Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preseason task #4 Gearing up ... Part one!

This is my fave fave fave challenge! Maybe it has to do with I like to shop ;)

I think of this task in two parts ... the first part is working out where you are going to work out.

I'm predicting that I will fall in Mish's intermediate category (based on my current training and what I know is ahead of me in the fitness test)

This means I will need to be ready for

3 days of fitness training
2 days of toning
1 day of light fitness, core and stretch.

My plan is

To do a pilates class every week. This will be my light fitness, core and stretch day. Plus it will help me work on one of my goals, and a real area of need ... working on my core.

I have two pilates classes I can go to ... so if I have to work when one is on , there is another there waiting for me.

My two days of toning (weights) I intend to head to the gym. If at all possible I am going to do two pump classes each week. I'm really intending on focussing on going heavy on the weights, while still maintaining great form. If I can't get to the class I'm going to do Mish's outdoor program for her strength days. I'm looking forward to this. Mish's programs are tough!

Cardio days are my favourite! This is where I feel I make the most gains!

This round I am focussing hard on running. Running makes me feel strong and empowered. And kicks calories like no other exercise. So I'm going to combine running with the outdoor workouts!
No need to get stuck in the gym just cause I'm a member!

Variety is what will get me through 12 weeks so my back up options for cardio are my zumba classes (yes I am starting to like them!), my TAP class (oh my!), boxing, cycling, ... so many ways I can get out there and move!

Part two of Gearing up is making sure you have all the equipment you need to get you through the program. I'm relatively set in this area ... so I'm going to share a few of my must haves and lots over the next few posts!

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