Monday, January 31, 2011

I was awesome tonight :)


I'm a rockstar.

Tonight I did Pump + zumba.

Tonight I was determined to go hard. I upped my weights in pump beyond what I had before. I did entire tracks where I would have taken a break before. And I screamed my way through the tricep dips even tho they HURT! I must admit I was telling myself Mish was there telling me to keep going. I kept going but I was swearing at her by the end!

Zumba was HOT! Both in dances and temp! But tonight I enjoyed it! I loved it! I felt like I could do it! And a max hr of 171 in zumba is just ridiculous! I went hard!

Total for tonight is 1024 cal burned! I was awesome tonight!

Declaring this another ROCKSTAR moment!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How pretty is my lunch??

Yum!! Real food!!

My new favorite thing

I love this stretching post at the local park.
I am normally really really bad at stretching.
I'm trying to fix that.
But I love this post.
It seems to make everything easier.
And I get deeper and better stretches.

Would it be odd if I installed one at home ;)

Getting organized!

The #1 excuse people use when it comes to avoiding eating well and keeping fit is not being organized. Today I managed to tackle a job I have avoided for a long time.

We have a large upright freezer that we use for most frozen goods, but over time the smaller freezer had become a cluttered mish mash of bits and pieces. Today I got into it, and made it a space that will make my journey easier.

Not having time is now an excuse of the past. I have meals frozen, easy to see and quick to grab, frozen fish for a quick meal, berries to add to yogurt, or smoothies and frozen veggies as a quick addition to any meal. I also have pita breads frozen for quick mini pizzas for an easy lunch.

Feels much better!!

( next step ... The big freezer!)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My goals

One month goals

1.Run a 4km fun run
Continue running 3 times a week. Print out form and post off monday to enter. Arrange care for Miss E. Get there the night before and stay at mums. Practise running and drinking.

2. Go to 3 spin classes in first month
Get the timetable from the gym. Use weekly planning meeting with Paul to schedule in classes I can get to. Post on forum asking for tips on setting up spin bikes. Get there early. Take padded bike seat cover! Ask instructor for tips and let them know it is my first class. Go at least 3 times so I can see if I learn to like it or not!

3. Give up diet soft drinks for good.
Keep water in the fridge. Fill bottles each night. Take a water bottle when I go out. Get sparkling water in cupboard for those days I feel like a little bit "extra". Ask for water with ice when we go out. Put a note in my purse to remind me when I go to buy them! Take cold water to work for lunch breaks

4. Do something I would never have dreamed of. Try tap dancing lessons!
Enrol in class. Buy shoes. Go with a friend. Arrange Paul to watch Miss E. Just go!

5. Work on my lack of ab strength! Aim to get stronger this season!


Attend a weekly pilates class. Actually DO mish's ab excercises. Do them in ad break of biggest loser show if I have to! Practise Planks

6. Work on strength. Learn to do 10 pushups on toes and 2o burpees for burpee challenge!


Do the 100 pushup challenge. Do burpees on alternate days.

7. Actually USE my bike! Ride to the gym and back, or errands down town 3 x week


Get Paul to check my bike over. Diarise which days I will do this. Don't leave it to chance or I will put it off. Get a lock for my bike. Get pannier bags so I can put shopping in them to carry home. Find out where I can lock my bike

8. Actually DO my SSS each week!


Plan and diarise. Get involved in SSS discussions on the forum to inspire me. If I am working Saturday schedule an alternate day but it must be done by Saturday night. Do it early in the day -get it done. Enter events where possible to make it fun. Backup plan - if not done by Sunday night I need to run then do a dvd. no excuses

9. Attend bootcamp - Pain in Paradise
How? Schedule it! Find the next date I am not working and book it in. Tell work I'm not available that weekend. Diarise with Paul. Get babysitter miss e. Get Paul to come with me!

10. Really bust a gut on my first mini milestone!
How? Twilight run booked! Email them to upgrade to 10km if I can. Keep running 3 x week. Try to do one longer run each week. Remember it doesn't matter if I jog, walk or crawl ... all I have to do is get over the line!

11. Lose 5kg in first month
How? I am going to have to eat clean. Use Sunday to plan meals for week. Freeze meals for when we are too tired to cook. Train hard as per schedule. Aim for 500 exercise Cal Mon - Fri and 1000 on Saturdays.

