Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some days you just are awesome.

Take Tuesday.

Tuesdays is not my normal pt session.

But considering my PT's partner gave birth to a gorgeous girl in the early hours of Thursday morning, there is no way I was letting him train me.

(he would have tho!)

So Tuesday - we made up a session. And I was awesome ;)

It was interesting in a way. My sessions are normally Thursdays. I spend all day getting myself mentally ready. It is always hard. I go in ready to train hard, to be strong, to win.

Tuesday I had little notice - and I was worried my mind wouldn't go where my body needed it to be.

But from the minute I walked into the gym - I knew it would be an awesome session.

One hour.

Cross trainer.

Cable row.

Leg press.

That's it.

One hour.

Three pieces of equipment

Drop sets.

It might have been simple - but it was not easy.

We went heavy.

Lots of dropsets. Eccentric holds. Pulses.

Short breaks.

And heavy.

Over 200 reps on the two weights machines including finishing each round with 50 reps at a lighter weight once my muscles were well and truely fatigued.

I had sweat shining off my skin from the very beginning.

My crowning glory - as heavy as possible. AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

I leg pressed 280kg. 11 reps.

I amazed myself!

That night - I felt all kinds of awesome!

There's gonna be some blogging today ...

Sorry the blog has been quiet.

I've had some flat days.

And some busy days.

And some stinking crazy totally flat out days!

I've done some fun things!

I have lots to share - including a new blog challenge!

Today I've trained early. I've even done my tax (lucky - it's due today!)

In between some VERY needed house cleaning - today I blog!

I hadn't gone anywhere ... I just needed some blogging space to recharge.

Thanks for waiting on me


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things i never thought i would do...

1. Spiderman pushups
2. Leg press challenge. Heavy as possible. AMRAP ( as many reps as possible!)
Let's just say 280kg!!! 11reps!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You've got this. I've got this.

Source :
This previous week has not been my best.
I've let myself down.

This is a reminder to me.
Don't lose faith.
You've got this.

I know what to do and I'm doing it.

I'll get there again

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogging Challenge #5! ALL kinds of AWESOME

Sorry this week's challenge is delayed.

I had it ready on time.

I really did.

But that challenge did not feel right for this week.

It didn't feel right for a week where we are halfway.

I didn't feel right for a week where I see people celebrating how far they have come ... but maybe worrying about how far they have to go to.

That challenge was deep. It relied on you looking into your past.

I didn't want that this week.

So ... since it's my blog ... I changed it!

Here it is!!


Yes I am!

I posted that on twitter this week.
"Did you know I'm all kinds of awesome? It's taken me all of my 37 years to realise it ... but I AM"

And guess what - no matter what you are physically - YOU ARE ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!

This week I want us to celebrate that.

Make me a list of your awesomeness.

Are you running? Can you sing? Are you a great mother? Are you the friend who never ever forgets a friends birthday? Do you make killer birthday cakes?

12wbt is about health and fitness - yes. But it is also about being the best version of you.

And that does not just mean skinny.

How are you awesome??

I am so excited to find out!

Don't forget ...




Today is my rest day

This week I KNOW I have earned it.

Time to rest, heal and let my body recover

I have big big plans for next week



Wanna know a secret?
Until yesterday I was terrified of spin.
I've seen people do that class before - they look like they've been through the ringer!
And it's something about the bikes ... they terrified me.

But ... my motto this round was doing things that scare me ... and what better way to conquer a fear of spin... than a SPINATHON!

This spinathon was special to me. Back in July a dear friend passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, and in our eyes - before his time.
He was fit. Only 59. And about to ride a 300k bikeride to raise money for childhood cancer.
He had decided he wanted to raise the most money ever - and when the ride came, and a teammate rode for him in his honour, $14,700 had been raised.

His wife, and dear friends did not want to leave it at that. $300 short of $15k? The job couldn't be left unfinished.

And so the spinathon was set.
4 classes. The gym donated the bikes and the premises.
4 instructors donated their time.

