Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guess this makes it official now ...

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So humbled!!! *tears*

Tonight, with the support of friends, family, and my 12wbt family i hit a target i really didnt think was possible.

Tonight we smashed the $1000 raised for the cancer council!!!

I am getting excited for my run (finally!!)

I hope i run strong for all of you ...
And especially to those who have been touched by cancer .... Thank you for sharing your stories.

I promise i will give it my all


Words of wisdom

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final run done

Final run before gold coast is complete. In the rain. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

And i felt awesome!!! It was an easy easy run. I got into a rhythm and felt great!!!

If gold coast runs like this i'm going to have an awesome run!!!

I'm getting excited!!!!

Btw ... #project$1000 has $100 to go!!!!!!!
Want to help me raise a $1000 for cancer research???

Click here ---->

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Dream it ... Do it ...

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I dreamed i could make a difference.

That some way i could make sense of my uncle's cancer diagnosis and bring some good in his name.

I dreamed i could run further and longer than i ever have before,

I dreamed i would take part in a swarm of runner's all running because they can!!!

I am so so soooooo close.

I've done the miles. I've tested my gear. Everything is booked.

And thanks to you guys ... Ive raised $750!!! My ultimate out there dream goal was $1000!!!

Can you help get me there??? If you read my blog ... If my posts have helped or inspired you ... If you've shared in my journey would you contemplate going to my fundraising page and donating $2 or $5 or more...??

Maybe the cost of your morning cup of coffee??

12 weekers are awesome!!! I am so proud of the family we are!!

You can donate here ---->
( and i primise no more donation pleas after next week!!!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leave me a message of support!

How awesome is this!

If you want to leave me a message of support for Saturday you can do so at the asics run with me site!!

This rocks!

If you want to leave me a message my Bib number is R6849 . Go to to start!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just one last plug ;)

Look to the right ----->

My everyday hero page is still open.

So far ive raised over $600 for the cancer council

I am running gold coast for uncle ... And with the prayer my daughter will grow up knowing there is a cure for cancer.

And for the loved ones of many of my 12wbt friends

If you would like to donate just click on this link

Much love xxx

Today has been a good goood day!!

Today has been a good good day!!

I spent the morning with my mum **love**

I did some shopping

And found some inspiration at lorna jane ;)

I wnt back to the gym and got my zumba on.

Have roasted vegies ready for lunch tomorrow at work...


I ran

It felt pretty good. 5 km. Tested my outfit for gold coast. I dont want any nasty suprises like the twilight run ( my running skirt fell down Nd i had to hold it up the whooooole way.

It wasnt fast. It wasnt meant to be. Im practising looong and slloooooow

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Which singlet for gold coast?

1,2 or 3???


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

BLOG CHALLENGE # 4 - The things I want to say to me

I'm not sure where you are right now?

Are you on top of the world. Do you have that awesome - wish you could bottle it - on top of the world feeling?

Or are you struggling? Do you know you deserve better and you are trying to find your way forward?

I want you to write yourself a letter entitled "The things I want to say to me"

Use your letter to help you remember how awesome right now is. Encourage yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

Or if you are struggling confirm to yourself how much you deserve better. Be kind but tough to yourself. Reestablish the reasons why YOU DESERVE this. Find that fighter within.

The biggest rule is ... you have to build yourself up in this letter. Not knock yourself down.

You guys inspire me soooo much! I can't wait to read your letters!

And don't forget to link below!

All kinds of awesome!!!

It's no secret I have been struggling lately.

But i am not giving in. This is about the best version of me and i AM going to find her!
Actually I've been doing some heavy thinking lately ... I have a big blog post to come tonight! Lots of breakdowns and breakthroughs.

On saturday i went to run. I so wanted it to be a good run. I needed it to be. Gold coast is getting soooo close.

Well it wasnt. It was awful.

The first two km i went toooo fast. I was averaging 6min/km pace. It felt great while it lasted ... BUT i couldnt sustain it.
Then at three km i needed a stop. (TMI!!! thank goodness for public toilets)!!!

After that i couldnt get my mind straight. I ran some, walked some, and stopped short of 5km.
Cruddy cruddy run.

My twitter buddies were there for me however. They are helping me ... Reminding me to find my joy again.
Slooooooow and long. Slooooooow.

So yestday i headed out again.
Slooooow and long.
Run with a smile.
Find the joy.

I put some favourite upbeat music on.
And i ran.

