Saturday, April 30, 2011

Out with the old ...

Size 14-20 gone!!

Now I really need to make this for life! ( and I really need to buy some winter basics!!)

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Friday, April 29, 2011


Thank you for all the links to your amazing blogs!! I will try and add them all tomorrow! Keep leaving me your blog links in the comments! I'm happy to add more!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog list updates

Later today I will update my list of 12wbt blogs on the sidebar on the right. If you would like your blog featured just leave the address in the comments!

I find it really handy to see which blogs have been updated at a glance!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leave it on the road...

I was bemoaning on twitter today that i had a crud run today. It just felt wrong ... And i ended up walking in the end.

An incredible 12wbter on twitter who inspires me and gives me amazing support said something in encouragement to me today. They were words That rang really true with me.

" wish every run was a good one but they're not. Be happy for the good ones and leave the bad ones out on the road"

Thanks kerrie! Im going to stop beating myself up and try to take those words to heart!


Monday, April 25, 2011

A better day. :)

Look what God sent me on my run today!

Today i ran because i could. Today I ran in honour of our Anzacs ...who fought to keep our land safe and free.
Because of them i can go running and not worry about soldiers, or being judged as a woman running. Because of them the freedom i feel when i am running is TRUE freedom ... And what better way to honour them, than relishing in that freedom.

And i got my 8k in. With mother's day classic two weeks away it felt good to know i could go the distance. Even with a stinking headwind!

And it felt great to finish at the river for a play at the parknwith my girl. Hot and red and sweaty.

Starting to get cold when you stop tho! Might be time to work on some winter running gear!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful run

It was beautiful in that I ran at the coast. And the weather was perfect.

And that I was sooo sooo happy that I actually WAS running that I ran my 5k with an absolute smile on my face! I looked like the cat that caught the canary! A big fat chesire cat grin!

But check it out. It was also a horrid slow run. 7min/km. Stupid slow. Of course part of that is I ran some of the run on the sand ... and it IS harder (for me anyway) but it still leads me to question my times.

You see, I really am no getting a lot faster. When my avg HR on a run is 146ish bpm ... it makes me question. Am I slow because I am a beginner runner and that is how I run? Or is it that I don't push myself? That I take the easy way out? Is this another mental game I need to overcome?

I wish I knew. My husband is a runner - but he doesn't think of all this. He's a bit of a greyhound. And this all comes naturally to him. He doesn't question and analyse like I do.

Does anyone have any advise? Should I be pushing things harder some runs?

Or can I just run for the sheer joy of it for a while??



Today I swam with my girl in the surf.

It might not seem like much to you but I have never done that. Normally I sit on the beach to avoid wearing swimmers.

Today I felt full of life. I ran, played soccer, chased waves and played catch.

Today I got to be the fun mummy!!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Extraordinary me!

Our week 9 task!~ ! I loved creatig this video! Look how far I have come!


if you follow my journey here ... what song do you think best speaks to the journey I have been on?

I'm trying to complete my week 9 video montage and the only thing harder than cutting it to 3 minutes is choosing a song!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weigh in wednesday

I had an awesome week this week. My head was right where it should be. I ate clean, including my first accelerator day.

I trained hard ... A lng long run, boxing class, heavy cardio, step ... But still had a rest day in there for my body.

I even balanced it with a night out with my husband!

And i was rewarded! Happy scales day indeed! 1.5 kg off which is HUGE at this stage of the game!

So now i have lost 8kg at the week 9 weigh in of this round ... 25.9kg in total. And i am sooooo close to being HEALTHY!!

Happy day!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The night i realised it's ok to be fussy!

My husband is coeliac. To protect his health when we eat out we ask a million questions. We speak to the chef if we have to. We get them to change meals. And we don't settle for good enough.

On Tuesday night we had a rare child free night together. We went out to dinner. You know ... Like a date! I had forgotten what that was like.

It was a wonderful evening. Not just because i got to spend time with my man ... But i learnt a lesson finally.

Just because i am not coeliac like him, does not mean i need to settle for "good enough". I can be fussy. I can expect to get a meal that is delicious ... And i will enjoy ... Without feeling guilty. After all ... Im paying for a service...

