Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop and dream ...

We are currently at -4 days till kick off!

In 4 days things are about to get busy! A lot of time will be spent on cooking, shopping, training ... eating ... and also on organising things.

Once you are caught up in the 12wbt lifestyle it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Of why you are doing this. Today I urge you stop and dream.

On May 14, finale day, whether you are at home or at the workout and party ... what will your life be like? How will you have changed in 12 weeks? What are you aiming for? If I was to look at you living your life what would it be like?

Paint me a word picture ... and dream ...

By the end of Rd 1 I will be HEALTHY! Yep that is the big prize! My health!
My weight will no longer define me. When people look at me they will not see
someone overweight, but will just see a fit healthy person in the HEALTHY weight
range for the first time in I don't know when!

My blood pressure will be under control. I will be sleeping well, eating
well and have energy!

Training will be a huge part of my life. Getting out the door and going
for a 5k run will be my regular go anywhere do anytime exercise. And I will be
challenging myself with longer runs too.

I will be having fun with my training. Weights will show me how STRONG I
am! Classes will contunue to be fun. And I might have even figured out those tap

Food will be fun and creative and a great time of sharing and creating with
my family.

I will have trained at the group workout with Mish and given it everything
I have. I will have tested my body and know exactly where my limits lie. And I
will have broken through those self imposed mental limits and gone further than
I ever thought possible!

I will be in a size 12. I will be comfortable and confident in my body. I
will feel strong and fit and healthy and ready to embrace life! I will have run
a fun run or two ... and run some races with my daughter as well. I will truly
be living life! All because I had the courage 2 start

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  1. I love your attitude and I can see that you have your sights firmly on the prize! I hope that when you feel like you're losing your way, you'll come back to this post and feel great again. You've come to far already and you're almost there! :D