Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some favourite snack ideas!

I keep hearing this over and over... what do you snack on ??

Well - I snack on fruit. A lot. And vege sticks. And the odd skinny cappucino. (OK more than odd!)

However when people ask me this question I think they mean more pre packed convenience type food ... so here are some of my faves! Hope there is something here you will enjoy! I think most of them are under the 100cal mark (or pretty close) cause I like to have 3x100cal snacks a day instead of 2x150. Just works better for me.

#1 Craving something cold? Something sweet? Frozen berries are incredible! They are sweet enough to take the craving away - and full of antioxidants! Also try freezing bananas and eating them frozen (I have half at a time) ... they taste like icecream!

#2 Protein. Especially after a hard workout day. This is quick, easy and full of protein and fibre. (and we need fibre!) Baked beans in the small snack can. I just eat them cold. They are so filling. Get the lowest salt ones you can.

#3 - OK not low in salt. These are my stand by for PMS time when I crave something salty. Roasted chickpeas aka chicknuts. Find them in your health food aisle! Fibre, protein and yum!

#4 My nightly treat. Every night I have a Jarrah Hot chocolate. Under 50 calories and YUM! My little bit of luxury for the day :)

#6 - We have chooks so we have an abundance of eggs. Boil some eggs and have them with salad, or for a snack. So good for you. And protein to help your muscles repair.

#7 - I wanted a muesli bar to keep in my handbag. These are the best I could find at around 100cal per serve, LOTS of fibre, and yummy!

#8 These are my favourite yogurts. Maybe it is a marketing ploy but with the extra fibre I do find them more filling. Since I struggle with my dairy I try to have these from time to time.

There you go ... the snack ideas I actually have in my house right now. I'll post more as I think of them! Hope they help!


  1. I tend to just snack on fruit & vege sticks as well. The Body Wise muesli bars are nice for a 'treat' though!

  2. Oh my goodness, baked beans, what a wonderful idea.. they'd be great for morning pre work, work outs. Going on the list :)

  3. Thank you! I love baked beans so I do have them but the other stuff I hadn't thought of so thanks for sharing :)