Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm back ..... :)

I'll tell you a secret. I wasn't going to join this round.

And honestly -I'm not sure it's essential I do.

But I want to.

My best friend is going to rock this round.

My little country town has a very enthusiastic group growing! I want to play too!

I LOVE the convenience of being able to pick up my workouts and menus off my iPhone and to not have to think - just do.

And quite frankly - Paul and I have some changes in our lives right now that mean I am making things as easy as possible. And 12wbt does that.

I don't have to menu plan. Mish does it for me.

I don't have to think about my shopping or my eating or my training.

The hard work is done.

This round is a little different for me.

It's truly not about weight loss.

But it IS about being the best version of me I can be!

And that right now means being as fit and strong and healthy as I can so I can cope with a very busy year for us!

So I am IN!! If you are two - leave me a comment - let me know who you are so I can follow you on the forums!

And thank you all so much for being patient as I neglected my blog.

I needed some time off - but I am back and ready to blog with a different perspective.

It's going to be a fun round!