Thursday, March 31, 2011

My go to lunch out

No matter how well I prepare sometimes I have to (or want to) have lunch out. I have two favourites ... both which keep my calories in line One is what I had today ... doesn't it look amazing! Nandos mediteranean salad with chicken ... fabulous for after personal training today as it had a lot of vegies and a good amount of protein. My other standby ... subway 6 inch turkey sub. whole wheat bread. all the salads. No cheese, dressing or salt. YUM! What are your favourite lunches on the go?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new resolution ...

6 weeks to go of 12wbt 44 days till the party. And my budget does not look good.

It doesn't help that I had to replace our hot water system. Or that I've been trying to buy clothes on sale to make sure I have SOMETHING to wear. Or that I had to buy the girl winter uniforms.

I have paid for my flights ... But accomodation, tickets ... oh and shopping expenses will be coming up soon.

So - despite my limited wardrobe that fits ... until the party I am buying nothing for me (apart from the party outfit of course! Can't go naked!)

No more clothes. No cute shoes.

If I feel like I want to shop (for fun) I'm going for a walk instead! Time to save up so I can shop in Melbourne!

Yesterday's weigh in

.4kg lost.

Down to 71.9

Lately the weight loss is very slow and steady ... but as I was sick for quite a bit of the week ... I'll take it.

This week I am going hard. I can taste being a 60s girl. 2kg to go and I'm in the 60s. I'd love to be there by easter.

Last night's live chat was postponed to tonight,so instead of lounging at home and being happy with what a great run I had this morning I went back to the gym. 1 hour, Michelle's Rower's Revenge circuit ... a whole heap of sweat and another 500 calories burned.

That is my first 1000 calories day in a long time!

This is going to be a good week ! I feel it in my bones!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making it real ... Day two ...

In my ongoing quest to make the weight loss real .... I followed through on a suggestion i was given on the forum.

A photo of my original tooooo tight size 18 pants ... And my brand new size 12 jeans !

What a difference!!!! No wonder all my clothes are falling down!!!!!

Love how this program works!

Makes all my hard work, sweat and tears soooo worth it!
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My top 10 running tips

OK - I am no professional.

Remember I couldn't even run more than a km last year ... until my just before Christmas breakthrough ...

So these are my tips for beginners. What works for me.

Take them with a grain of salt if you will ... but worth a go!

  1. Change your expectations of what being a runner is. Running is not going fast. It is not covering a huge difference. Heck, to begin with it is not even "running" the whole way. If you are moving with an intent to run some ... and are working to improve your running action and time ... then you are a runner. Don't put huge expectations on yourself! Even the best marathoners have days they have to walk a little! To begin with our "little" is just a bit more than their's!

  2. If you have never run before go slow. And then slow down a bit more. Honestly I think that is the biggest tip I can give you! Your body is used to walking! So if you are running a teeny bit faster than you walk that is probably the right speed. When I began running my husband would come with me ... and walk and keep up (until I throttled him and told him he could at least pretend to run!) If you are on a treadmill ... slow it down ! 7 ... maybe 7.5km/hr. Yes it will feel ridiculously slow. Who cares! Speed will come!

  3. Find a place you feel safe running. If possible make it just outside your door! Make it convenient. Flattish if you can! But above all an area where you won't be worried about your safety. (I worried enough about not falling over as it was!)

  4. Buy good shoes. Yep now. Before you even start. Go get fitted for your foot type. Yes it is an investment but they will last ages and save you $$$$ in physio bills ! Plus shin splints hurt a lot. Buy good shoes. I mean it. Do it.

  5. Interval running is the way to go. Walk a bit run a bit. Repeat. Build up run intervals. Cut down walk intervals. There are a heap of good plans out there. Check out for the couch to 5km. Or if you are doing the 12wbt I highly recomend Michelle's beginning running plan. If a week is hard don't be afraid to repeat it. This will work. It just takes time.

  6. Don't run every day. Give your body a chance to recover. Running is a tough workout. But don't be a couch potato on the other days either! Mix it up!

