Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keeping it real - 22 weeks.

Inspired by my friend Rell at Keeping it real (Rell is a pt and also pregnant! And my twitter running coach!) I am starting a weekly update on life, eating, fitness, my pregnancy and KEEPING IT REAL!

Rell says in her blog this week
So I’ve decided that every Sunday I’m going to try and blog about how I’ve manage to keep it real in the week just gone. This weekly blog will be a way for me to show gratitude for the things I have in my life, to keep grounded, to recognize the things I have achieved and to keep a record of exercise and food as well
I read her blog and loved it. So often we get caught up in the massive achievements - or only blog the BIG things in our fitness life. With Rell, I am going to Keep it Real. Blog the every day. The good and the bad. And be thankful for just where I am at.

Week 22
For me, this week has been a harder one emotionally. I think I am starting to realise how much of a mental buzz I got off the huge fitness goals I was smashing pre pregnancy. Now that I am starting to feel my limitations a little, I let myself get down and frustrated. Having bootcamp cancelled this week did NOT help my mood! I think I am also starting to worry a little about getting this weight off after baby.

Thankfully though, I have very good friends. My twitter buddies especially. Rell and Leander really helped ground me Friday night. They put things in perspective and helped me breathe again.
Saturday also gave me a real gift into my mindset, and where I am right now. I won't get into that right now ... I want to blog that separately. But let me just say I feel so much more at peace.

This week has been an eye opener. I've used the pregnancy as an excuse. What began as a coping strategy to cope with nausea and tiredness has allowed too many bad eating habits to creep in. I'm not eating well and I know it. To make it worse I really wasn't enjoying eating this way. I've really started to focus on turning this around. I'm not counting calories or being strict, but I'm focussing on balance and nutrition. I've had a big mindset change.

I'm starting to realise how quickly this time is going! I'm still feeling quite well, and not nearly as sore as I remember feeling with Miss E. In fact, I feel quite guilty at times for feeling so great! I feel like my belly is showing but I'm yet to feel huge. Movement is much more regular and comforting. And hubby has finally felt bub move! I am starting to get an awareness that even though we still have around 18 weeks to go it is going to start going fast! I've been pottering around the nursery and having heaps of fun there!

My exercise
I am loving strength training still. PT this week made me feel awesome! Bootcamp was cancelled (TWICE) and that made me sad :( I haven't done any classes this week, but plan to next week as the new releases come out. I've started to enjoy walking again - as is my dog Mish. I need baby to move off my bladder though! Two toilet stops on one walk is ridiculous! My highlight of the week was training with Emazon and getting to hit HARD. Makes me feel so empowered!

I have had a sick Miss 6 at home for three days this week which has been lovely to have her around, but frustrating in that I didn't get the things I want done around my home. I am starting to nest a little I think (getting into the grouting with a toothbrush is a good sign!) I think baby is a vegetarian. Meat turns my stomach quite often. I'm excited about some special birthdays next week xx

Next week
Nutrition is my key focus, plus planning for a certain miss 6 to become Miss 7! I'm looking to balance next week and making better use of my time! Might be time for the to do list to come out!

Keeping it real this week means starting to accept the limitations I have, and realising how much I love being present for my family. The support of friends has rocked my world!

Thanks Rell for the inspiration! Bring on next week!

Cauliflower crusted pizza!

OK, I admit it. When I saw this recipe today I had my doubts. It intrigued me. But could it work?

Pizza with a cauliflower crust!

In googling for tips and different recipes I found many many different blogs and sites with ideas, so I struggle to give an original source. Instead this is a mish mash of many recipes and a few adaptions of my own.

This fed a family of 2 adults plus one hungry 6 year old with leftovers.

I used one entire head of cauliflower. I weighed it first. About 1 kg.
Step one is to grate the cauliflower into rice size grains. Once again I am so thrilled that I have the grater attachement for my kitchenaid! It makes tasks like this easy - but you could use an old fashioned grater.
Microwave the cauliflower for 8 minutes. Do NOT add ANY water. There is enough moisture in the cauliflower itself. You are trying to dry it out as much as possible.

Then you need to cool the cauliflower to room temp. I laid it out on a clean teatowel to speed this up, then used the towel to squeeze the last of the moisture out. The dryer the cauliflower the better your base will be.
Add 2 eggs. About 100g of light mozarella cheese, and italian herbs, garlic, whatever you like to flavour the base. Mix well.

Press into pizza shaped bases. You don't want them too thick, or too thin. The base will not rise but it needs to hold your toppings.

TIP!!! The base I made on baking paper worked MUCH BETTER! I highly recommend using the baking paper!

Bake at 240C for about 16 minutes. You need to dry the base out. It should just be starting to brown. If it is moist in the middle pop it back in for a few minutes.

Add your toppings. You will really just reheat these. So if you are adding meats, veges that need cooking or softening it is best to do this first.

Cook for 5 min until cheese melted!

