Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A dream of a day! RESULTS prove it works!

I had my gym reassessment today. I am still walking about with a big huge fat smile on my face!

Have you ever sat through an assessment and dreaded every minute of it? Embarrassed even? This was me in the past.

But today I was the cat that got the canary.

The instructor is new. He has no clue about my story. And he talked with me about my goals and plans and how we would get there and it was good. Positive even.

And then he started to measure me.

Chest - -13cm.

Hips - down 13.

Thighs - another 8 each.

Arms - a good 5

And this is since October when I joined.

When I hopped on the scales for the first time ever I have seen an instructor as me to get off so he could test they are working.

And my fitness has improved out of sight!

12wbt works. My instructor is now a convert. He says I am on his radar. He is watching me.

Bring it on! I know the results will come! Just need to follow the process.

Today has been a good GOOOD day!

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