Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week two blogging challenge ... My greatest strengths

Blame work for this one.
I noticed this today.

Take a woman and give her a compliment.
What do you hear?? Oh thanks BUT ........

Without fail!
As women we are good at telling other people nice things.
We are great at telling our kids and family about their strengths.
But give a woman a compliment and they are BOUND to tell you all the reasons why this can't be true.

In round 3 2010 when this subject was raised on a live chat I remember Mish saying "Take the compliment. ALWAYS take the compliment! I know I do."
Well, if it's good enough for Mish ...

I know we are JUST at the START of a 12 week body transformation challenge.
Which in it's very nature means you want to change something about yourself.
Particularly your body.
And women are OH SO GOOD at critising our bodies too (and so are men ! I'm not leaving you out)

What I want from this blogging challenge is ...

tell me about your STRENGTHS
I WANT to know about your physical strengths.
I WANT to know about your mental strenghts.
I WANT to know about the habits you have that make you strong
I WANT to know what it is about you that makes you the fighter that is inside.

You can't just tell me one thing. Tell me what makes you strong.
Make me BELIEVE it! Make me BELIEVE you are going to fight for your health and you HAVE the power!
Tell me what prepares you to fight these 12 weeks now to make you extraordinary.
What is deep inside you that means you are going to succeed.
And how are you going to use those strengths??

Inspire me.
Cause you ARE inspirational to me.
Now I want to be sure that YOU believe it..

When you have blogged link your blog here!!


  1. Love it! A great thing to focus on at the start of the 12 weeks.

  2. Great reading everyones posts, FANTASTIC xo

  3. And Kath... where is yours??

  4. Im a struggling with this one!! I will do it tho. Soon!

  5. Fantastic challenge Kath. I am so glad I participated :) Loving everyone else's blogs!

  6. Just got around to this, I really needed the reminder. It was a great challenge.