Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week two is here!


My groceries are done. My workouts are planned. This is going to be a good good week.

Honestly, I'm unsure if the scales will reflect the work I have done this week. I had such a big loss last week I expect a bit of a maintain this week ... seems to work that way. But that is not putting a dampener on week two for me. My nutrition has been spot on. My workouts have been hard.

This week will be fun! This week's menu plan excites me! It has some of my favourite recipes from round 3 last year .. and a couple of new ones I can't wait to try! I am still working hard on saying YES more than I say NO... and this includes to foods that I might have avoided in the past. So far I haven't been disappointed.

This weeks plan is to make sure my nutrition is spot on. I am really keeping an eye on those snacks.

I also want to look at my workouts. I want to make sure that every workout is being done with intensity and integrity. If I'm going to bother working ... I want the workout to be hard. To get results.

So I'm ready! Ready for an incredible week! Bring it on!

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