12. Cut 20 seconds off my 1km time trial at week 4
How? Make sure I am ready. Well hydrated. Do early in week while I am still enthused. Get family involved in motivating me. Don't worry about what others are thinking. Keep running 3 times a week. Go HARD. Use GPS if I can to help monitor my pace

My THREE month goals!

1. Have cut an entire 1 min off my 1km time trial speed!
Make sure I am ready. Well hydrated. Do early in week while I am still enthused. Get family involved in motivating me. Don't worry about what others are thinking. Keep running 3 times a week. Go HARD. Use GPS if I can to help monitor my pace.
Have cut 20sec off by week 4. 40sec off by week 8. 60 sec off by week 12

2. Be in a healthy weight range
Eat clean. Follow the menu plan. Work out hard every session. Do group activities like bootcamp and fun runs for a boost. Do every challenge. They are there for a reason. Just do it even if I don't feel like it. Smash up every mini milestone. Work the mindset lessons. Make SSS a must do event

3. Fit in size 12 jeans
Follow the plan and give it my all as above. But also really work on my running and Pump for leg definition

4. Do 30 pushups on my toes! And 100 burpees. OUCH.
By following the 100 pushup program and alternating days with burpees.

5. Truly pamper myself to celebrate my 12wbt success at the end of three months!!!
I like this one! Haircut. Colour. Pedicure. Massage. And shop for a gorgeous frock to wear!!!

6.Go to the party! Go to the final workout! Celebrate!
Flights are BOOKED !!! Just make sure you have time off work and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!

7.Enrol to study my RNs
How? By researching courses. Finding out closing dates. Submitting the application. And not worrying about the what ifs ... just jump in there and do it!

8. Do that 20kg bike ride from round 1!
How? Get Paul on board. Pick a cool day. Get a babysitter for the day. Plan snacks and a route and Just go!

Ok - that was exhausting. I also have to do 6 and 12 mth goals but I need a break!

I do know one 6mth goal is to come back on the next round and do the Lean and Strong program!

Have fun setting your goals!!

To my new friends on the 12 week challenge

Good morning!

If you are new I wanted to write directly to you this morning. You see - it was only 4 months that I was new too. And I remember how much it freaked me out!

Everyone seemed part of a family already. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing. And they were fit! And I wasn't. I mean I really really wasn't fit. I couldnt even jog around the block.

I truly wondered what I was doing.

I guess that means that right now I am one of those really annoying, kindof overwhelming people I write about. You are just finding your feet, and I guess at times my posts here, on facebook and online might make you feel like you are not in the right place right now. Which is why I wanted to write directly to you.

You are TOTALLY in the right place! We all know Mish talks about excuses. Remember. This is your journey - not mine. Where do you want to be in 12 weeks? It may not seem possible, but you could be posted incredible gains (or losses!) too!

Remember also- that all Mish asks us to do is do what she says. She knows what works. She has done it for years. We arent to mix and match. We just do what Mish says.

For those of us who have been around a while that is exactly what we are doing. She would kick our hide if we stopped doing what we had been taught just because the season ended. And because we are doing what we were told we are still shocking ourselves at times with the results. Hence the over enthusiastic posting at times!!

But my friend. THis is your first 12 week challenge. Mish doesnt expect you to be doing he exercise program in a huge way yet. She doesnt even expect you to diet yet (although starting to eat healthier and starting to move a little will make it easier on you later)

What she wants you doing right now is working those pre season tasks hard. That is your job right now. It's blinkers time. Focus on those goals. Focus on those excuses. Focus on the fun tasks coming.

Look at the other posts as inspiration. Maybe use them to set some 12 month goals. Rememeber to aim big.

But don't be disheartened my friend. You are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment in time. Once the season starts you will be led hand in hand by simple steps. But don't let worry or fear or anything take you away from the person you can become. You really can lead an extra ordinary life! And this can be the start!!

My favourite quote - and my mantra on this journey is
"The miracle is not that I finished.
The miracle is that I had the courage to start"
John (The penguin!) Bingham

Have that courage. You just need the courage to start my friend.

Let me know how I can support you. I want to.

Hang in there!

It's going to be an incredible ride. I promise!


Preseason task #2 Take control - set your goal

I'm finding this task harder than I thought I would.

Last time my goals were easier. Join a gym. Go to bodyPump. Try zumba. Lose 8kg.

