Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morning! Weigh in Wednesday!

OK - I've had a couple of weeks I haven't weighed in. But I have dealt with those excuses and I am BACK!

Not a huge loss this week - but a loss! Another .5kg bites the dust!

Actually, realisitically if I had weighed last week this weeks number would be much bigger as I'm sure it includes the weight I needed to lose that I would have gained in the two weeks of not paying attention.

But I'm back on track. My actions are matching my intentions! I have 2.5 weeks left till kick off of the new round, and only 600g to go till I meet my goal of losing 5kg in the off season! Easy done!

Today is a new day and a busy one. The heat is going to make fitting a workout into the day very hard. I'm off to get my chores done and try to get that monkey off my back early!

Have a great day!

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