And it was a full house. Every bike was used. Some people even rowed a spin class!
This was not a time for sorrow.
This was time to celebrate a life - and a man's joy in being fit.
And to finish the job!

Paul started the spinathon for our family, as Miss 6 had to sing in the school choir. As a cyclist he brought HIS bike of course - freeing another up! And as soon as we arrived, Miss 6 hopped on a kids size bike and started peddling!

Class two and four were mine. While hubby peddled in class 3, I kept moving and rowed the third spin class. I have some callouses to be proud of!

I LOVE this photo of me! Yes it's blurry - but look! I see a fit, young, happy woman who can do ANYTHING she wants! It makes me realise I've got to where I set out to be and MORE!

Two full spin classes and one rowed ....I felt like a hot dripping mess and I was sure I'd bruised my behind! 1300 plus calories burned. Legs on fire ...and full of JOY! So glad that 12wbt has giventhe ower to support this man's wife in whatever way she chooses to honour him. She rode four classes. Because of 12wbt there was no thought - just YES! We will be there!

But i my mind - my girl was the hero of the day! On a Gecko's bike she rode part of the first two classes.
And the third class in it's entirity.

She would stand when we stood - race when we did.

She had a ball.

I tried to get her off it - no way was she budging!

Definately all kinds of awesome!

Friday, October 14, 2011

My week 5 photo collage

Week 5's challenge was to present a photo montage of our journey.

It was hard.

How do you put a year and a life changed in one photo?

How do I show that my girl now lives a healthy life cause this is all she shows?

How do I show my strength

Or my hunger to achieve

Or my pt bruises

How do I show that my family now lives this life together?

How do I show how HOT and awesome I feel?

How do I show that I can run jump skip spin ... DO ANYTHING?!

This is my attempt. It falls so short. But I tried

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding the gaps

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My nutrition is pretty good. At least I think so. I eat well. I eat whole foods. I focus on foods that will nourish my body.

But right now - my weight loss is sllloooooooow , (if at all!)

I'm training hard. Really hard. I currently have bruises from yesterday's PT.

Which means- somewhere - somehow things have been slipping into my diet that should't have .

I love the above quote. Your body keeps an accurate food journal regardless of what you write down.

It is so so true.

Weight loss cannot happen if your diet is wrong. You cannot outtrain bad food choices.

So I'm going back to basics.
I know where the extras are slipping in - late afternoon and evening snacks.

I've been "guessing" the damage - but now it's time to change my guesses into accurate figures.

I've started tracking again - with myfitnesspal.

Anyone else joining me?

I'll be interested to see how the scales reflect my honesty this week

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PT challenge - SMASHED!!

(source -

So - I told my PT to set me a challenge.
Actually- what happened was I turned up to last weeks pt and said "I felt GREAT after PT last week - so good I went for a run!"
He didn't like that. The challenge was set.

Got a text early this morning bringing challenge time forward to 1030 this morning. Happy me! I was pumped! I didn't want to wait.

Arrived at the gym early, and warmed up. I didn't want to waste time today in my session warming up. I was ready for fun!

Here's how it went down.

1. Go to weights rack. Pick up 2.5kg dumbbells. Go to stairs. Run down stairs and back.
Pick up 5kgs. Continue as before. Repeat for 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15k dumbbells.
For the 17.5 and 20kg I only had to get as far as the stairs. Mercifully.

2. Repeat 1. but in reverse. 20kg, 17.5kg. 15kg. 12.5 kg. 10kg. 7.5 kg. 5 kg. 2.5kg.

3. When you get back to 2.5kg dumbbells continue down stairs, out door and run around the block . Return to gym, up stairs and weights back.

4. "Situp circus" Working in pair with PT, ankles hooked around each other, throwing medicine ball to PT on "up " of situp, catching on "down". Repeat till 100. He only counts the good ones. Cause he sucks like that.

5. 10 aerobic steps laid in a line across floor. Walking pushups down length (AND BACK) - one hand up - one hand on ground.