I smashed them all out of the water. Totally. In fact I have completed all my 6mth goals as well.

This time I want bigger goals. I want goals I have to fight for. I want goals that will shock those who love me best by what I can achieve! I want goals that are almost laughable that I can achieve. Almost. Becaues achieve them I will!

We have had this task for two days. And only tonight I feel like I might be able to start setting concrete goals.

In the meantime, I have been brainstorming anything that crossed my mind as a plausible goal. There is something about a massive sheet of paper and coloured pens that helps me focus.

I don't think my dog was too impressed. This is where I found him last night.

So tonight I'm going to set my goals. I'll share them as soon as I have them sorted!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Too busy not to train

I had no intention to run today. I mean I had a late night last. I was tired. I did two hours of zumba yesterday. I had a full of errands and a two hour round trip to do. I was too busy.

But then as I ate breakfast and read the forums I felt just a little sad, cause today is Saturday, and on Saturday we have a super Saturday session to kick the calories away.

And then I remembered how great it felt to train. And how great I felt after zumba last night. And that I had time today to run at the river. And that for once it was a coolish summer morning.

And I decided that since I would get such a buzz from training, instead of feeling flat and tired ... I was too busy not to train.

So i ran. And ran. By the end I was sweaty and hot.

And I totally blew my mind with my achievements. I didn't stop at 3k. Or 4k. I started to believe i might even get to 6km. How cool would that be??

Check it out ....

I Ran 7.1k. I have never even DREAMT of running that far. Somedays even I don't know what I am capable of. Love that about the program. It shows me I am stronger and more determined than I would ever believe.

A Zumba marathon!

Tonight was a Zumba marathon!!

First miss e did kids Zumba - Zumba atomic. And mummy had to play too. And then I went off to a 2 Hr Zumba athon to rIde money for the qld flood appeal.

1000calories burned. And we match! How fun!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preseason Task 2. My excuses and their solutions

Last time I had about 5 excuses. I didn't put my all into it obviously. And it showed. I still have demons to overcome.

This time I thought a little more. Here I am. Arms wide open - gut wrenchingly honest.

(Oh - and I still reserve the right to add extras as I discover them!)

Internal excuses

1. I'm tired
Solution Workout anyway. Don't you remember how much energy you get after working out? Workout for 10min . JFDI

2. I'll look out of place and be embarrased
Solution 2. Has anyone laughed yet? If they do why the hell does it matter? Just go. Dare ya.

3. I've lost so much already. I can relax for a while
Solution 3. Yes you've done well but you are still overweight. Your health will still improve. Do you want to show your daughter how to finish a job or give up? Set nested goals so you always have dome thing new to achieve

4. I loose focus
Solution Don't. Commit to the world. Blog daily. Put a chart of my goals on the fridge. Commit to the forum each day. Never miss a weigh in. Never miss a lesson. Blog the good and the bad

5. I have missed too many runs and I'm scared I will have gone backwards
Solution . Remind myself it doesnt matter how I finish but it's that I had the courage to start that counts. Walk a bit run a bit I'll catch up on fitness fast if I get going

6. Its a special occasion
Solution Then do something special. Go somewhere nice. Make a beautiful healthy meal with life nurturing ingredients. Crap food and greed is not special

7. My girl deserves a treat
Solution What your girl wants is your time. Go to the park. Pack a picnic. Have a tea party at home. Set her an example that not everything needs to be celebrated with cake

8. My friend serves cake at coffee all the time
Solution Suggest a walk and talk instead. Or just say no. Flex that willpower muscle

9. I fell off the wagon so i may as well eat crap food.
Solution Stop. Say that outloud. How stupid does it sound. Go read this list again. Read my goals. Read my commitments. Think of telling that to mish at the party in Melbourne. Would I dare? Then make a salad and go for a walk

10. It's easier to grab something quick at lunchtime
Solution Pack my lunch when I pock eliana's so it is done. Easier to eat what is ready

11. I snack and pick at home
Solution 11. Pack snacks in a Lunch box that is calorie counted. Have a snack list on the fridge

12. I *think* i am on track
Solution Track every calorie. Track every workout. Every day. Find an accountability partner

13. I look so much better already OR I can't see the difference anyway so why work so hard
Solution Buy a goal outfit in size 12. Try it on every week on weigh day

14. No one will know if I quit
Solution They will if I get fat again. Find an accountability partner and be gut wrenchingly honest on how on track I am ... Or not

15. I don't want to
Solution So what. JFDI. 10 min rule. And grow up

16. If I eat this now then it is gone and it wont worry me any more
Solution Um yeah. And the calories wont still be there on my hips? Stop. Say it out loud. Is it ridiculous??? YES. Throw it in the BIN!

