Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some days it's about the little things

My daughter Miss 6 has run the local pentathrun 1500m race 4 times now.
And mainly with daddy.

When she was 4 I took her. I had to ask her to walk some. I couldn't run the whole way :(

Last year when she was 5 I watched from the sidelines. I knew there was no way at all I could keep up with her. It was beyond me. It broke my heart to have to quiz daddy for the story of how she ran.

This year would be different. When I began 12wbt in September I had one overriding goal. I was going to run that 1500m with my daughter. The whole way. I would experience every step of her race - not hear about it second hand.

It is what has kept me going!

Last night I was excited! I had to tweet about my plans! I couldn't wait!

And this year I was there as she ran it.

And run she did. 1500m in 9 minutes. She only slowed once. Until another litte girl passed her and she took off at a sprint!

She beat me! She ran fast. But I was right behind her. I saw every step of her race.

And it gave me joy!

Because of the work I have put in with this past 6mths I was not on the sidelines. I ran the race. We did it together! It was the best gift ever!

I think I better get used to her beating me.

But that's ok.

As long as I am there ... running behind her ... I can cope with coming second to my girl.

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  1. That's what it's all about! I love this post :) Congrats to you and Miss 6!