Sunday, July 8, 2012

How do you celebrate a 12wbt babe??

Well - if you are blessed enough to have my local crew ... with baby Bootcamp of course!

If you know me ... you know I do not DO baby showers. There are lots of reasons. It's not that I'm not grateful. It is just not something I do. Ever.

Seems the only people who can break through my shell are my local 12wbt team!

These girls rock! I live in a small country area. When I started 12wbt I was it. There was no local support at all!

Now we are a team of 40 plus. And I love these girl! They are keeping me going and motivated .. and make me look forward to training hard with them when I am back on board!
Morning tea was provided by the lovely Tara! So beautiful!
And my 12wbt girls and the girls from my bootcamp/pt group (plus my pt who is NOT a girl!) joined together to celebrate and train! Everyone trained with a pregnant belly! Mine is on the left ... all the others are courtesy of balloons! Funny thing is - the balloons have tricked many people in the pis!

The activities were chosen by me ... the number of reps were based on the answers from baby shower games.
Push ups were first up ... as a result of everyone guessing with string the size of my belly. The number of pushups were determined by how far out their estimate was! Every centimetre out was 1 pushup! Poor Linda ended up with 88 of them! Funny part is ... she's a midwife!

Justin my pt (who may have chosen other fake balloon assets rather than belly) helped her out by taking 20 of her 88 pushups for her! Good man!

Squats were next ... I had to fill in a survey on various baby characteristics ... and whether I hoped they would come from me or daddy. Everyone had to guess my responses. Every time they were out ... 10 squats.

Linda did the squats complete with baby belly and added pregnancy "weight gain"

Shuttle runs, complete with planks, burpees, lunges, situps ....

Oh and something knew Linda invented! The vomits. One burpee . One frog jump. Repeat till you hit the tree. (or vomit!)
For someone who doesn't "do" babyshowers ... I had a ball! Coffee out afterwards ... it was lovely!

Next time I'll be doing the training - not the orders! Big thanks to my local crew ... and Tara and Linda for organising it!

I couldn't have asked for a more "me" shower!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping it real - 32 weeks!

It's been a while since my last Keeping it Real Post! A month in fact! A lot can change in a month ... so here goes.

Week 32

Mixed bag here. Going away for me never means the best nutrition. Especially when pregnancy restrictions (re listeria) mean avoiding salad bars etc (my normal staple away! Give me veges!!!)

I did pay a ridiculous amount for fruit skewers and yogurt at the hotel for breakfast, and it was worth every cent! Fresh fruit! YUM!

The good note - is I am finally craving what my body needs. Fruit. Veges. Salad. Water. SO much water. I finally feel like it's not a constant battle to eat well. I think that being on holidays and not having to fight the third trimester morning sickness helps too!

Um yeah. I feel pregnant. How people are just starting to figure it out is beyond me. I'm pretty big!
I have no clothes that fit and don't want to spend money on them - THAT is getting me down! I miss my pretty wardrobe I was starting to get together!

Our little family had it's last trip away as a family of three on the weekend. We went to the Gold coast for the Gold Coast marathon (hubby and Miss 7 ran ! I was just jealous!) It was so nice to be somewhere WARM but I really was feeling the travel.

My other pregnancy hint ... 2XU compression socks are not just for running! Put on first thing in the morning they are great for keeping swelling down and helping sore pregnant legs get through the day!


um yeah. This has slowed way way down.

PT didn't happen this week. Walking a lot at the Gold Coast gave me some pretty horrid Braxton Hicks contractions, so we both decided training would be unwise.

So right now my training is a lot of walking (which I think is becoming a waddle), stretching, and light weights.

I really really miss training hard! Especially after being at the Gold Coast ! I want to run again! But physio advice meant running had to stop ... and I know I WILL be back! I am making plans! (which is another blog to come soon!)

So right now Training is more about keeping the headspace and the habit. It will be a slow recovery but I have goals


What to say ... holidays are amazing. I am so much more relaxed and totally soaking up my time with Miss 7.

Along with other twitter friends I am taking part in #operationantihoard to get the physical clutter out of our homes. The amazing side effect is so much mental clutter is leaving too.

I am loving being pregnant. But getting tired. I hate to drive long trips now!

Right now I feel like I am in a stabilising time. Settling down for the birth. For life with a newborn. And trying to make sustainable plans to get me back.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

No Junk July!

Oh how I need this! I am joining with the incredible LIZ from in a challenge for this month ... NO JUNK JULY!

As always - I am claiming participation NOT perfection! I am starting day TWO due to hearing about it far too late to undo the damage of a weekend away at the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast marathon series.

As soon as I read Liz's blog post I was IN! Aiming for a month of clean eating - but also environmentally sustainable food where possible! What's to lose!

The last few weeks of pregnancy I haven't been eating as well as I have wanted. And I'm feeling it.

But there is nothing like a few days away eating out to get me back on track. It makes me CRAVE fruit and veges like a woman possessed!!!

So I'm in! Are you? Check in with Liz at
Leave me a comment here or on facebook to let me know you are in too!

And use the hashtag on twitter #Nojunkjuly so we can find your posts!

THIS was my lunch today. Salad, salad, salad, sustainably fished tuna, and a peppermint and red raspberry leaf tea. (yep it's 3rd trimester)

After devouring winter strawberries for morning tea, and home baked whole meal toast for breakfast I'm feeling good.

#Nojunkjuly ! Don't let bad winter habits take hold!