Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My belly must be growing ...

I noticed in step tonight lunges were a problem!

I couldn't get as low as I liked! Belly kept getting in the way!

18 weeks, all is well and still training :)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

16 week update

16 weeks. First and foremost ... a belly shot! I feel like I am huge already!

Pregnancy has definately changed this round of 12 wbt for me.

The first trimester was tough. Tiredness and morning sickness hit hard. And I admit I trained, but trained too little. And I relied on food to much to help settle my tummy. What I relied on was starchy and carbohydrates cause it stopped the vomits!

I did ok and stayed pretty on track ... but not as well as I had hoped!

The best thing I ever did was stuck to two pt sessions a week. No matter how crud I felt I had to turn up because it was a BIG financial investment! So I did. And it kept me training. I was well supervised,and my pt pushed me on days he knew he could ... and went easy on days I had the vomits!

Oh and if you are wondering or worrying my doctors (and there are more than one) are very very very happy for me to keep training. In fact - they are insistent about it !

What did change was I stopped running. Not because I was told to or had to ... but it just felt wrong. I struggled so much with tiredness and running made it worse. And I am ok with that.

Now - at 16 weeks things are pretty good! I finally have energy! And this week was a no vomit week! (WOOHOOO!)

I am eating so much better now. My babe needs it and so do I. Lots of simple food. Lean meat or fish and salad or vege. I'm not much up for fancy meals right now.

And I am still training. PT. Weights. Step. Pump. Oh - and yesterday I RAN again! I had some emotions that needed clearing ... and running fixes everything! It was hard. It was short (only 3k) and it was SLOOOOOW but I ran!!

Weight wise I'm up a few kg but ok so far with it. I'm still in size 12's and happy there. I do feel like my belly is huge for 16 weeks tho!

Training is my saviour this pregnancy. It clears my mind when I worry. It keeps me busy so I stress less. And it makes me feel like me.

Bring on the next month of training! I wonder how things will change?!

Helloooooo ... is there an echo in here????

OK. I admit it.

The blogging has been a little light on here.

Sorry about that.

Part of the problem is ... that darn morning sickness. Yep. I'm blessed to have it! But boy did it make things rough for a bit!

Add to that first trimester exhaustion.

But also there has been the emotions. After so many years wanting to be pregnant I am struggling to relax and enjoy. I still worry and think I always will. It's only natural.

So my headspace hasn't been at blogging and I'm sorry.

But I'm back.
Just maybe not as much as before.

To my readers who struggle with my pregnancy posts ... I'm sorry. I get it. I know how hard it can be. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Infertility sucks. No other way to describe it.

If you have to take a break from my blog I understand. My posts will be pretty preg heavy .. cause that effects my training so much right now.

I wish you joy and peace in the wait ... and if I can help .. let me know xxx