And it was wonderful. Thai noodle salad, without the noodles... Sauce on the side ... And can you add grilled prawns please?

Delicious! Tasty! And eatng out without guilt.

How empowering is that!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

4 weeks to go and going to BRING IT HOME!

Four weeks to go! Can you believe it? Four weeks until finale!!

Now is when i have a choice. I have achieved so much already. I feel so strong. So healthy. So full of life,

I can potter on ... And head gently to finale ... Or i can give this thing my all.

With four weeks to go ... Who knows what i can achieve??

Four weeks.

Four weeks of super tight nutrition.

Four weeks of going hard. Four weeks prioritising my health for now and for my future. Four weeks to be the very very best me i can be.

Nutrition is set. Organised. Clean simple eating.

Workouts are booked in.

Ready to smash it up. Step it up a notch.

Four more weeks to feel awesome!!!

Who's in? The best me i can be??

Tomorrow's plan ... Pt at lunch. Then group power and zumba. That better be 1000+ calories gone or else.

Tuesday i work. Then step and boxing.

Wednesday work, and a run.

Thursday group power and step.

Running friday.

Run + smash it up in gym sat.

The next few days are looking exciting! Cant wait!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It didn't feel great

But it felt so good to get it done!

Only downside ... 8 k only burned 500cal ... Geez it's getting hard to burn these calories now ...

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More photos from the Triumph Triaction training with Mish!

Still an awesome awesome day!

Crazy comparison time!!

4 weeks to go. To me that means ... time to reflect.

When I began this journey it was September 2010. This is my second round of 12wbt. I can honestly say 12wbt has changed my life

I began at a size 18-20. Today as I stand I am a size 10-12! Amazing!

I was morbidly obese ... now I am within 3 kg of being healthy!

I didn't like to try new things or go places. Now I am trying ANYTHING I can! I even flew to Sydney just to train with Michelle!

I had a bmi of 35.5. Now I am down to 26.4 and dropping all the time.

I used to think a 20 min walk was exercise. Now I can run. I can lift heavy weight. I have the strength and energy to do my job well and safely.

I used to have insomnia. Now I sleep all night every night.

My BP was 165/95. Scarey high. Now it is down to 110/65/. Healthy!

I was terrified of being diabetic. And I reckon I was close.

I had no energy. I was sad. I felt so self conscious.

Now I am looking for a party dress that will ROCK and I am ready to CELEBRATE!

Even the 8 weeks so far of this round have blown me away! After losing most of my weight last round and in the offseason I was worried I would not see changes.

But I have. I feel fit. I feel strong. And I reckon I look it too!

I have a personal trainer! I love her. She is crazy. But she won't accept my limits that I put on me!

I can run!
I love to run! (some days!)

I am an exerciser. I know that is what my body needs and craves. I don't always want to but I do it!

No longer do I hide my problems with food. I fix them. And if I am stressed I hit the gym. It works!

4 more weeks of this round. I am so stinking excited!

I am ready to go hard. Go to the end. And then book some serious pampering!

I deserve it!

Triathlon week!

This week is triathlon week at 12wbt!

But really it's not about becoming some crazy obsessed triathlete ... Its about showing yourself just how far you've come ... And i think a kick to give you that fire in the belly to run towards the finish.

Last round i just didnt do it. Not this round. I am not letting perfectionism get in my way.

I really wanted to do the traditional tri ... Swim, bike, run

But i am worried. I have to work this weekend and im scared excuses will get in the way.

So to make sure it gets done i am going to attack the gym tri tomorrow night. 3000m row. 25k bike. 6 k run.

If i get enough light i will run on the road to the gym ... So i can do at least that part out doors.

Im excited. Ready to smash it.

And onthe weekend i am going to try and do the cycle on the road ... Just to show i can

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's here! No turning back now!

My mother's day classic race number, timing chip and participant's info!

Bring on the 8k!

I am running for those who can't.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I never even believed this was possible...

I tried this on just for a laugh ... found it in the cupboard. I was watching the Biggest Loser transformations special and saw Lisa trying on her wedding dress ... and since I know my dress will swim on me right now ... thought I would try this on when I saw it ... And now I am sitting here in a great big puddle of tears ... and totally shellshocked. In a formal dress from year 12...

