Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Organisaton is the key ...

Mish has said it before and she will say it over and over again.

So now is a really good time to learn that lesson to make the rest of the 12 weeks a lot more fun.

You need to get organised,... And i mean now!!

My life is busy. Right now it is crazy busy. And honestly ... For most of you ... I bet it is the same too.

I am the shift working wife of a marathon training husband. Add into that life a beautiful girl, after school activities, gym, tap class, his marathon training plan, appointments, shopping, cookng ... my week is insane.

But i wouldnt have it any other way. When i talk about my busy life Im really not complaining.
There is very little i would drop out. You just have to get organised.

This weekend i cooked and froze soups. 4 batches of it. Now i have no excuse for wholesome lunches and dinners in a hurry.
We try to minimise our trips downtown and to the shops. We plan our week out in advance. Everyone knows when they are free to workout, who is out, who is doing what tasks.

From this week i am setting aside one day a week which i am protecting. No appointments. No visits. Just time to go to the gym, do the housework and potter about home.

My iphone is an amazing tool! I can check my email, facebook, do banking, write blogs at lunch or when i am out. It gets the jobs done but gives me more quality time at home.

Organising is key. The most successful 12 weekers know exactly what they are doing when.

Id love to know how you manage your busy life too!!! We can all learn from each other!

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  1. Im on this journey too this time round! Good luck, your success so far has been inspiring! Thanks.
    I too love my Iphone!!!