Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you blog?? Ready to step it up a notch???

I have a dream ... of 12wbt blogs taking over the world!!!!

Seriously though - if I blog I succeed.

I think it’s because in order to have something to blog about I have to do something. Writing about sitting on the couch is kindof boring

So who is up for a weekly blogging challenge??????

The way it works is I will set a topic for each monday on my blog (feel free to message me ideas !!)
and we all blog about it. We can vote on a topic during the week if we end up with a lot of ideas…

You then post your blog link in the thread on the forums - and I will also have a place on my blog you can link each week so they dont get lost in the forums - that way we can reach a wider audience

If you are in .... give me a YELL!!! You can leave a comment here, search Courage2start on facebook, or look for the thread on the forums.

First topic to be released on the weekend. Blogged about Monday.

No prize except the glory of participating

What do you think? Would anyone be in????

I want this to be the round the blogosphere goes off!!!


  1. Sounds really good might give me the motivation to blog more :D

  2. Count me in too! Great idea :)

  3. Sounds great!! Im a huge blogger! Long time scrapbooking blogger, but also have a weight loss one i started in 2009 and hence still trying to loose that weight now! Would love to join in this!

  4. YEP. I'm in. Would definitely help with regular blogging! Fantastic idea x x

  5. Love this idea Kaz! I'm definitely in! I may not follow it every week but love that us 12 WBT bloggers can all be on the same page so to speak! This is my first round, and I just started my blog

    Your 'new friends' repost was exactly what I need to read when I needed to read it!

  6. Sounds great...Im in! First time 12wbt-er!

  7. Hi i'm Nik, a fellow 12WBT'er.
    I started my first ever blog last night, I am my only follower, sad hey?! LMAO.
    It's all a bit confusing at the moment, think i need lessons, don't know how to make it look good like yours with all the pics down the side etc.
    But if i can get my head around it, i'll be in...

  8. I'm in! And I have a blog now too :D

  9. i should be in. but i still have a thing of tim tams. . .

  10. I'm in for sure. Need to concentrate on mindset this round, so this is a perfect opportunity to make sure I actually do it.

  11. Just created a blog so I could specifically join in this challenge - a week late, but hey, I'll soon catch up :D