Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zumba birthday party!

Miss 6 has been at the gym too much!

She asked the zumba instructor to run a party at our place!

It rocked!

What a great theme idea it gave me!
Zumba = intense colours! Love!

A few images ...

They had a ball ...

(and yes - I'm showing you the healthy stuff!)

Gina our way cool real life zumba instructor!

Popcorn! Bonus is our chooks eat any that is left!

New use for the cupcake tower! We have a slinkie machine so made apple slinkies

Water bottles for the kids instead of softdrink

(oh and this would be the non healthy bit)


  1. LOVE the fruit in the cupcake tower and love the idea of the drink bottles. Good on you for making kids parties that little bit healthier. That cake looks amazing!!!!!!!!! love the colours :)

  2. what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! and also the birthday girl needs to have her cake!

  3. Where did you find those water bottles?

    1. Hi angela - I just got the water bottles at the local $2 shop