6. Same line of steps. Tricep crabwalks. Up and back.

7. Drop to ground. 1 pushup. Run length of aerobics floor and back. Drop. 2 pushups. Run. Continue to 5.

6. 5 squat jumps. Run. 4 Squat jumps. Run. Repeat till one. If he catches you at end you're back to 5.

7. 30 Kettle bell squats. Run stairs . Repeat squats and stairs x stairruns 5 times

8. Discover heart rate is 170. Do a few stair sprints to try to hit 180. Max at 175.

9. 1 minute plank.

10. Stretch.

I think that's everything! If I missed something I'll update it as I remember!

I felt awesome! There wasn't a moment I felt like giving up! Honestly - I wanted to keep going.

Kath 1: PT 0

Ready for the next challenge!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting uncomfortable.

Lean and strong triceps and back
New release of group power.

Shoulders are burning already!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 1. Week 5. Lean and strong

This week we move into training a specific body part each day. Day 1 for me was chest and biceps ... I think one of my weakest areas.

Can I say .. dropsets are pure evil! Talk about BURN!
I really struggled this session. It felt hard. I felt weak. And soooo many pushups!
But I did it. Maybe not with the best form - but I did it.

Followed up by groupstep
It's release week at my gym! I love getting the new releases - but geez I felt unco-ordinated!
Sweated up a storm though!

Pushup track HURT though after weights training ... I guess I didn't think that through.

I love the new BTS posters.
I want to be the athlete I have dreamed of.
Right there.
That's the plan!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lean and strong. The first four weeks. Wrap up.

Today marks the end of the first four weeks lean and strong.

It's been an experience.
For me - it's been a totally different mindset - and a real case of having to trust the program and hope it works.

Well - four weeks in, it seems to be working just fine ;)

It was a real mental challenge to turn my focus from cardio - to weights. Especially as I still have weigh to lose. To fit in all the workouts I have had to let my running drop right back. If I run once or twice a week I'm doing well.

At week four I have lost close to 2kg. I have lost 15cm off my body.

I certainly am stronger. My wallsit is up 45 sec to 4 minutes ... and I could have kept going but decided to stop to protect my knee.

Visually, I must have changed. Three different gym instructors have told me how great I'm looking.

Even though I haven't been running much, my runs are stronger dropping around 20sec/km off my average pace

I am stronger physically. Heavy things are fun!

And mentally. My pt sets me some crazy things. I haven't said no yet.

My training is more regular. I seem more dedicated to turn up to my strength workouts.

My muscles are growing. I can see those baby biceps forming.

And DOMS is a constant force in my life.

I'm certainly hungrier. I really have to watch my food. Plan my snacks. Get that protein in.

In classes I am more focussed on form. My pushups, crunches, planks are getting done more correctly.

My ab strength is still poor. But it is growing.

And my flexibility is rotten. As always. But I'm working on it.

I am smaller. My clothes are growing again.

And I am happy. I am loving this. And it feels so sustainable.

At week 4 I am excited. Two weeks ago I wanted to switch to lean and fit. Now I can't wait for week 12.

Bringit on baby!

Blog challenge #4

I saw this on and loved it.
We all know what our Mish thinks of motivation!

4 week ago - or 4 rounds ago - or whenever our journey began- motivation may have been what inspired us to kick off! But now - the gloss may have worn off just a little bit.
The eating, the training, the mindset work we do - we do it because it is what we need to succeed. Not because it's some great new fun sparkly thing!

What I want you to do this week is reflect. Remember who you were. Celebrate who you are. You ARE a success.
You may have come a little way, or a long way ... but I've bet you've changed.

So here we go!

1. Describe in 25 words or less (why is it always 25 words) the you that you were before 12wbt
2. Now - who are you now??
3. What has the hardest been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?
4. What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?
5. How has your body changed THIS ROUND?
6. How has your mindset changed this round?
7. Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."
8. Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ...."
9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ...."
10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?

Don't forget to link your blog below! And if you get time - please visit another blog or two and leave a comment!

Today's challenge. The 99

Today is Sunday. But today is not my rest day.
I'm about to go onto late earlies for work - and just in case fatigue hits me bad tomorrow I wanted to know I've done SOMETHING today. Preparing for a possible red flad I guess you would say.