This was suprisingly good. Naturally gluten free for husband. Miss 6 loved it! If you cut smallish slices it could be eaten without a knife and fork.

And it did NOT taste like cauliflower.

This mix made three small pizzas for us. None of us ate an entire one. I still have half leftover. I think the cauliflower makes it very filling.

The base mix is approx 750cal. (divided by 3 pizzas = 250 cal each). Don't forget to add your toppings. I really don't think it needed as much cheese on the top as we used as there is cheese flavouring the base.

And for me, each pizza served 2 meals, especially with a small salad.

Something a bit different and a great way of getting extra veges and fibre in our diet!

Friday, April 27, 2012

My inspirational 12wbter

Mish has asked us to share with her a 12wbter who inspires us. I jumped at the chance. She might live far too far away - but 12wbt has found me a great friend, an inspiration and a #strongwomen role model!

This is my entry ...

Hi Mish and team!!!!

My inspirational 12wbter is someone I have seen grow and push on despite a whole heap of setbacks. Not just one round but FIVE now.

She may be quiet on the forums - but 12wbt is more than forums. Her support on twitter to so many of us is HUGE. What I really love is she encourages women to be STRONG! She is teeny tiny in height but what she is achieving is huge!

As soon as I saw this suprise, I jwanted to send you a shout out about Leander. She is a quiet achiever on 12wbt. She tends to fly under the radar - but I want you to know all about her!

Leander is up to her 5th (I think) round of 12wbt. Over this time she has lost over 50kg!! She has a tiny 5" nothing frame ... the difference is spectacular!

This includes last round when she was injured (and rehabing under the care of a physio team ) and forbidden to train. She stuck 100% to clean nutrition - (and she is vegetarian btw) and lost 10kg that round! No excuses. Can't train - it's all about the nutrition. And although the rehab process almost killed her mentally she stayed true to the program and kept pushing me and other twitter family to smash goals I knew she was dying to achieve.

This round she can train again and she is training hard. Crossfit. 12wbt sessions. Strength sessions. And because running was her mental block - she is even working with a run coach! No barriers!

Oh and even though she hadn't done any long runs she jumped on board with the rellsrunners team and ran with us before the workout in centennial parklands!

She works on her mindset constantly. Not only through Mish's work - but 1-1 sessions with Emma from Emazon Chronicles. She knows the importance of getting the head right.

This round has been a tough round for Leander. Basically after finale last round her world fell apart, and everything as she knew it pretty much changed. It was a tough time. I would have crumbled.
This girl took no excuses. She has thrown her hurt into training.

At finale last year she told me how much she hates boxjumps. Can't get her head around them. So ... what does she do? Conquer the 23" boxjump!
PB for deadlift? 70kg 4RM (and she is just back from rehab)
Hates running? well - she is training to run at Gold Coast.
Starts training with a strength coach? Shoulder press 65kg!

On top of this she is an enthusiasic supporter of all of us on twitter (and is making sure I do NOT use pregnancy as an excuse and still lift and train!)

I have NEVER seen a girl use so few excuses. SHe is gorgeous and kind and beautiful and you need to know about her!

She truly is the spirit of 12wbt.

Her goal - is to turkish getup what she has lost. Over 50kg. Good luck to her! Better her than me!

Oh and the pic (she may kill me) is before 12wbt - and the day after the party in Sydney. Finally off rehab conditions (well almost) and doing a handstand push up out side Adriano Zumbos! (Secretly - there were handstand pushups at the finale party too mish! You miss all the fun stuff!)

Monday, April 16, 2012


I promised to eat clean. I promised accountability - here it is

Breakfast. Poached egg. (from OUR happy chooks) Wholemeal muffin. Banana. Decaf coffee.

Morning tea. Post gym class. Skim milk hot choc (my pregnancy indulgence)

Lunch - salmon stuffed baked potato. YUM!

Dinner. Stir fry with brown rice. (thanks hubby!)

Other snacks - fruit at a birthday party. One slice cheese. Homemade yogurt iceblock.

All clean. All within calories. Would you believe I feel better already?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coming clean ...

If there is one thing 12wbt has taught me ... it is all about the nutrition.
Eat clean - you will get results.
Eat crap - you will feel crap, look crap and get stuff all results to talk about.

Plain and simple - food is THE most important part of the program.

Well - I am coming to realise ... that my nutrition has slipped way below the standard I would expect of myself, and I am feeling the results of the bad choices I am making.

Yes I am pregnant. Yes I am meant to be gaining weight. And I am fine with that. But it is more than that. I feel sluggish. Bloated. My body is not happy with the balance that is going in.

Right now, as Mish would say ... is when I need to be focussing on OPTIMAL nutrition! After all - my body is growing another human being ! And on top of that it is still working and training! It is amazing!

So once again - the line in the sand is drawn. I will be accountable.

I am going to eat clean, focus on my nutrition, and to stay accountable I will blog this week how I am going.

