Saturday, February 5, 2011

My commitment. My handshake. Preseason task #5

Is your word good? Are you a woman ( or man) of your word?

This is what we are asked in preseason task #5

In this preseason task Mish asks us to stand up and make our commitment. A commitment to her. To our family and friends. To our team mates. And to ourselves. Most importantly to ourselves.

I have done the challenge before. I know that mish gives us her hand on her heart, word is her bond commitment that she will be there for us. That her programs will get results. That If we do the work, embrace the mindset lessons, and follow the program we WILL get the results she promises!

And now she asks the same level of commitment from us.

So to Mish, and to my husband, my daughter, my family and my friends ... This is my hand on my heart commitment to you.

I promise you that I am in this challenge for life ... For my life. I am in this challenge so not only I will have the health for a long, healthy life (God willing) but that i will have the health, the energy and and the strength to live my life with vitality and joy. My life with you all is amazing! I am blessed with the best parents, a loving family and friends who bring me joy. I am going to be the best I can be guys. Cause I know that my health and my energy affects you all. And I want you to smile when you think of me. Not to worry.

To Paul and Miss E. Our lives are about to get extraordinary. I already love how the 12wbt has changed our family. We are now active for fun. And mummy takes part. Which makes it amazing. Already we bike and swim and play. But wait till you see the plans I have for you guys. We have some fun things ahead!

And to Mish. You wrote this program. You put your heart into it. I am going to honour the work you have done and the love you give us by being one of your best advertisments. We are going to rock this round!

In concrete terms
This round I commit to

Filling my body with life nurturing whole foods. I am going to follow the menu plans. Eat wholesome snacks and eat consciously. Food is fuel.

I am going to train like a woman possessed. Train as if Mish is there beside me , egging me on. I want to see how fast, how strong how long I can go. I am going to follow the training plans. Work my butt off. And be the woman I know is inside.

I am going to work the mindset videos. There is so much wisdom here. So many lessons I have learnt - and so many I still need to work on. Watch me. I'm there. I am not going to miss one. I will repeat them until they are natural as breathing.

I am going to embrace the 12 weeks. There will not be a challenge that I do not attempt. There will not be a fitness test where I do not give it my all. Mini milestones? SSS? I'm there.

I am going to embrace life. If fear is holding me back I am going to jump over the edge and see what it is like to fly.

I am not going to let my weight, my fitness, my ability levels, my health, my history of infertility define me. The old me is just there to show me how far I have come from. I am going to live these 12 weeks to prove what I can achieve.

This is my promise, my handshake to you.

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