Thursday, February 10, 2011

MYTH - I am not in the right headspace to join 12wbt

I've heard this three times this week.

I would join but "I have too much going on. I'm not ready. I'm not strong enough"

Have to say it's time to build a bridge and put that excuse behind you.

You know how Mish says to be arms wide open, gut wrenchingly honest?

Well here is the rest of my story...

It is personal. It still makes me teary some days. But I am telling it cause I'm not the only one in this position. And if I can get someone else to fix their health like I am fixing mine ... it is so worth it.

You should join 12wbt now - not when you are fixed. Not when you are strong. Not when you are ready. Every one of us has something "bad" in our lives. We have an emotional reason we can't lose weight. We are tired. We aren't ready.

And that is WHY we should join. Because you don't know how to do this. And Mish does. Do what you are told. Follow the process. And come back to healing.

I know this to be true. How do I know this? I know because this is not just a physical journey for me... But it has been a journey back to belief in me.

As some of you know ... The day before round 3 started I miscarried. Again, what a lot of people don’t know is I had tried for 5 years to conceive our second child. That means 10 embryo transfers (ivf). 2 miracle conceptions. A number of miscarriages at 4 weeks. And then the final miracle conception. Without the help of ivf and I didnt even find out I’ll 7 wks! I was so sure this was the one!

Unfortunately I miscarried and was beaten down. For 5 years my body had failed me and it failed me again.

I was lucky. Instead of sinking into depression I sunk into the program. It allowed me to go into robot mode when grief allowed no thought. And then as I lost weight, and got stronger I began to trust me body again. The day I ran 5 k was a rockstar day for me. My body did what it was told. I asked . It obeyed. It did NOT let me down.

I did not lose weight because I was "ready" or "my mind was in the right place". I lost weight because Mish knows what she is doing. She has a program that works. And I did what the program says. It won't work if we don't stick to it.

The mindset lessons were key to me. Bit by bit they helped me overcome my anxiety. They helped me with my stress. The showed me how to overcome the things that have destroyed my efforts in the past. Mish has worked with so many clients. And deep down we have the same problems. What she taught me spoke to my heart.

So now I am back to finish the journey. This time round it is all about letting my body show me how strong it is. And that it does NOT let me down.

If I would have waited till I was ready I would still be sad. I might even be depressed. I would definately still be overweight. With high blood pressure.

But because I jumped in, and just followed each step as I came ... I am happy!

That is why I blog. Because I have gained so much more than I ever would have expected. And I want to help others to do so. (and that is why I SO want to win the excuse comp and meet Mish. I want to say thank you. She has given me hope again)

If you are thinking about joining "when it is the right time" ... stop delaying.
Join today. You have a week to get your preseason tasks done. Join. Get your head down into the process. Trust. And just see where the process leads you.

If I could lose weight at one of the worst times of my life ... you can too! But you have to have the courage to start ...


  1. Wow kath. Amazing post. Exactly the reason Mish is so fantastic at what she does and why everyone should follow her program.

    Having just suffered a miscarriage I too am grateful for this program. My heart goes out to you xxx

  2. You rock Kath!! Your forum posts and blogs are always so helpful and inspiring :)