Mish's eating plans rock. But right now - I am simplifying them.
Why? Because there are foods right now that turn my stomach. There are foods I couldn't force my body to eat if I tried. And from time to time the nausea is still making some foods impossible.

I have spent the night printing my favourite of Mish's recipes. The ones that fit our lifestyle, our tastes and are time and pregnancy friendly. I have planned for success and I expect to succeed.

How is your nutrition this week? If you are firing - AWESOME! Tell us how you feel!

If you are struggling . Stop. You know what to do. Draw the line. And get results.

Kath xxx

(BTW - although I will share what I eat, and probably photos too - I will not share recipes! This is Mish's program and I love it and believe in it! It works as a package - nutrition, fitness and mindset. I respect Mish and her work.)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Qld crew - Kangaroo point stairs!

In honour of Hoffy's humungous burpee challenge Qld crew turned out at Kangaroo Point to run some stairs.
Some very steep, very long stairs!

There is something very special about training with 12wbters - and today was NO exception!
There is always such a BUZZ in the air!

Big shout out to my driver and local team member who not only RAN the circuit but did it FIVE times (after a 430am wakeup call!)

It was hot, and sunny, then it was rainy ... I don't really think the weather knew WHAT it was doing!

And those stairs seemed an awful lot harder with a baby in your belly!

We wore red for heartkids, we wore our heart on our sleeve (or our face! - Thanks Ange for the facepainting!

It was an awesome time - donation are at $265 and rising! Doing our bit!

(BTW - check the bottom of the sign up the top - bubs is for bubs in utero (they count! - and dogs is for ... well ... the cutest puppies I have ever seen. One complete with a 12wbt tshirt!)

You can help support our cause by clicking on this link! Put QLD CREW in the comments!

In honour of a fighter woman.

Today - a fellow 12wbter for life and friend Julie Hoffman showed us what a champion she is! Many many months of training, organising, seeking donations and plain being awesome resulted in Hoffy's Burpee Challenge for Heartkids - a fundraiser to support heartkids in memory of her niece Stacey.

Today this fighter girl became a Guiness book of records champion! Most burpees in minute!

She then fought through an hour of burpees (UGH!) to complete 959 burpees in an hour - surrounded by family, friends and her community.

Did she break the record for burpees in an hour - no. And really - who cares.

She is a fighter woman. Three weeks of illness, and currently carrying a chest infection. Friends say she was hurting. She was doing it tough. But she would not say no. She fought on for the hour and showed us the tenacious fighter woman she is.

Fundraising for heartkids is likely to well exceed $30,000!


To support her - please follow the link to her every day hero page

Julie - I am so proud to know you ! You went hard and you did us proud!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

20 weeks and still training!

It's Bon Jovi week for me and baby!

"Woah! We're halfway there! Woah! Living on a prayer!"

This week is a good week. I feel well. I feel like myself. A nap or two certainly helps- but I am loving my life right now.

I feel like I'm really looking pregnant right now! I look huge! None of my regular pants fit.Time to suck it up and buy some maternity pants :(

Training is good. Bootcamp is becoming my new favourite thing to do. I love training with others - and we can do it at our own pace.

Running - not my fave. But with the cooler weather coming I am looking forward to doing some light little interval runs for the challenge.

Life is good! Baby and I are well. What more can I ask for?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

19 weeks training update~

19 weeks has been a fun week! I've said goodbye to the vomits and finally have some energy!

It started last Sunday - training with the Qld crew at Pain in paradise in Newfarm Park. It was a great session. Far too many burpees for my liking. But beautiful weather. And there is nothing like training with my Qld crew to make me train hard!

I did claim a pregnancy concession. On chest to ground pushups and burpees - if the belly hit the ground before the chest I took that as good enough. Oh - and sprints! I haven't sprinted in months! It felt so AWESOME to run!

I got to catch up with Ange and the amazing crew! Fun!!

Monday was pt. Gym session. Honestly - I did not want to go. But once I got there the switch clicked over - and the training began. Sometimes I find gym sessions frustrating - I'm not as strong as I was - but right now it is all about maintaining my core and the strength I can.

Tuesday I was tired. Walk time and rest day. I'm ok with that!

Wednesday I joined the girls for BOOTCAMP! Bootcamp is back locally and in a big way! Tyre flips. Kettlebells . Squats. Burpees.

I've started adapting exercises when I feel I need to - the thing I love about my journey is not only am I able to recognise when I need to adapt things - like when my core can't maintain the form - but I know enough about exercise now that I generally am able to choose a substitute pretty easily to suit.

Thursday I walked again -

And today - Good Friday was the mother of bootcamps! Held locally again we had trailers to push, logs to carry, tyres to boxjump and flip. So thankful I brought my gloves along! It was fun. It was challenging. It was awesome!

So I'm here and I'm still training. Some sessions are more intense than others - but that's ok. To me right now it's all about maintaing some level of fitness, but mainly keeping the habit.

Exercise is for life. I'm in a season now where I need to pace myself. And that's ok.

I need to train. It keeps me sane!