Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back! And I love it!

It is no secret that the last three or four weeks I have really struggled.

When I got back from Melbourne it got worse. I doubted constantly my ability. I allowed poor food choices into my life. I regained some weight.

But the worst thing was - my head was not in the game.
I would go to PT - she would give me things to do ... and my head would say "I can't". The worst thing is I let myself believe it.

Something switched on this week.
Was it starting to run again?
Was it determination that the negative comments I had received this week wouldn't beat me?
Was it the enthusiasm of our new members, and even more determined old members?

I have no clue. But I am back.

Today at PT I told her I could. And I did. Renegade rows with pushups. Kettlebell swings x about a million. Plank work. Trx work.

I said I could and I did.

My heart, head and body were strong. It made my soul sing.

To cap the day off - I managed a four km run before school pick up.
Got my groceries done.
And vegetarian lasagne (calorie friendly) made.

Today is a good day.

I am back.
Living this round like a champion


  1. Welcome back! And congratulations for coming through the other side stronger!

  2. What on earth were you doing up at 3am Kath?