  7. If you can get a HR monitor. It really helped me to monitor my heart rate to help me determine if I needed to slow down or go faster

  8. Once you are building up longer intervals ... or trying to run the whole way ... slow down before you walk. Learning to run is a mind game. You will be tired. You will want to walk. It is easier. But before you walk try running slower. Stupidly slow. Like a shuffle. It's easier to keep going once you recover if you don't lose the momentum.

  9. And before you stop (or walk) do a check ... can I breathe? Yes ? Are my legs about to die? No? Am I feeling dizzy? No? Is my heart rate ok? Yes? Then do I need to stop ... or is it in my head? This was the breakthrough I needed

  10. Don't compare. Someone will always run faster than you. Or further. Or more often. You may run stupidly slow (heck I still do!) But you are a runner. And this is YOUR journey! Do what it takes. Babysteps. As John Bingham would say ... you may be more penguin than gazelle ... but you are running! Just enjoy the journey. And see your body respond! You can do it!

6km. Done.

Sometimes I get too caught up on the numbers. I know I don't run fast, and I run every run trying to fix that. And by 3km I have had enough. Today I went out ... and ran. When I started to worry about the numbers I just focussed on my legs... hitting the ground soft like shock absorbers. And I listened to my music. (Glee thank you!) I got 6km in. Not bad when I was hoping for 4. I am really liking the "just after school drop off" run time ... thank God for cooler weather!
Seems to have done the job anyway. I was stuffed.

A little change ... hope it makes things easier

I keep getting asked about some of my more popular blog posts. And often even I struggle to find them! So I've added a link section -----> just to the right and at the top of the page If you think I've missed a post that should be there ... please let me know! THanks!

Monday, March 28, 2011

This is not easy for me to do ...

There is nothing about me that want to write this post. You know us women ... we are pretty good at hating on our own bodies. Takes a lot to say what you like. Especially when you feel like you have so far to go. But the way I see it there is nothing about 12wbt that involves being down on yourself. This program is about being strong. Being empowered. This program is about being the best version of me. And since I am struggling to see the good points some days ... I am going to force the issue till I see it! Today's task. Take a photo of me. Not glammed up. Just me. And write a list - not about the things that are wrong but the things that are right! So big breath ... here goes ... This is me. Hot and sweaty after gym last night. (excuse the mess in the photos - I train or I clean. Training wins right now)
I like my shoulders. They are really getting there fast. All that strength in group power I think And you can't see it - but I'm kind of impressed with the lack of back fat if you look from behind! My legs are getting shape. It's all the running. Good for something! Oh - and when I do hamstring stretches calves look skinny! It's funny! My arms are starting to show all the weights work. Sometimes I can even see a muscle But above all - when I look at that photo I see someone who trains! Not a fat person in training gear but someone living the talk! It isn't flattering ... but gee it makes me happy :)

Monkey off my back ...

After dropping miss e to school I hit the river for a quick run. Dance class for me and miss e tonight so no time after school.

It started rainy but what a beautiful day it became!

It wasn't a strong run ... Every step was heavy ... And it wasn't a long run ... But it feels just so good to have it done!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Be Proud! (The post in which I throw a tantrum!)

We are just about at the half way point of the 12wbt ... and I have to say ... I am ready to throw a right royal tantrum over here!

The 12wbt forums are incredible ! They are a place we can share our hearts , our victories and our struggles. They are where the most incredible support comes from. They rock! But right now ... I am seeing a recurring theme ... the "I'm not good enough" theme.

And guys - It's making me sad.

Now - I am so not talking about the people who aren't sticking to the program and are giving themselves a swift kick where they need it. I've been there too. And yes - when we aren't on board we are NOT giving good enough ... and there is nothing wrong with a bit of self critisism there. (or a huge butt kick - whatever it takes!)

What is troubling me are the people who are giving it all they can (cause we are never perfect all the time) and still knock themselves.