That's a 20 year old dress.

With Michelle bigger things can happen than you ever imagined possible.
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Just a whole heap of awesomeness!

We rock! And I have proof I was there!

I feel like cinderella ... Just a whole lot sweatier ...

I didn't go to the round 3 party last year. There were a whole heap of reasons ... Including worry about spending so much so close to christmas ... But in reality I was scared.

And i have regretted it ever since. Which is why i booked my tickets for this rounds party the day the city it would be held in was announced. I am not missing it this time.

But i still wished i had gone last time.

This round i made a promise. I am saying yes more often than i say no. I am trying new things. Fear is not going to rule me.

Which is why ... When i got a phone call from a certain challenger asking if i woud fly to sydney on monday with her i said yes. Even if it was a little crazy!!!

I did have second thoughts while waiting for her at 4am in the dark for a lift. Seemed a little crazy. We hadnt even met before! ( but she does know someone that i know and my sister sort of knows her ... There would have been a trail to find here ;)

Our biggest fear was missing our flight! Could you imagine how bad it would be to "almost" get to train with mish?? So that led to a 4am start ... And getting to the airport 2 hours early. ( but like good 12wbt ers we walked while we waited! Although she wouldnt do her first burpee there with me!!)

Somehow everything ran smoothly. We got there. Alive. Early. And in the right place.

Nerves were quietly bubbling ..l but i was so excited too... I just wanted to jump the nervous energy out!!!

The gym we were at was HUGE! i felt very much country mouse in the big city!!!

As people arrived ... Nerves bubbled more. I met some awesome 12wbt ers!! Oh and i got to meet gabi!!! That was one of the best bits of the day! (gabi is part of our support crew, a very experienced trainer and a good friend of mish. She rocks. Not only does she answer my dumb questions about technique ... She answers them in depth and with so much love and support!!! Thank you gabi!! It was soooo goood to meet you and thank you in person!!!

Then we were ready. Mish was on stage. The training was set to begin.

For once i wasnt hiding down the back. If i had flown from qld i was bringing it. Smashing it as hard as i could. So in thhe centre. A row or two back. And strategically positioned so i could see the awesome AC from the challenge. If i could keep up with her i knew i was going hard.

And hard it was. In an awesome fun way. I was such a dork. I couldnt stop smiling!

Classes with mish rock! You can see 20+ years in the business in how she runs her class. She is a little powerball of energy!! She inspires you to go hard, so of course you do!! And there is no way i was going to slack off with mish in the room!!

What i learned ... There is a whole new level of intensity i can bring. My hr peaked at 178. I havent done that in a class for a long time. Now i know the intensity it takes to get there.

I learned i am capable of so much more than i thought. I worked the entire class at high intensity and i did it. My body is fit now. I just need to tell my mind to shut up.

I learned how effective a circuit can be. 30 sec on ... Squat jumps on a step, pushups, frog jumps, shoulder presses, ski jumps over a step, tricrp dips. Hard and fast as many as you can do. Rest 90 sec at the end. Repeat 4 times. It smashed me but i can do that all at home. I just have to decide to, no excuses.

I learned i really want to work on pushups on the toes ....

I learned how far i have come. Before i would have been aching and breathless waiting for the class to end. This time i didnt want it to stop!! I was bouncing with energy after!!!

Flying to sydney to train with mish.... Crazy? Probably !!! But as i said on twitter ... Oh so worth it!
i promised mish i'd bring home the final 5kg and im going to. Time to hit the gym.

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Under 70!!!

First of all ... Time to celebrate!!! I am in the 60s baby!!! 69.9kg!!!


It would be 10 yrs since i was last this weight ... And even then only briefly! Funny thing is ... Because of the exercise and running i now fit into smaller clothes than i did then!

This weeks weigh in was a bit of a mystery to me. I had no idea how it would go. No sneaky scales peaks ... I had been away and had no access to scales. It was ttom ( sorry guys) which normally means a gain.

My workouts were differently. I consistently burned 500 cal a day ... But no big 1000 cal sessions.

