Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1 complete!

Day 1 of the challenge yesterday - and as promised - I started as I mean to go on!

Food was good. Cereal for breakfast. Yogurt, fruit, skinny chino and jarrah hot choc for snacks. Lunch was YUM! I swapped days a bit and had the turkey, swiss cheese and cranberry sauce wrap from later in the week cause the were the ingredients I had at home and it was DELICIOUS! And dinner (again swapped) was fish with oven roasted tomatoes. Beautiful!

Training was where I promised to go hard this round and I started well yesterday. The heat was stifling so doing anything at all was good in my mind. A one hour group power class and a one hour zumba class and 730 cal gone! I worked extra hard in power putting most of my weights up ... and I am feeling it today.

Day 2 awaits me ... and some exciting plans! Catch ya soon!

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