Maybe you haven't lost as much weight as you thought you would have by now.
Maybe you aren't getting as much exercise as you want in (but are still giving it all you can)
Maybe your friend/husband/teammate is burning more calories than you Maybe you think you should be running faster, running further...

Seeing areas to improve is fine. Setting new goals to achieve is great. Seeing room for improvement and working on ... fabulous!

But ladies (and it normally is the ladies) ... we need to start loving ourselves too.

We need to stop and see how far we have come.
We need to praise ourselves cause we are still here. We are still trying. We need to stop comparing.
We need to remember this is about being the best YOU can be. Not someone else.
This is your own race.

Halfway is hard. There is still so much you want to achieve. And you feel like far too much time has gone already.
Stop beating yourselves up!

Did I make all my 4 week goals?? Heck no! Am I cranky ... maybe a little.

But is that going to stop me realising how great I am doing?
Am I not going to recognise all I HAVE done cause of the few things I missed???
Be proud!!!!

Time for a new list of all you have achieved!
Start with ... at week 6 and still here! I rock!
Yep write that down. Then say it aloud!


The only people who failed are those who failed to start.
Or who have quit and have no intention of coming back.

You are here still. And just by being here you are a success!

A simple tip that makes pre cooking meals easier

Buy a labeller. Then when you cook meals to freeze, you can label it with the meal, the calorie count and anything else you need to add to the meal after reheating. Makes it all so simple.
By the way - the minestrone is great!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some days are just hard

I ran this morning. I wanted to see my family today, so I wanted the monkey off my back early. And it was hrd. It was getting hot. There was a stinking headwind. And my chest felt full of muck. I went out to do 3km. And did just over 4.
Did I enjoy it? Yeah - I still sort of did. Cause it felt good to be moving again. But it was slow. It didn't flow. But at least it is done


Yep. to you this is just a horrid blurry photo.

To me this is momentous.
Piggy backing my 20kg 5 year old all the way home (and uphill!) from the park we worked out in today.
In September last year her 20kg was on my body. I have no idea how I moved, let alone breathed.

Today I did the walk easy - even with her extra weight. I could feel the strength I have gained mentally and physically from the 12wbt i every part of my body.

This is real change.

Time to start focussing on what I have achieved rather than worrying so much about how far I have to go ...

Friday, March 25, 2011

21 years!

Tonight we went to the local show.

It was getting cold so I went to grab a jumper from my limited stock of clothes that fit.

I grabbed an old faithful. Probably my favourite jumper of all times. It is classic, beautifully made, pure wool and treasured.

Oh, and it was knitted for me by my mum on my 16th birthday.
It is 21 years old!
And it fits!
See mum - I did take care of it! ;)

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ooooh yeah ....!

See that change room photo????

That would be me getting my behind into a pair of SIZE TWELVE JEANS!!!!

Ok - yes - they were quite a *ahem* Firm fit.

But they are TWELVES!

And they did up!

When I started my 18s were too tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I buy them ... um no. Too many bills this week.

But they fit!

Just the boost I needed!

I still feel like crud ...

But it feels SO GOOD to train again!

My nose isn't running anymore ... but my chest feels heavy.
And I am still so tired.

But I have goals to meet.
And I'm sick of sitting around feeling sick.

No more.

Today is a public holiday for the local show. So I left my girl with her daddy and told them I would be off walking. That I wasn't ready to run ... but I could at least go for a gentle walk. It's a start right??

Well I got to walking ... and I felt good.

SO I turned a corner ... and found me a nice little hill ...

That should get the heart rate up!

Oh - and see that side street to the right? I felt so good that I jogged up to there! Just cause I can!

The best bit was - when I turned around ...

This was the hill I needed to go up to go home!

(new goal? to be able to run up these hills??)

What a way to turn a walk into a workout! Certainly got the heart rate up!

The best bit is ... when I got to the top and had no more hills I thought I could jog little... and got an easy 2.5km jog in to finish up.

You have no idea how good it felt to run again.

Quote of the day ...