I'm home with Miss 6 tho - so a run is out of the question. And after yesterday's AMRAP session I wanted to wait a day before hitting the weights again.

I found this challenge on

I substituted the leg lifts and alternated with squats with weights, kettle bell swings, and kettle bell squats dropping the bell to the floor and thrusting above head for variety.
And since I couldn't run that meant 11 min of fast step running, skipping and plyometrics to get the heart rate up.

Speaking of - my HRM isn't working. Going to wash the strap and see if that helps.

Anyway - it was a fun challenge. Miss 6 played outside while I did it (which was the aim!) and I know I've moved today!
Took just on the hour!

Are you up for it?

Week three blogging challenge - MY RESPONSE - FIND THE JOY!

Why am I always the last to respond to my own challenges?

This week I challenged bloggers to find the JOY! Especially the non food related joy!
Here are just a FEW of the things that bring me joy!

My family - especially my girl. Children don't come easily to everyone. She is a bigger miracle than we ever knew. I love and adore her -and her cheeky attitude to life! But what I really love is her JOY for health and fitness! Maybe, just maybe - she won't need to struggle like I have.

And my dog! He's an old dog. He saw me through a pretty rough time as a puppy. At times we still see that puppy in him. He's always up for cuddles and snuggles.

Feeling strong. I always loved cardio. I had no idea how incredible feeling strong would make me feel. I am learning to love to lift heavy - and see my body respond.

My man. Not only do I have the best husband in the world, and the most supportive one ... but how cool is it to finally be doing all these fun fitness things together! I finally get why he loved it! It doesn't happen often, but every time we get to run together brings me JOY!

My parents. No pic. They would hate that. But they love and support me in everything. They taught me to be strong. They listen to me talk over and over about what I am doing. They taught me how important family is ... They are my rocks.

The freedom of RUNNING. I never ever thought I would be a runner. No I am. I have the power to run till my heart is free! Adore!

PT time. I love being pushed, and the unpredictability of it. I love being suprised. And I love not giving in no matter what he throws at me.

My work. OK - I get sick of it like any other job. But I am So glad I made the change to nursing. I don't know if it's my forever career but I love it.

My twitter family. Instant support. All the time. They rock.

Blogging. I still have no idea why people read my blog - but I'm glad they do ! I love to share my adventures! Plus it's cheap therapy.

Music! Especially live music!!

Coffee! I love my coffee! (too much!)

Rare dates with my husband. We have no babysitter in our home town - and when we go away it's normally with a purpose - so those rare nights out together are special.

Oh - and it's totally shallow - but I love my Lorna Jane. I choose my singlet to match the attitude I need to bring. Awesome

Too many things bring me joy! But this is a pretty good start!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4 Mini milestone! AMRAPS

Week four of this round of 12wbt!
I can't believe how quickly it has gone!
By far - training wise especially this has been my most consistent round.
Weight loss is slow - but it is steady.
Measurements suprised me - definately dropping.
And people are noticing the changes - especially the trainers at my gym.
Lean and strong has me excited!

Today is mini milestone day. Normally I just go for a run. A big one.
Today I actually followed the challenge set for us by Michelle Bridges - the lean and strong AMRAP challenge
Oh. my.
It was tough.

Because time was limited I ran to the gym. It wasn't far - just 3km. But I pushed my pace and on muggy day I was feeling well and truly warm by the time I got to the gym.

And then I hit the weights room. Challenge time.
A full weights workout. Pyramid sets. Super sets.
And at the end of each exercise add in one extra set. Heavier than ever before. As many reps as possible (AMRAP)

It was hard.
I am awesome ;)

I must admit - on the leg press I didn't go heavier than before. Without someone to spot me I wasn't happy to go over the 160kg pb I've done before.

What I learned is that I am stronger than I knew.
ESPECIALLY in the legs.
My legs don't seem to struggle at all.
Maybe that running paid off.

