Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gearing up ... My heart rate monitor.

Mish really recommends you use a heart rate monitor with your training and I agree. My monitor is a tool as to how hard I am working. If I am running and feel like I can't go on I check it ... Hr 170+ ? I slow right down ( still running) and I can usually go on. And if I'm doing an activity I've never tried before I wear my monitor so I can how hard I am *really* working!

My hrm is a d excellent motivational tool. I know before I start a workout how many calories I want to burn and will not leave until I've earnt every one of those calories!

My hrm gives me instant gratification. I know how I am working. I know how it will effect my weight loss. It let's me set challenges based on my intensity. It really is one of my fave pieces of gear!

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