Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you can dream it - you can achieve it. My dream becoming reality

The Blog Challenge: If you can dream it you can achieve it!!!

I want you to paint me a word picture. Pretend today is not today. You are not nervous, or overwhelmed or apprehensive or excited about the next 12 weeks. You are none of those things because you have LIVED it! You are at the finish line!

Maybe today is the day you run city 2 surf! Maybe it is the finale party. Maybe you are at the final workout. Maybe you are standing up there on the stage with Mish - a WINNER this round.

Paint me the picture. What are you feeling? What are you wearing? What can you do?

What have been your greatest achievements? Your biggest challenges?

How do you feel inside?? Just how excited ARE you???

Before you achieve it - you have to dream it. Put those dreams down. Make them real.

The more specific your dreams the closer you are to making them a reality

Here it is ... my dream becoming a reality ...

12 weeks on. Late August.
It is a sunny autumn day in Brisbane (with note: NO MUD) and I am aching. Every single part of me hurts.
But as I soak those sore muscles in a long hot shower, and try to recover in time for the party ahead ... I cannot help but cry a little... and smile a little too.

For 12 weeks I have pushed beyond my doubts. I have made the seemingly unachievable a reality.

In 12 weeks I have done over 40 running training sessions. I have lifted weights two times a week, sometimes more. And I have gone hard. I have gotten strong.

My PT is amazed at my progress. There is no more of the "I can'ts" floating around. Last week I told her to push me harder. Hey - I even did my first chin up! You have no idea how much that rocks!

Despite my lack of ab strength at the beginning, weekly pilates classes and daily work on my core has paid off. Not with rock hard 6 pack abs (although I must say they aren't looking too bad!) but with a core that is strong. Because of the work that I have put in ... this last hour at the final training session has been amazing. I have been strong. I have conquered. Every task I was asked to do I did ... and with good form. No longer do I have weakling pushups. Strong core and strength work means my pushups are deep. My form is good. I work hard.
That training I gave it my all. Rather than struggling through advanced like last round, I smashed it out of the park. I feel like a rockstar.

This moment did not happen without effort. My nutrition has been tight. Every meal. Ever snack has been planned and preprepared. 12 weeks alcohol free. 12 weeks chocolate and fast food free. Treated my body like a temple. I have put my time into the gym. Into my runs. I have run the 5k at the pentath in Warwick to start the road. Despite my fears I got up that stinking Toowoomba range for King of the range. Some bits I ran. Some bits I wanted to crawl. But I made it. What a mini milestone.

I had the time of my life at the Gold Coast. I felt so strong doing the 10k run ... and then catching up with 12wbt mates afterwards. And I raised over $1000. In the process. Paying it forward. You have no idea how proud I was that weekend of my husband too. He ran his first marathon. He did good.

Maybe. Just maybe that will be me one day

Oh - and despite being unable to convince my hubby to send me to Sydney for the city to surf I ran my 14k. I ran every step for my 12wbt mates.

I have blogged every day for the 12 weeks. And kept up my facebook page. I love it. I get to share my journey - maybe inspire someone ... and pay it forward. Isn't that what it's all about? And the blogging challenge has rocked! Our bloggers have achieved big things this round! I'm picking one of them to win!

Over in the corner is my dress for the party. Unlike last round, I was not stressed shopping. This time it was not about hiding faults. It was about having fun. Size 10. Can you believe it? I haven't been that since Uni days!

Tonight I know that excitement will take over soreness. I am going to feel so beautiful. My dress shows off how toned I have gotten - because of all the training. This was not just about losing weight but about being STRONG.

Tonight I celebrate. Mish hugs me when she sees me. She knows how far I have come.
I cannot wait to cheer on the winners. Will I be one? I honestly don't think so and I don't care.

But what will matter is I will have LIVED the last 12 weeks as if I was a champion! That is what rockstars are made of!


  1. Such a great mindset, Kath! I'm joining you in living the next 12 weeks as a champion! :D