Sunday, March 27, 2011

Be Proud! (The post in which I throw a tantrum!)

We are just about at the half way point of the 12wbt ... and I have to say ... I am ready to throw a right royal tantrum over here!

The 12wbt forums are incredible ! They are a place we can share our hearts , our victories and our struggles. They are where the most incredible support comes from. They rock! But right now ... I am seeing a recurring theme ... the "I'm not good enough" theme.

And guys - It's making me sad.

Now - I am so not talking about the people who aren't sticking to the program and are giving themselves a swift kick where they need it. I've been there too. And yes - when we aren't on board we are NOT giving good enough ... and there is nothing wrong with a bit of self critisism there. (or a huge butt kick - whatever it takes!)

What is troubling me are the people who are giving it all they can (cause we are never perfect all the time) and still knock themselves.

Maybe you haven't lost as much weight as you thought you would have by now.
Maybe you aren't getting as much exercise as you want in (but are still giving it all you can)
Maybe your friend/husband/teammate is burning more calories than you Maybe you think you should be running faster, running further...

Seeing areas to improve is fine. Setting new goals to achieve is great. Seeing room for improvement and working on ... fabulous!

But ladies (and it normally is the ladies) ... we need to start loving ourselves too.

We need to stop and see how far we have come.
We need to praise ourselves cause we are still here. We are still trying. We need to stop comparing.
We need to remember this is about being the best YOU can be. Not someone else.
This is your own race.

Halfway is hard. There is still so much you want to achieve. And you feel like far too much time has gone already.
Stop beating yourselves up!

Did I make all my 4 week goals?? Heck no! Am I cranky ... maybe a little.

But is that going to stop me realising how great I am doing?
Am I not going to recognise all I HAVE done cause of the few things I missed???
Be proud!!!!

Time for a new list of all you have achieved!
Start with ... at week 6 and still here! I rock!
Yep write that down. Then say it aloud!


The only people who failed are those who failed to start.
Or who have quit and have no intention of coming back.

You are here still. And just by being here you are a success!

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