17. But I always but a chocolate when I shop.
Solution Going cold turkey on this one. NO CHOCOLATE FOR 3 mths!!!! Beat the demon and flex the willpower muscle

18. Once I astart pigging out I keep going
Solution STOP. Go for a walk. listen to inner teenager podcast and inner labradour. Keep walking and listening on repeat till it has sunk in. Text Paul to throw offending food item before I get home

19. Fruit and veggies are too dear
Solution And so is a heart attack. Buy at the markets. Substitute if I have to. Buy seasonally. Oh and go to the gym instead of shop. I should save a fortune there!

20 I'm the lazy one
Solution Um no you're not. Not sure where you got that idea but you are not lazy - you just need to JFDI! In the last two years you have finished a diploma, changed careers, done a lot of work to your home, learnt to run, learnt to blog, lost 16+ kg. Get over it. And get going!!!!

21. It's mums. I always have a lolly or biscuit here.
Solution Go for a walk in the garden. Get outside. Just talk. Do puzzles. Or if all else fails move the stinking lollies. You dont need them!

External excuses within my control

1. Too stinking hot.
Solution Workout late or early. Do DVDs with the fan and air cooler going
2. We got home late and I don't have time to cook tea or their is no food for dinner. I'm tired I can't be bothered
Solution Investigate crock pot recipes. Freeze lasagna . Keep pita breads and mish friendly pizza ingredients in freezer for a quick meal.

3. It's raining
Solution Go anyway. You loved your Xmas day run in the rain. Or go to the gym. Or DVD it.

4. It's a busy week
Solution Every week is busy. Sunday nights you strategies and diarize. Every week. Set a remind on your iphone to do it

5. But Paul is working out then/ is away / is working
Solution As above. Make that a family diarizing session. Set him a reminder too. Every workout in advance.

6. My house is a mess
Solution Workout. Set a timer and clean it. Ask for help. Pay for help if I need to. Think of the investment in my health.

External excuses out of my control

1. Called into work at short notice
Solution Get the monkey off my back and workout early in the day. Have meals frozen I can grab at a minutes notice.

2. Sick child
Solution Let her watch a movie and do a DVD program or the outdoor program at home

3. If I miscarry again
Solution It's not your are doing the bestnyou,canto get healthy. Let yourself cry. Plan a walk. Plan pampering. Get support in real life and on the forums

I think I did better this time. It was exhausting. But it is still a work in progress. If I make any significant changes ... I'll let you know ....

Excuses in action

This is why I still need

I still need Mish to teach me and guide me. I still need accountability. I still need people going into bat for me. I still have a lot to learn.

It has been um ... well.... a lot of days since my last run.

Remember that run that rocked my socks off at the beach? Well apparently I must have not wanted to disapoint my body running elsewhere or something cause I haven't run since.

Why?? Well - yes it's been hot. I've been tired. Busy? Aren't we all?? I've been away. Had a lot to do. Back to school time.

Now you can see why one of the most important preseason tasks is working through our excuses. I still have a billion of them.

Oh - and my eating has been up the creek too.

There is one thing I have learnt tho. If my workouts are strong, the rest kinda follows. I just don't feel like so much crud food if I am working out strong.

So today I ran.

I wanted to run 2km. I was going to aim for 3. But I am back. And I ran 4km.

And it was hot and muggy and SLOW and hard. It felt so hard.

But I am back.

And I am running again Saturday morning. Seems I can do it, despite my lame excuses.

I just need to make me get out that door.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My water challenge

Do you know it's hot? Stinking hot here. Which reminds me of one of my bad habits.

I drink too much coffee. And not enough water. And I know it. I actually FEEL dehydrated somedays.

So while we are working through the preseason tasks, I have set myself a water challenge.

Each night I am filling 3 bottles of water and putting them in the fridge. And I HAVE to finish them each day.

Before I have a coffee ... Yes even that first cuppa ... I have to have a glass of water. And only 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day. Tomorrow is day one. I'll update how I go!

Changing the simple things before the BIG changes kick in!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A work in progress

A work in progress ... Inspiration board to keep me on track!