No matter how you feel

Get up

Get dressed

And Show up

(Paulo Coelho)

Kind of reminds me of my mum when we were kids ...

"Get up , get dressed, have breakfast, clean your teeth ... and THEN we will decide if you are too sick for school ;) "

(And mum - now I say that to Miss E)

So today - despite feeling like crud, I got up, got dressed and showed up. Off to workout. Listening to my body and will see how I go

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new challenge on the horizon ...

I've commited.

One thing I learned from my adventures with the Twilight Running Festival is there is no point thinking I "might" do a run if it fits in with our family. I need to sign up. Pay. Commit. I need to be in hook, line and sinker to make sure I follow through.

Otherwise it is too easy to find an excuse.

So here we go. I've signed up. I've commited. I've paid (and i am going to need to pick up more hours to pay for these fun runs!)

May 8. Mother's day. 8km.

A big jump from the last run .... But i reckon if people out there can kick cancer's butt ... Then the least i can do is work through 8km in the honour.

Training starts tomorrow. I better be better or else.


Just as I decide I am BACK this happens.
I get a cold :(
Yesterday was not the best day I have ever had. Kinda miserable.
But ... I listened to my body, ate well, dosed up on good stuff and rested.
And although I am going through a lot of tissues today is more bearable.
Normally a set back like this would mean I would go right off the rails.

Not this time.
I have pulled out pumpkin soup for lunch. I am beginning some gentle exercise.
And I am using today to set some new goals and make some plans

That is the word for today!
No stupid cold is going to stop me
(oh and weigh in wed was just a small 100g loss. But right now I am fine with that! I know I'm back on the right track!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beating the perfection monster -


It's a dirty word in this house.

SO many times i am too scared to do something, or don't even start ... cause I know I won't be able to do it the way I want to.

When my headaches set in, and I had those bad two weeks I couldn't have done the program the way that I wanted to. So I didn't.

I couldn't run. But I could have walked. I could have done core. I could have done light weights.

But I didn't.

Sunday morning I got quite a bit of "twitter therapy" on this subject.

The summation? You don't have to do it perfectly - you just have to do it.

Last night I was planning group power + cardio + zumba. It's how I like to smash up a Monday. Burn 1000+ calories. Get going for the week.

But I wasn't well ... a cold is on the way and I was starting to get miserable.

Every part of me wanted to stay home. After all - there is no way I could complete that smash up session.

Instead I went and just let myself do group power. I worked hard. I raised my weights. I concentrated on form.

It exhausted me.

And then, instead of feeling guilty about what I hadn't done, I went home and rang my mum.

I didn't let perfectionism win. I did what I could and kept on my journey.

That's a big win to me

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My first fun run ... lessons I have learned ...

Isn't everything a learning curve??
I really battled with whether to do the 10k or the 3k for my first fun run.
In the end I decided to do the 3km (mainly because I entered when even that sounded impossible. Who knew what I could achieve in 3 months!)
Although it was short - I'm glad now I chose that distance for my first organised event. I learned a lot. Here are a few of my "discoveries"
  1. Take the time to read the instructions. Make sure you know where you are going to be, when, and how. Being prepared makes the day so much less stressful. And check the website before you leave. Changes can happen at the last minute!
  2. The queue for the toilets is looooong. Go to the loo early than you think you need to. Then go again. There is no time for last minute queuing!
  3. I've alluded to this in a previous post. Run in your race day outfit the day before you run. I lost weight. My skirt almost fell down! I had to take the pins off my race number and pin it up while I ran! Could have been VERY embarrasing!
  4. If you are used to running with music (and the race allows) use it. If you are not going to use it ... practise running without it. I found it very hard to get my groove when I left my headphones at home
  5. Share it with someone. Take family. Take a friend. Heck - twitter it if you have to. But share the fun!
  6. Get someone to take photos! I am so glad I did!
  7. Get out there and do it! It won't be a perfect run. But it's the start of a whole new adventure! Open that door!

Mini milestone complete!