And if anyone doesn't think you burn calories in weights training they are wrong

Halfway through I thought I was going to die.
What the heck was Michelle thinking?

At the end ... post stretch...

I felt like a rockstar.

Challenge accepted ... and smashed ...
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Red Flag. Bull.

PT on Thursday was awesome

Even though I'd worked all day my head was just in the right place. I was STRONG

Here's how it happened. Once again - with a few exceptions, no weights listed. I don't look at them. He sets them I do them. That way my head doesn't get in the way.

Warm up ... Rower 1km max resistance.

Leg press.

Chest press.
20 incline pushups
Chest press (heavier)
30 incline pushups

Cable row. 12 reps
Cable row. Heavier. 20 reps.

Russian twist on bench with unstable bar.

Russian twist with 7.5 kg dumbell on fitball
Straight arm overhead triceps with dumbbell on fitball.

Ab work. Still hurts like hell but WAY beter than last week. I think I even suprised the PT!

Latpull down 50kg x15 , 40 pulsing x20 , 30 pulsing x15
50 pulses at 50 kg. (OW!)

A little game he calls the "Sit up circus" with 5kg medicine ball.


I think however, I may have made a mistake. I kinda sort of told him that after pt last week I felt so great I went for a run. (whoops)
And then after pt this week I did a 4min wall sit and smashed a previous pb (more whoops)

It's like a red flag to a bull

When I hit the gym the next day he said "what are you doing here? you shouldn't be walking!"
Doms are yet to set in ;)

So there is a challenge set. Next week I think I'm in for pain.

Bring. it. on.

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Saw this before PT today.
This is inspiration.

Take out the soccer - and prety much everything in here I want to be able to do.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yesterday I trained. Today I rested.

I'm learning about balance.

Balancing my training, with rest.

Yesterday I absolutely smashed it. One hour of step, then lean and stronh weights.

I worked HARD and I'm feeling the doms today!

Today, was my core day. I walked with my girl, and did pilates.
I felt it. And i stretched. And i feel taller.

In the past I have focussed on cardio, at the expense of strength, core and flex.

No more.
This is for life. And my body needs me to let it be balanced in all hours of fitness.

I really regret ignoring core and flex. Other areas of my fitness are now suffering because of it. Heed my warning ... ALL areas of fitness are important! Train in balance!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Where I need to be

(source -
For some reason, I still feel out of my depth at times in the "boys" weight room where the heavy things are. It's not only the blokes - I just feel like people are looking at me and thinking I don' t know what I'm doing. (which sometimes I don't)

The thing is - I need that area to meet my goals - so I have to get over this.

SO - that quote up there - that is my new goal!
I've worked out the problem - it is worse when I really DON'T know what I'm doing!
SO that's easily fixed.
I will not step into that gym without a plan for what I am training, how I will do that, what equipment I need and how it works.
I will do my workout in my head and on paper first.
Then I will go in and train like I belong there.
Cause I do

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow I may not be able to move.

Miss 6 had her kids class at the gym today.
So I took the time and smashed up legs for lean and strong.
Once or twice I thought "I'll leave that and do it at home" when I saw the meatheads at the gym ...but I decided I deserved to be there and SMASHED it out. Every time you overcome a fear - that fear holds less power over you.

I loved today's workout. It was heavy. Lots of pyramid sets. But it made me feel STRONG.

Then ... a miracle (in our house) happened. Hubby finished work dead on time - and I was able to drop Miss 6 with him and head back for group power (the BTS version of pump).

I thought I'd go light. I mean let's face it - I'd just smashed my legs.
I didn't.
I went heavy and maxed EVERY track. For the first time ever I did the entire bicep track with 5kg plates on the bar.
And I am sore already. That delicious ache that means you trained HARD.

Finished the night off with zumba. Normally zumba after power means no doms the next day. Don't think it will work this time.

I. Feel. Awesome.

Remind me of that fact tomorrow.
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Yep. Nothing more to say.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Woman of my word.

I had to run today. It had been too long since a decent one. I knew my body needed it. My mind did too.