( plus it entertained the 5 yo ... She did a collage too)

Time to be arms wide open - gut wrenchingly honest

Why should I pay to do the 12 week challenge. This is why. Mish gets us to really look at the mindset behind the weight gain. She forces us to do the hard yards now and set ourselves up to succeed.

There are 8 tasks to do before we even START to do the weight loss part of the program. And there is a reason why. We go into the program ready. Not on an emotional "ARRGH I need to lose weight NOW" moment. But prepared and ready.

Task # 2 is getting real. Finding all the excuses we used for failing in the past and confronting them.

Last challenge I rushed this task. I didn't think I needed it.
Well now I am struggling with the same issues 17 or so weeks on ... it is time to get real.

Arms wide open - gut wrenchingly honest.

I will list my excuses later. Right now I am still working through them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding pleasure in simple things

I am trying to create new rituals. Find pleasure in simple things. Take time out and just sit for a moment or two ..

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What do 12wbters actually eat?

I tried to do a video last night. I really did. If anyone know how to upload it without it taking 100 hours please let me know!

In the meantime, I needed to get my head right. So I grocery shopped last night.

And then I took a photo. Cause my trolley was pretty!

Remember it is 80% nutrition guys! Have a good day!

Flat flat FLAT

Just to prove every one has a bad day.

I went to pump tonight. I normally love Pump. It is a class I did as a skinny 19 year old and I have rediscovered a love of.

Tonight I was just flat. I hated the music. I hated the routine.
And I never got my weights just right. Some tracks were way too heavy. Some were way too light.
But I did it. Just.
Here's planning for a better day tomorrow!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Preseason task #1 - Introduce yourself

Preseason task #1 is to introduce yourself.

So I did

This is what I wrote

Hello 12wbt world! This is me!

Kath from country Qld. I am a part time nurse who had the courage to change jobs by JFDI'ing it last year.

In round 3 2010 I lost 12 kg. I have since lost another 5

I am the mum to one beautiful 5yo girl and shock horror - wife to a dietitian!

However my obesity at the start of 12wbt is proof that it was the mindset I had to change - and Mish got inside my head.

At the start of Round 3 2010 I was morbidly obese. As of this year I am merely overweight and heading fast into the healthy range.

I could not even run 300 m. Now I am running 5k

Mish will change your life! She's changed mine!

I also made a video. I wanted to share my journey so far. Hope you enjoy it

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why do it again? Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?

This is my second round of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. Check out for details. Registration is open NOW!

I keep getting asked why I am doing it again? Didn't I learn how to lose weight the first time?

Well - the honest answer is yes - I probably could continue to lose the weight on my own. I have a dietitian for a husband. I have a great gym. And the off season has proven I can lose weight on my own.

But for many reasons I am coming back. And here are my top 5 reasons why ...

  • I still have so much to learn. Hard times, such as saying goodbye to my uncle denny are still real trigger points for me. This last week has been tough. I have reverted to a lot of old habits. I fully expect to gain weight this week. I know I will be also be back on the program this week.I am not giving in. I know I can beat the old habits. But my inner teenager still needs bringing into control. I need to learn to deal with these things in a non destructive way and I still want support to do that.

  • I still have so much to prove. Last challenge I really began to nail the eating. I am really starting to get it. But I was sortof here and there on the training. During the offseason I have made PROGRESS. I can run 5k. I can do boxing class, pump, zumba - whatever I want. This season I am here to prove how much of a fighter I am. I am going to NAIL the nutrition AND I am going to SMASH IT on the training. This season is about me and some demons to conquer. I know inside I am fit and strong. I am going to PROVE IT. No more victims here.

  • I still have so much FUN to have. Last challenge I was unsure. I was busy. I lost focus at times. And I was nervous. I didn't go to the party because of a lot of reasons ... I feel I missed out. This round I am here to have FUN. I am going to go to group workouts. I am GOING to the party. I am going to shop and try on clothes and do every challenge and make videoblogs and have FUN. It's not about going through the motions. It's about embracing the process. I'm here to have FUN this challenge!

  • Mish knows her stuff. And she really IS there for me. She somehow gets inside my head in a way no one has before. And the gang doing the program with me ... they ARE family. They are my biggest cheerleaders and my toughest buttkickers. They do not let me make excuses. They tell it like it is. I love that support.
  • But my biggest reason is I still have unfinished business here. I set myself a goal to reclaim my life and my health. I am a long way to the goal. But I am not finished. And THIS time I am not stopping till I get there!

Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation - Round 1 2011!

The preseason is OPEN!

I am so excited!

Signed up and ready to go.

Preseason task #1 to be done later today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

One more sleep!!

Until preseason begins again for the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation!

I am so excited!

Last time I rushed through the first 4 weeks of preseason tasks. I had joined late and had no idea how important doing these tasks were to set you up fo success.

This time I intend to get deeper and work hard on each and every one of those tasks.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Qld floods - how we CAN help!

It all began with a 5 year old. And her desire to help. So she got some toys to sell.

Of course -I HAD to help her! And having dropped two sizes with 12wbt - I added two complete wardrobes to the mix.

Plus some household excess. I mean - there is so much *stuff* I don't need anymore. It all seems too much when others have nothing.

So we had a garage sale. Me, my man and my girl. And her best friend's family. Two five year old out to change the world.

We made over $630. Every cent of which is going to the floods!

You might not live close to Qld. You might be like me, and keen to keep a child out of the way. You might not get time off work, or be physically able to be involved personally.

But I KNOW you have stuff you can sell. Don't we all?

How can we have so much, when others have nothing?

It doesn't have to take long to organise. It doesn't have to be a big deal. We decided to do this after lunch on Friday. We were finished by lunch on Saturday.

Place an ad for next weekend. Grab some friends and see what you can do.

Every single bit helps! And I know us 12wbters ... we can get the job done!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Encourage one another! Really ... DO IT!

I went to the gym tonight. I was so ready. I was going to do PUMP followed by Zumba - my favourite combo.

And classes were cancelled because of the flood :(

I struggled through 20 min of cardio and was about to leave when someone I barely know came over and said "You are looking fabulous by the way - you must be working so hard". (thank God for country towns where everyone knows everyone in some way!)

I could have hugged her! I probably should have - but by then I stunk!

I love her tho!

One hour HARD cardio done! (How could I stop after that!) 500 Cal burned. And I am BACK!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Wednesday. And the rain keeps on coming. Kinda hard to be jubilant with a weigh in when your world seems a bit like mush - but that is what we do to keep accountable - so here I am doing it!

Today I lost .9kg. Which makes my total weight loss to be 16kg since the start of round 1! HUGE!

So I've now lost 3.9 kg in 3 weeks - well on track to lose 5kg as my bet with Mish before the start of round 1!

Stay safe guys. Stay dry. And stay on track.

Much love xx

Progress Pics ...

this is me now ...

You can see pics of my whole journey if you click the "progress pic" tab at the top of the page here!

And comparison pics from throughout my journey are here ... (click on pic to make it larger if you need to!)

I think I am just distracting myself from the flooding ...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A big fat hairy goal achieved!

I don't know why - but I have always thought it would be great to go for a run by the beach. Always wanted to. Never been fit enough.
Saturday morning I woke up and knew I was going to do it.
The day before I had a shocker of a workout. Felt defeated and tired. I knew it was going to be a challenge.

So I decided to be a grown up and just do it. I aimed for 3km ...

And I did 5!!!

This is me - hot and sweaty ... and feeling like a rockstar! Once I got going there was no way my stubborness was going to let me give in!

Big fat hairy goal achieved. Not only because I did it. I went for that run by the sea.
But more because I beat those mental demons and did not let my mind hold me back!!

The family that plays together ...

I love love love that through the changes I am making my daughter is seeing a healthy lifestyle as NORMAL! Makes me smile when I see her wanting to be like mummy!

Moments like these make me happy!

Doing stair runs by the beach ...

Then making daddy do them too ....

Standing push ups like mummy!

Mums, getting healthy changes more than just your lives! She is my number 1 reason for doing this. Truly.

Nothing makes me smile more

Eating out - 12wbt style!

How things have changed. In the past we would have eaten out on holidays and I would have constantly been on the lookout for a treat.

Something rich and decadent maybe? Cause it was holidays ... and I deserved it!

Well, this time we did have a treat. Lots of them.

But this time my treats looked like this ...

(Don't worry - I shared some of that delicious avocado around!)

They were fresh. They were delicious! They nutured my body and my soul. And this time - again - it was because I deserved it! But this time I KNEW it was great food I deserved!