I am officially a fun run finisher!

Not sure if i am am prouder of me ... Or my girl but it was so much FUN! I averaged a 6"50 km pace too ... Pretty happy with that.

I learned a lot of lessons ... Will be back to blog about them soon.

I am so proud of me. I have lived for 37 years and this is the first race i have ever run and wanted to run!

Talk about a milestone!!

Im ready for an amazing week ahead ... And need to work on the date for my next race! This is fun!

Ready to rock!

First fun run!

Miss 5 did the 1km!

And a big shoutout to Liz. Thanks! I made it!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rain rain go AWAY!


Just what I need.

I have my first fun run booked tomorrow.

But honestly if this rain doesn't go away I won't be doing it. I'm just not happy with the road safety in this weather right now :(

Either way I will be running. But I want to RUN at the FUN RUN!

Bummer :(

Mini milestone Sunday ...

And I can't wait!

Doing another first!

Just need to keep those headaches away for the weekend ...

Monday, March 14, 2011

When the wheels fell off ...

Yep. This last week did not go to plan.

And I am glad.

I had thought I had made some real wins - that this new way of life was habit and I had won the battle.

It is good to know that I'm not there yet.

That is the reason I have signed up for this round of 12wbt.

I might have been getting overconfident.

Now I am reminded why I am here.

To fully absorb myself in Mish's mindset lessons.

To learn and share in the forums.

To train hard and eat well and keep on keeping on until it is habit.

I still don't feel well.

I'm in constant headache land that no drug seems to be killing and no amount of sleep seems to be helping.

But I am not going to let the stinking headaches beat me.

Time to be proative.
Dr appt booked - just in case.
Optomotrist review booked.

Increasing fluid again.

And today commencing training - not as intense as I was ... but getting back into it.

When your car gets a flat you don't leave it by the side of the road to rust away.

I had a bad week. We all do. There will always be times that life gets in the way and we get off track.

Time to fix that tyre and get back on the road.

I'm back ... And I've learned some lessons..

I'll blog later today ... Getting ready for the school run ...

But I want to thank you all for your love and support...

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Flat as the proverbial tack ...

Yep. This week I don't ave my heart in it.

I am tired. I am flat.

Is it the 3 week blues? That time of the month? Or is it the fact that I am fighting off sickness and my body is tired?

I'm not sure. But I know I have to find my way back, and I will.

Time for robot mode. Doing what I've been told to do ... and not questioning why.

I'll get there. It's just a bump on the road

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

This week the effort I've made training showed on the scale! I was thrilled with a 1.5 kg loss bringing my total loss this round to 3.9 kg

People are commenting constantly on my weight loss ... maybe 22kg is the stage that no one can deny it is noticeable!

Hope you all had a happy scales day too!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being the best version of me - Weekly suprise week 3

Week 3's suprise is to do a photo or collage of how you are becoming your best version of me.

Doing this challenge shows how far I have come since last time ... the previous round I really struggled with this - and didn't end up doing it.

This time I had more photos than I could find space for.

But this is me - right now at this moment in time!

Definately becoming a healthier, happier version of me - a better mum, and someone who does not accept limits. What a change

Week Two Suprise!

Our week two suprise was ....

A nutrition quiz!

Completing this felt kind of like cheating to me. Questions about coeliac disease and diabetes come second nature to a nurse with a coeliac husband!

And having a dietitian for a husband does mean I know a fair bit about food ;)

But it is done!

I am well on my way to completing every challenge put before me this round.

10/10 and in the draw for the scales!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today is sunday

Today is sunday. The last day of week two.
By this time next week we will be 1/4 of the way through our 12 week challenge.

Are you living today with the end in sight??

Go hard!

When you need to burn up a few extra calories to meet your goals ...

This works. ( photo by miss 5 ... Apparently it was hard to take a photo of a moving target!)

And miss 5 was thrilled to be jumping with mama too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

SSS - doing it like a ROCKSTAR!