The first three km i found it hard to get my breathing smooth. So i slowed down, and ran.
Km 5 and 6 hurt ... But once i got to 7 i found a rhythm.
My aim was for 7km but i kept going.

Km 7-8 flew by.
Km 9 i was smiling hard!!
Km 10 i sprinted home!!!

10km done!!!

And it was fun!!

I felt awesome!!

I am ready to finish my training for gold coast now!
I can do the distance.
Now i just have to get strong.

My twitter crew i love you!!!! You belive in me!! I need that!!!

Yesterday was all kinds of awesome!!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Shades of grey....

This is how I've been feeling lately. Like the colour has faded a little. I've been feeling blah and all shades of grey.

I really don't think winter has been helping.

It is so cold. And dark so early. My favourite time to run is when my hubby gets home from work in the evening ... but now it is dark before he gets here.

And as a nurse who mainly works mornings I am leaving for work in the dark.

I miss the sun.

I sort of feel like I have post round one blues.

I hit such heights ... and felt so great.

Since then I have lost my focus a bit.

I've put some weight back on.

Maybe I am afraid to work as hard as I have to to meet some of my goals.

Maybe it is winter.

Maybe it is self sabotaging.

Maybe it is some of the "crud" stuff going on around me at the moment.

It really doesn't matter why.

What matters is the person I want to be ... and this isn't her.

I don't want to be eating the wrong stuff.

I don't want to be feeling bad for missing my workouts.

I just don't like who I am this moment in time.

So whatever the weather - whatever the reason - things are changing.

This week I am training just for the joy.

I am not worrying about where we are on the program or what I should be doing.

This week I am just getting my joy back.

I am running - not with any goal in mind - but just to be running again.

I am trying to get to some group activities just for the joy of being part of the team.

I am going to go to the classes I love - and not worry about the calorie burn - but just about having fun.

Not long ago when I trained I always trained with the biggest smile on my face - because I was so happy I COULD train.

That is my goal.

I'm going to rediscover the fun.

And I bet in doing so I get results.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week three blogging challenge ... My greatest support!

Time to give a shout out! Who or what is your greatest support? Share the love! Give your thanks!

Is it your mum? Your partner? Your bestie??
The forums? Twitter? Facebook??

Maybe it's your faithful dog?

Your HRM that never tells a lie

Let's take the time to recognise those in our life that keep us going day by day!
Be grateful! Write it down!

And then get brave. Share it with them. Pass it on.
Let them know how much they mean to you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So good to be back running...

Here's the thing about this whole 12wbt lifestyle ... You need to be consistent..

A run off becomes two. Two becomes a week. Let's just say my running has not been consistent and with Gold Coast looming in a month I've been getting worried.

But today i ran. And although it took a while to find my rhythm it felt good.

I was worried I would have lost fitness but I did ok. It might have been a touch clumsy at times, it felt good to be running again.

I got a good 5k in. Back on track. And I feel good. I've missed it.
I won't stay away so long now ...

So worth it...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Save money ... Less waste ... Improve your health

So many of mish's recipes call for stock. But commercial salts, even the low salt versions are expensive, above the salt recomendations and full of ingredients i can't pronounce.

But if you have a crockpot you can make stock easily with no fuss at all.

Today I have vegetable stock on the way.
Celery, carrots, garlic skins, capsicum and zuchinni scraps, oh and onion ... Skins and all. Plus water and pepper.

Pop them in the crockpot and simmer all day.
Then cool, sieve the pieces out and freeze the liquid for a nutritious no salt stock.

I save my vege peels and scraps (washed) for a day or two. Then i make a big batch!!

I freeze in small quantities and have stock when i need it for pretty much no cost since i am just using scraps!!

For chicken stock ... We buy whole freerange chooks and split them ourselves into pieces as it is less expensive ... Then we can use the frames for stock. Or you can purchase the frames very cheaply from your supermarket or butcher!!

Easy as ... And it needs no stirring or fussing. It cooks while i go about my day.

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It's official...

I've registered!! 10km at the Gold Coast Marathon series.

I'm running for my Uncle. He was a boxer in his youth. Worked hard all his life.

Cancer may be winning the battle ...but his the courage and fighting spirit of his youth will not be lost. I'm running for him.

If you want to help me fundraise to give cancer a swift kick where it hurts look to the right .... even a few dollars adds up.

This disease makes me mad. I'm mad when I see my patient's suffer. I'm mad because my best friend lost her mother way too young to this disease. And I am FURIOUS to see it hurting my family.

I'm am running because it is all I can do. If I am running for your family too - drop me a note. Let me know


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