Sunday, September 30, 2012

October! It's on!!

October 1.
Time to get serious.

This isn't about weight loss (well it is - but that's not the centre of it)
This isn't about a dress size.

This is about being free.

It's about taking the actions, to help me live the life I want to live.

And it starts with seriousness today.

Goals for October
1. Train 5 sessions a week - with at least one Super Session that tests me.

2. Focus on nutrition. This is the one thing, with preparation I can control completely. Even if baby gives me no time to train, I can focus on what goes into my mouth. And it is the one thing that will make the biggest difference.

3. Limit my computer time, so I am actively present with my children when they are awake, and so that I get things done
4. Run a 2.5k river loop by the end of October (albeit slowly)
5. Lose 4kg

Small goals. Achievable. If I am persistant and if I am flexible.

Today is day 1. Nutrition is sound, and a return to bootcamp is planned. Bring. It. On.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all!

It's been a while! Guess I've had a few things going on ... it's hard to find your awesome when you are engulfed in newborn babyland.

And you know what? That's as it should be. They are so little for just a short short time. My baby is 5kg already! Growing fast!

But slowly the fog is rising. Our girls (both of them -oh how I love to say I am a mum of DAUGHTERS) are doing beautifully. Miss 7 truly has been a gift and I am madly in love with her AND her baby sister! I am starting to feel like we've got this, and it's time to start to find me.

And it's time to write again. And train. And find the joy.

I've taken time to heal - after pregnancy and the c-section this was a necessity. And I've got good people surrounding me, and lots of good advice on what to do.

Now it is time to feel like me again.

It will be different. There is no way I can commit to hours at the gym, or fixed times for sessions. Heck right now I'll be lucky some days if I see the gym at all!

A good 9 mths ago - Emma from Emazon gave me the key. She told me back that - that fluidity would be the word for where I am right now. And boy is she right.

I don't have the luxury of a gym with a creche, or someone to come and sit with my girl while I train. And her routine (if there is one) will change day by day. That is the way of a newborn.

But what I do have is knowledge. I've travelled this journey with commitment in the past, and I have learned what I need to do.

I know how to train. I know what my body needs. I know my technique and how to make it fun. I know what I love to do - what brings me joy.

I have a 24 hour gym at my disposal (not that I will use it odd hours - rest is important too).
I have enough weights here to lift and lift heavy!
I have my body weight - and an aresenal of ways to train using only that.
I have a husband who will do what he can to make it happen.
My pt who is there ready to support me till I'm back to sessions with him
A facebook and twitter family who rock!
And I have me. We are not designed to be big inactive lumps of lard. Our bodies are programmed to be strong. To be tested. To endure. My body wants to train, it loves to eat healthy, it wants to be strong ... and that is what will bring me the win!

And so I trained.

Today I escaped babyland. For an hour Paul watched the girls and I hit the gym.
It was EMPTY (with the exception of the pilates class)! How wrong is that?!

9 am on a Saturday morning ... and the gym was my playground! (AWESOME - but WHERE WERE you people!)

However it was awesome!

I got on those treadmills and nailed out some walk/run intervals (testing my body before I start running again), and then I hit the weights hard. I didn't lift as heavy, but I lifted with form, with no mucking about, with focus and intensity. Making the most of the hour I had.

I was me.

So I'm back.

Don't expect perfection. I don't believe in it. My life certainly doesn't allow it.

Just expect me. Doing the best I can.

I've got me some goals to meet!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My little distraction ...

I honestly thought I had typed this post. Such is the memory of a new mama!

And then ... well then I got a little busy.

A little distracted. And with good reason.

To all those who have followed my journey - wished us luck, prayed and hoped with us ...
our little miracle is here.

Welcome Fighter Babe earthside!

A beautiful girl - born a trifle early at 37 wks 3 days and tiny at 6lb 5oz.

And she has worked her way into our hearts already.

I was blessed with a good pregnancy - and managed to stay active right till the end. In fact, in the afternoon before my waters broke I was down at the river walking.

My body has changed. Of course. I have some weight to lose. Of course. And 12wbt  will help me with that.

I'm glad to know it's there.

But right now we are taking the weightloss slowly. I have the birth to recover from, and this gorgeous little person to soak up. I've waited a long time for newborn cuddles. I'm going to get my fill of them xx