And i had travelled. All about. So although i was within my calories ... There was a lot of takeout ... Who knows how much salt was in that? And for me salt means serious weight retention.

Considering the work i'd put in i really hoped to Break 25kg lost. Considering how close we are to the end it would have been fabulous to bring in a big number.

But the scales are just a tool. They just give an indication of how we are going .... They should not rule our lives or emotions.

So i am celebrating. UNDER 70kg!!!

From over 94 kg to in the 60's!

Today is a good day.

Today i do laundry. Clean. Do measurements (it is meawurement week) Buy food. And stretch. I need to stretch a lot.

Tomorrow i go hard again!

Monday, April 11, 2011

4am start

4am start ... 11pm finish... Planes ... Buses ... Automobiles ... 470 calories and so worth it!

Today I flew to Sydney to train with mish! Our flight is about to board ... But I promise the whole story tomorrow!!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just a few simple words ... But a big lesson ahead ...

I met Mish today. How cool is that? After 24kg and truly changing and saving my life I met Mish.

To hear her speak was extraordinary. I'll blog about that later when I get my notes together. But let's just say when mish tells you to do squats and to do them deeper you do.

She signed my book. I didn't watch her ... We were too busy talking of how things had changed.

Look hard at what she wrote.

I deserve it.

This loss didn't happen by chance. I worked hard. I deserve it.

I deserve all I have gotten. Health, energy, vitality ... I deserve it.

In the past I would have used those words differently.

I can gave a treat ... A drink ... A break ... I deserve it. What was I really getting? A lifetime of I'll health, sadness,a me I didn't need to be.

Somedays I get compliments on my journey. Somedays I smash massive goals and start to revert back into old ways ... Sabotaging my efforts with "treats" because "I deserve it"

But I don't. I deserve to be my best me. Fit. Healthy. Strong.

This is going to be my mantra. I am going to tell myself I DO deserve it until I believe it as a truth.

Thank you mish.

Much love xxx

I need to move

Running by the water soothes my soul . Xxx.

Attempt #2 at my SSS was much improved.

Running by the water , at sunset with my husband.

Love. Xxx

Thanks to all who encouraged me after this morning. It meant the world

Friday, April 8, 2011

The run that was bad ... And the lesson within

Today is super saturday.

Today is the day of the week we are to do a smash up intense workout and bash a whole heap of calories out of the park.

Problem is ... I feel like crud.

I have doms in every muscle (how the heck did i get doms in my forearms??) i feel tired, i feel flat, and i have a headache.

But i got up, got dressed, made sure i was hydrated and ran.

Just a few minutes into the run i knew it wasnt going to happen.

It might have been a mindset .... Maybe i talked myself out of it before i began .... But it was such an effort to even move and it made my head go bang bang bang

So i stopped. And turned to walk home.


And then the victory occurred. I might not be able to run right now but i sure can walk!

All the way to soccer to watch my girl play. It might have only been 100cal burned ... But it was good clear thinking time. It gave my body a chnace to stretch out some of the aches, and i did something!!!

To me that is a victory! If i went home not only would i not have burned those calories ... But who knows what i would have eaten cause i was disappointed with myself???

And the day is still young. I am going to nap. Recover. Go somewhere new and pretty .... And see if i can smash out that run tonight!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you know why i feel great today?

Ok ... Besides the fact that I'm not in gym clothes for the first time in forever??

Today rocks because it's almost winter. And it's boot weather. And for the first time in pretty much forever i can wear regular person's long boots and do them up!!!!


(oh and because for years i found wearing stockings/tights to be stupidly uncomfortable. They would cut in. They would roll down. They woud fall down all day. Now they feel great! Long boots and tights! My wardrobe is looking a whole heap more fun this winter!)

I've decided it's official ...

My personal trainer is insane.

The wall ball squats hurt but i can do them.

The ab work hurts ... But i know i have to harden up and do it.

When she had me doing assisted chin ups i thought she was crazy but went with it...


Burpee -jumping chin up combo??


Totally insane.

Guess that's why i pay her right;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm converting to imperial!

Doesn't it sound more impressive to say i have lost overe 50lb???

That's all :)

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Today is a big day ...