But it was COLD. And by cold I mean ICY and headwinds!
So - I did what I do - and put a shout out to the twitterverse for a bit of "harden up princess" butt kicking. Thing is - Mish saw it, and kicked my butt she did.

And this is the flipside.
A photo of a woman of her word. No excuses. 10km done. In the beginning it felt great. In the end, that headwind had me swearing every step of the last k.

And here is the funny bit.
When I left I was i such a hurry to get out there and RUN that I forgot to change my socks!
I ran 10km in my bedsocks!
No wonder my feet hurt!

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Round three blogging challenge WK 3! FIND THE JOY!

Have I told you this week was tough yet? About a million times? Yep sorry about that.

It got me thinking though ... as was struggling to smile, and to find my joy again, I really had to fight old habits. No matter how sad I was, my JOY was not going to be found again in food. No way. No how.

And Im sure I'm not the only one to have used food in the past to cope with sad or stressful situations. Chocolate? Wine? Carbs? What's your poison?

So this week's blogging challenge is to FIND YOUR JOY!

Make me a list.

Or as my Gran used to say - count your blessings - every one.

Make me a list of all the NON FOOD self nurturing things that bring you joy. Count your blessings.

Then print it out.

When times are tough try turning to it.

Let's get the joy going around!

And don't forget to link your blog here!

Links to previous challenges and responses are! Never too late to join in. Just jump in where you are!

Wk 2 blog challenge - a picture of health - my response

Here is the thing - when I set this week's blog challenge here I had in my mind the response I wanted to give. I thought I'd made it easy on myself.

So wrong.

As I've said a few times, life threw me a curveball this week (twice really) which changed my answer made me question my body and my "health" and made me think a lot harder than I wanted to!

Before I answer - I do want to say the responses this week are awesome! Thought provoking.

One thing I know, working as a nurse, ... I know what health is not.
Health is not obesity related illness. It is not lying in a bed on a heart monitor, watching a family cry as they see the results of a stroke in a loved one, chronic leg ulcers, loss of vision from diabetes, being physically unable to walk, mobilise and move in bed.

But there is more than that. Health encompasses the physical - yes. It is not being ill - obviously. But it also encompasses the emotional, the spiritual, our relationships - our lives.

For me - right now - health is being ENOUGH

For me health is being
STRONG ENOUGH to lift, to push, to carry, to dig, to do what needs to be done in my work, my home, and fun without having to injure my body or ask for help.
It also means (and has meant) - that in an emergency I am STRONG ENOUGH to give the best version of me to those in need, and know my body will not let me down.

It is being
FIT ENOUGH To run, to jump, to cycle, to LIVE. Knowing that my body will not let me down and I can live life LOUD. It means I can work, train, and parent - and have the energy to get through the day ... and then rest and rest well.

It is being
POSITIVE ENOUGH It is having that joy for life - to be able to go through the day with a smile and a spring in my step. Yes life will have times of sadness, anger, frustration and grief ... but for JOY to be my overwhelming emotion.

It is being
PRESENT ENOUGH It is being part of the lives of those I love. Supporting them and letting them support me. And being involved with them. Not just on the fringe of their lives.

It is being
WELL ENOUGH Sometimes you will get sick - but it is about being well most of the time - able to rest when needed, and recover quickly and get on with life. It is an absence of chronic illness and the health to live life to the fullest

It is being
RESILIENT ENOUGH When life knocks you for six, (as it will) it is about being able to cry, yell, get the anger and grief out, and then in time bounce back. It is being knocked down 7 times and getting up 8, and having the emotional ability to do so. It is about bouncing back.

It is being
AT PEACE ENOUGH Taking time to breathe. To pray. To meditate. To rest. Just to be. Life cannot always be run at full bolt. It is about time to sleep, to find your spiritual self, to rejuvinate.

So there we go. My picture of health. Less of a definition. More of a description. But that's just how I write.

Now to get out there and make sure I am living it!

Did a little shopping today ;)

To think i used to waste my money on makeup, jewellry and heels!

A freak storm put paid to today's run. But i got to play with my new toys and arms are officially smashed!


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