Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Need some motivation?

Round 2 12wbters have hit week four! It can get tough around here. The sparkle and the newness is gone. The end seems so far. Consistency is all you have to get you where you want to go. Sometimes it helps to look at where you are heading! Check this out. This is the video of member's success that was played at finale in round 1! It always makes me cry to see how much our member's achieve!

(and if you keep a close eye you will see a few guest appearances from your's truly ... at Kangaroo Point stair climb, Doing the dreading reverse stair climbs in the gym, and even fighter babe rates a mention!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drink more water

Pregnant or not - these little words apply to me and my health and fitness journey.

Drink more water.

I can really tell the difference. If I am well hydrated I feel better. I eat better. I perform better in training. I even sleep better.

Let myself get dehydrated and I'm a mess.

On a day of a hard session I pre-hydrate all day (and the day before if it is a race). I notice it if I don't.

And now - at 30 weeks pregnant - I am noticing it more than ever.

I need water.

Not tea.
Not coffee.

These drink bottles are my saviour! The lifefactory glass bottles. I found them online and thought I would try them and I LOVE them!

Glass doesn't make the water taste foul. It keeps my water colder longer. And I don't have to worry about nasties leaching out of the plastic into my drink.

Drink more water.

It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping it Real - weeks 27 (and 28!)

Keeping it real ... means admitting perfection is a long way away! Especially for me! And right now ... especially with blogging! So yes - I missed week 27 (due to some massive computer glitches ) - so here it is ... Keeping it real - Week's 27 and 28!!

Week 27 and 28

I remember it from Miss E and it is back.
Hate it!
So I am focussing on small meals more often, and trying to work my way around it.
Would love to hear your tips.

On another nutrition note, I am still addicted to mandarins. And 5am yogurt. YUM!

Week 28 had another lovely suprise for me. Pregnancy vomiting is BACK! Oh joys. Early shifts are not fun. (and maxalon is not that effective). Breakfast needs to be eaten in the recliner ... so I can lean back while I eat and give my belly room. Apparently between bub and all my organs there is not much room in there for food!

Any tips ... let me know! I really want to hear them!


The girls on twitter have christened this baby #fighterbabe and he/she is living up to that name! Movements have become big massive kicks - and not only did Miss 7 get to feel baby move ... but I can see my belly moving too! I don't remember seeing my belly move with Miss 7! It's kind of fun!

This week also meant my glucose challenge test. Yum. Not. Flat lemonade at 8 am is not my idea of fun.

The good news however, is I passed. That and all my other bloods were great!
Great news. Healthy mama = healthy babe!

And just for you guys ... bump update! 28 weeks pregnant!
Miss 7 looks kind of excited too!

Other pregnancy news is sleep seems to be a thing of the past. I wake up over and over and over and over again. Naps are my friend!


Big news was ... I got to run in the pentath run! I have sooooo missed the fun run atmosphere .. and the exciting bit is I got to run with Miss 7, and meet up with some local 12wbt crew members too! Watch out Mish! Even the country towns are going off with 12wbt success!

This run is epic! 5 different run distances adding up to a full marathon distance over two days.

Miss 7 and I lined up for the 5k. My plan was to take it easy. To run a bit, walk a bit, and that running with her would slow me down ... and make me take it easy!

Problem is - she took off! And sprinted the first 2.5 km!
My girl is a legend!

Which meant I ran a lot more than I intended. And I was SORE that night and the next day. I think my fun run days are over for a little while.

Our cheer squad ... you don't get spectators like this on the Bridge to Brisbane or City2surf!

Miss E and I on the way back ... after her sprint to half way (and her getting a bit upset and worried that she lost track of mummy - I was too slow) it took a LOT of encouragement to get her back to the finish. But we did it! Complete with stopping for silly pics!

Oh - and I managed to squeeze into my Qld crew shirt ... just! I doubt It will fit any more this pregnancy!

On other fitness news ... I love the cross trainer right now. It doesn't hurt my hips. It doesn't hurt my bump. It is my new friend!

Other ramblings

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I definately am feeling third trimester pregnant! But despite being 7 years older than when pregnant with Miss 7, my body is coping much better. I remember being in twice weekly physio with Miss 7 to cope with back, hip and pelvic pain. This time my body is so much stronger I am coping way better!

However the floor seems to be getting further away!

Keeping it real, my plan from now is to look at stopping PT at the end of the month. I will be focussing more on stretching, walking, the cross trainer, and just moving as much as I can.

Fighterbabe is starting to feel very very real