My daughter's favourite food was this! A berry smoothie. Filled with real healthy food. Not processed colouring. Just real whole food.

Both of these incredible meals came from Raw Energy at Mooloolaba. Their gluten free options for my man were incredible. My daughter declared her sandwich "the best meal ever" Actually, she made us go back again. And called me "Raw energy lady" when I gave her a salad tonight for dinner.

THESE are the meals I deserve. These are the memories my family needs to create. My girl is going to remember this I promise! She will remember that healthy food can be fun and delicious! Starting my own 12wbt family food legacy!

YES I CAN !!!!

We've just come back from a few delicious, active days away at the coast ... and it has been wonderful! Expect a few posts in quick succession on our time away. There were also moments that were sad, and feelings I am struggling with. I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned in 12wbt. They helped me cope with these emotions in a new way. More about that later when I can get my thoughts together.

When we were away I was SO BLESSED to have several dreams that I thought I would never be capable of achieved. Made me feel SO STRONG and made me realise how much I am changing on this journey. I felt on top of the world!

The first of these dreams was met on Thursday when my mum in law kindly watched miss e so Paul and I could go out for a little bit.

The weather however was not conducive to dream making. It kept varying between being fine(ish) and pelting down rain!

I have been married to this man for 10 years. And for all of those years he has been wonderful and fit and active. And I haven't. For years I have wished I would be *just* fit enough to go for a run with him.

Well, this week I did.

We headed down to Sandgate and decided to run across the new bridge they have built. It seemed like a fair enough goal to me.
The stinking bridge was very long.

3km long in fact. And I was tired. But I ran all the way across it!

And this is us - at the end of our FIRST EVER RUN TOGETHER!!!!

On the way back I walked (and danced - I was listening to the Hairspray soundtrack) - and let my husband run home.

And then when we got to the end, I ran a few sets of stairs. You see I hadn't QUITE burned 500 cal, and I wasn't going home till I did!

We got in the car just in time for the rain to pour down. And I was flying high on the victory of this FIRST all day!

More holiday posts to come ... (when I catch up on the holiday laundry!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And now ... 12wbt makes marriages stronger and more fun!

10 years ago (wait - almost 11!) I married this man.

And 10 (almost 11!) years later we are still having so much fun!

But today, thanks to 12wbt I did something I have never done before. I worked out wtih my husband. And I pretty much held my own too.
You see that man of mine is super fit. Give him a bike and he will ride for days. Hills? Hills are not a problem. He LIKES hills. They are his speciality. Same for running - it seems easy for him. And he VOLUNTEERS for the hill legs. He is crazy. But today was different.

Today we went to the boxing class at the gym. It's a class that for some reason I've always been nervous about attending. I guess I always thought I wasn't fit enough for it. So I never went. But this year I am doing things that make me nervous - just to prove I can.

Boxing was hard. Boy it was hard. I was wishing someone would come and condemn those stupid stairs. We ran up and down them more than 20 times. And I sweated SO MUCH. No wonder - I burned 500 calories in that class.

But it was fun. And it was SO much fun to work out with my man! Now all I have to do is convince him to come with me again!

Happy Happy Happy Day! I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!

Happy Happy Day! For the first time since I can remember - at least in 6+ years ... I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!!!!!!!!!

Today my weight dropped below the BMI range for an obese woman - now I am merely overweight ;) ;) Since so much of the reason I am doing this relates to my desire to try to avoid chronic health conditions in my future this is a BIG THING for me!!

Just as big is my drop into the 70s!!! Going from the mid 90s to the 70s is HUGE for me!! Makes me feel lighter already!

I dropped a massive 1.3kg this week! So including the week before that is 2.5kg over the silly season! Who says you cannot lose weight over Christmas and new year??

My "deal" with Mish to lose 5kg by the start of round 1 2011 is going strong. I am now down 3kg.

Happy Day indeed!

Today I am flat...

I promise to blog about how I really am doing this challenge. Not every workout is new personal best, and not every day am I full of life and joy.

Today was a bit day. Work was frantic and messy. I got through - but what a mess. And my family is dealing with something that I wish they didn't have to deal with. I feel like my excess energy is being spent in prayer today.

But the good thing is - I did my job. I got up, ate well. Went to work, ate well. Came home. Ate well. And I trained.

