard and fast as you can. If you cant run it you are to jog, walk or crawl it, but get it done.
I remember the beginning of rd 3 2010. I jogged as far as i could ... Then walked ... Then jogged ... Then walked. I stopped 3 times and took over 8 min to do it.

This round i went out hard, probably a little too fast. And i pushed the entire way. The last 200 m was HARD. I so wanted to get undeer 7 min.

I ran the 1km in 5 min 51 sec!!! Unreal!!! That puts me in the intermediate range ... My new goal is to hit advanced (sub 5 min 30sec) by the end of the round.

Ab strength ... Is still my weakness. Level zero. I cant even reach level one. I will though. I am working on it. Watch me.

Pushups. 31 in 1 minute. Advanced.

Wall sit. 2:01. Advanced. I hate the wall sit with every fibre in my being.

Sit and reach ... -1cm ... Quite an improvement.

So that is two intermediate, one beginner, and two advanced. I am going to sit in the intermediate program for a little while longer i think.

Weekly suprise #1 complete!

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