Today is Super Saturday Session. As Mish said on facebook - she doesn't care how you do it, as long as you do it like a rockstar.

Today I woke and it was cool. Finally. I hate the heat.

Told my husband I was running away from our house - toward the river, and I would call him when I couldn't go any further. I didn't want to run close to home - too much temptation to stop.

So I ran ... and ran ... and even when it hurt a little I ran ... (but suprisingly I felt pretty good!)

And I burned a LOT of calories! In the end it was close to 900 ...

Cause I ran 10 km! Non stop! As in all running no walking!

Remember last year (actually November last year) I was pretty much a NON RUNNER

And today I ran TEN KM!!! I am a RUNNER!

1hr 15min. Those last 5 min seemed to take forever!

Beetroot face to prove it!

Afterwards I walked to a coffee shop and had a quiet skinny chino while I waited for my family. I think I deserved it.

And yes - I did it like a ROCKSTAR! Integrity and commitment! My words for the week!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

No big numbers today ...

And thank goodness for that I say!

Today is flexibility and core strength day. I have gone for a 35 min walk which burned 125 cal - but no big numbers for me.

And I'm ok with that.

I remember Mish saying once that if we are training as hard as she wants us to we are going to NEED a rest day. And today I do! Not an excuse - but I know that if I don't take it easy today - there is no way I will be ready for my Super Saturday tomorrow.

I work this afternoon. And I'll be on my feet all night (as nurses are!). Taking the well earned rest! (and buying shares in deep heat! My right hamstring is TIGHT!)

Officially declaring yesterday a ROCKSTAR day!

Can you believe it!! The storm cleared and fast! I got to run!!! I was so excited i was out the door the moment my husband came home!

And what started out tired was a fantastic run! As i was nearing 3k i realised i had the chance to do a pb on a 3k split and break 7 min/km .... So i pushed it hard .... And made it!!! Under 7min a km! Rockstar!

And i didnt stop then ! Thought i still had energy in the tank ... So kept moving. And made 5k ... In my best time yet i think!

By then i was feeling great. I could still keep those legs moving so kept going. I've only run 7k before and sort of thought it was one of those flukey runs. Well i might have slowed down but i smashed 7k!! To think in november/december i was struggling to finish 3k! I really am becoming a runner!!

And i have a sweaty, STUFFED beetroot face to prove it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Storm storm GO AWAY!!

See that great big massive heap of rain on the radar? That is just about to hit my town and it's not going to pass in a hurry.

3 days. That is three days in a row I can't run. Yesterday I did mish's outdoor workout indoors ... Today I'm about to do a DVD.

But I want to run. Go AWAY rain!!!

(Its the lightening bit that has me worried btw... Not the wet bit!)

PT session today rocked!

I went back to Maz today.

I dreaded it. And I was excited. I knew it was going to hurt.

The girl is crazy! She seemed to forget I don't like being in the air. - Hello - assisted pullups? is she mad???

I worked hard. She introduced me to a tabata mash up. Kinda like interval work without the extended rest period. It was hard - but I really enjoyed it! I like that kind of challenge. And I really really like kettlebells.

To start with I was disappointed with my calorie burn. Only 288?? Then I realised that was in a half hour - not an hour!

Working it!!!

Loved being pushed hard. Loved the tips and correction. love the no nonsense don't give up attitude. I'll be back next week.

Thanks Mish!

My two words for this week ...
1. Consistency

2. Integrity

In everything I eat, every moment I train, everything I do.

Bring on the next weigh day. One week to show what I'm made of!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 2 weigh in.

Oh I how I wish I could pull big numbers every week. I am putting the hard work in and it is such a reward to see those numbers edging over closer to healthy each week! Especially when they move quickly!

Have to say tho - now I am getting closer to goal and my BMR is lower it is getting harder to bump those kilos fast. Especially now I am fitter and burn less calories in the same amount of exercise.

That said - I am thrilled with a loss of 500g this week! That brings my total loss this challenge to 2.3kg!!

A happy scales day indeed!