Not for me .. for Miss E

She had cross country today - and overcame a big fear of doing new things to run really well!

AND she progressed up a grade in swimming lessons!

So proud of my girl!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Those elusive last 5 kilos ...

Weight loss can be addictive! Especially the weeks when you put in a huge effort ... And get the results you want!!!

And seeing the numbers add up! 24kilos!! Can you believe it??

The thing about those last five kilos ... Especially when you have been overweight ... Is you never know when you are there. How can you know when you are in those last five kilos when you just aren't sure what that final point is for your body??

In the past my goal i had in mind was to be healthy. To be at the top of my healthy weight range. Cause anything else seemed impossible.

Now i have the tools ... I know i could do even more than that ... And it is tempting to keep going fuelled by the addictive nature of the success of weight loss.

So here i sit today. If my goal was to hit the top of my healthy range, i am almost there. Less than 5kg. 4.3 kilos to go.

Somehow i think i want to be less than that. Not skinny less ... But heathy with a buffer zone. Once i am healthy i dont ever want to go backwards to overweight or obese again.

So the thought is ... What to do? Am i in those last 5 kilos?? Or when do they start??

I know it is just a term ... But it matters to me to name that part of my journey ... And to work through those last 5 kilos with intensity.

So i have decided.

As of today i am losing my last 5 kilos. That will take me down to a weight of 65.3kilos ... A seemingly impossible goal in september last year.

After i hit that goal i may still lose weight.
I will still eat to plan. I will still train.

But i am going to focuss on my fitness ... Not the weight loss and i will see where my body wants to lie.

It is a decision that brings me peace ... But also gives me the fire to go onto goal!!!

Bring it on!

Massive week!!

Last week i decided no more slow losses. This week i was going to bring it for a week and see what happens.

What resulted was 5500 calories birned in exercise.

And a 1.6kg loss.

6.1kg in 7 weeks

And 24 kg total

I have less than half a kilo to go until i am in the 60s!!!

Doing a happy dance today!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What it takes.

When i started doing zumba i could do pump + zumba and burn 1200 cal!

Now ... I struggle to burn 700 ... And that is with some added cardio ... The downside of getting lighter and fitter i guess ;)

Yesterday i set out to see what it takes now ... At my new level of health to burn 1200 calories ... And it was a LOT of work!!!

This is what 1200 calories looks like in april 2011 ...

4km run
+ warm up /cooldown walk
+ 30 minutes cardio including beginner intervals program
+ group power (like pump)
+ zumba = 1200 calorie burn day

Smashed it!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday. Rest day.

Yesterday I did almost nothing.

OK - I worked. Went to a birthday party for a 6 year old. And went on a 40 min easy walk.

I planned to run.

I wanted to run.

But my body was telling me NO and that's ok!

Mish once said that if we are training as hard as she wants us too - then we are going to NEED rest days! And she is right.

There is no way my body could have coped with a heavy session yesterday.

It needed a day to recover.

Not only the body - but the mind.

And today ... I am back ... ready to train hard. Eat clean.

Bring it on!

Smashing it up this week!

I am sick of small losses. This week I am bringing it! Wed, Thurs and Friday I amazed myself by burning over 1000 cal a day! Look at that facebook entry ... even Mish was impressed. Saturday was 400 - yesterday a light rest day walk .. today I am going to SMASH IT UP! Bring on those losses! I want to get to my healthy range SOON

Friday, April 1, 2011

Making it real ... Day 3

Today i didnt even need to set a task. I found my new reality slapping me in the face!

I was at PT and i had worked it hard. She had me doing heavy squats ... And there was some serious weight on that bar.

As she got me to spot myself in a mirror to watch technique i was blown away. I saw me. But not the me i rememeber but someone who looked strong, toned, and fit! So fit!

This is who i want to be ... And i am reallly getting there! My life and my reality has completely changed!

How can i not run ....

When God sends me a gorgeous rainbow to inspire me??

I decided not to run for time. I decided not to worry about distance. I decided just to put music on i love and run for the sheer joy that i CAN run!!!

And look what happened!!! 8km!! and that is after a killer pt session in the morning!!!

My third 1000 calorie burn day this week!!!


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