Training was where I felt flat. Maybe it is because I didn't eat enough today. Looking at my day that is entirely possible. Maybe it is my body tired after yesterday's huge win. Definately could be. Maybe I am just emotionally drained. Whatever it is - I just went and trained - but wasn't my best.

I did 30min cardio at the gym + weights. Only burned 300 cal. But I DID train and that is a start.

I have a plan for a better day tomorrow. I'm taking my man to a boxing class with me. Think I might just right off today tho and go to bed early

Loved this quote

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse" Jim Rohn

It was posted by a 12wbt buddy (and inspiration) on twitter.

Never been a truer thing said

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mish Bridges I BLAME YOU!!!

Dear Mish

I adore you but I need to have words with you!

Mish Bridges I am holding you responsible.

I'm blaming you and your JFDI and robot talk! 4 weeks ago I could barely run. Today I told myself I was in robot mode and managed 5k (actually 5.2k cause I forgot to do my final blast and had to make it up. That final 200m almost was the end of me btw).

What are you doing??? I'm the lazy one remember! You are making a runner out of me! I am going to be sore tomorrow!

Especially since I haven't got smart enough to run in a loop and I had to walk 4.4km home!! It's all your fault girl!! (and I love you for it!)

When I am limping through the wards tomorrow I will be cursing your name. I promise.

Love Kat
(who is secretly a little bit proud!)

(Actually - I can't give you full credit. It was my girls Pink! and Christina who got me up that hill when I wanted to stop. Angry girl music seems to motivate me)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


One of the great things about this journey is finding really fun ways to reward yourself!!
We have plenty of "stuff" about this house, and if I set a reward as a thing to do like a massage I often don't find myself following through and actually doing it.

Instead, this season of the 12wbt I am rewarding myself with charms for a special pandora bracelet to remind me of the journey I am on!

The first charm I have bought is my butterfly charm. To remind me of how I feel right now - like a butterfly FINALLY emerging from a cocoon after hiding away all winter.

I have also adding a running shoe charm. My greatest achievement so far is not losing almost 14kg. By far my greatest achievement has been becoming an exerciser. And my greatest achievement on that journey has been learning to run. Running does not come easy to me. But the feeling I get when I have finished my run cannot be beaten. It is not only the physical achievement - but the mental - not letting my brain stop me when my body can keep going.

I'm not really sure which charm I will add next. Or when. I can't wait to sit back and make a list of my goals and my rewards. I am so excited about the new challenge starting this month! Can't wait for it to begin!

Yesterday was a rest day ... sort of ...

I had declared yeseterday a rest day. And it sort of was. I worked an early and I was NOT in the mood to run afterwards.

But I did want to do something. I had to. Sitting at home was not wokring for me. So I went for a walk.

The only problem was, after 30 min a storm was brewing and I had to hightail it home! I was not happy. But - a quick dinner, and the storm passed, and the night was fresh and cool again.

And it was still light enough to do another 30min after dinner!

So one hours walking all up. 450cal. Not bad for a rest day.

And it DID feel like a rest. Walking is easy for me. It clears my head. I feel at peace. It was beautiful.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a brilliant New Year's Celebration! Mine was kind of subdued. I worked the evening of New Years Eve and then got up and worked an early New Year's Day. But don't feel sorry for me ... I'm hoping the penalty rates will pay for a few days away sometime!

Anyway - my plan was to do a big run New Year's Day to start the year out as I intend to continue. But after getting home, and having a short nap,things weren't looking good.

Enter the mind set lessons I learnt through Michelle Bridge's 12 week body transformation

Step 1. I decided I was going no matter what. I didn't have to run. I just was going to go. So I got dressed - got ready - and pottered around the house.

Step 2. Employed the 10 min rule. I had to get out the door and do it. But I could stop after 10 min if I wanted to.

So off I went. Once I got out in the fresh air, and my music got me going, and I started to remember how good it felt to move I was right. See - Mish DOES know what she is talking about!

So .... Happy New Year!!!
3 km run ... and 20 sec off my average min/km pace!
I'm sorry but I ROCKED this New Year's Day!!!

Yep - stinking hot. Tired. Worn out. Exhausted. And SO HAPPY!

Then as I started my walk home, and my cool down, I realised that the reason I almost always stop at 3k is I don't like the route after that.

So I walked 5 more km on the way home, to figure out a better route (and I think I found it!!!)

So - 8km all up!!!! And over 700 calories!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling strong and fit and ready to start the year afresh!!