Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Lorna Jane Activewear

Dear Lorna Jane Activewear

I wonder if you know how many women on the 12wbt have you set as both a reward and a goal? Do you know how much you inspire us to action?

I don't know what it is about your products ... but I really really really LOVE them!

Last challenge I was more excited about buying a Never Never Never Give Up singlet than I was about losing 12kg!

And now I have lost almost 20kg I am still excited!

Last round my goal was to get small enough to shop in Lorna Jane. And right at the end I achieved it! And I know of so many other women who have the same goal!

Now you are my reward ... I reckon every 5kg milestone deserves a little something? Don't you?

In the meantime ... Mum (if you are reading) I really love this shirt! (and I'd need a large ... hint hint ... after all you always want ideas for my birthday!)


  1. Hahahah you can sign that letter from me as well!!! And I LOVE that t-shirt, might have to work that in to my goals :)