Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspiration? Me???

This weekend was completely overwhelming.

It brought home the enormity of what I have done ... what I am doing ... and what I am apart of.

I spent much of the weekend feeling like I was part of some surreal adventure. That it really wasn't quite real. But it was.

Within half an hour of being in Melbourne I was recognised. On the Skybus! (If that was you can you let me know! I have forgotten your name and I am so sorry!) It felt so odd. I am just me living my life, trying to cope with this 12wbt adventure and writing my stories. I kind of forgot that other people are out there reading it!

That meeting was the story for much of the weekend. Feeling little surreal, a lot out of my depth and completely overwhelmed.

No matter where I went people recognised me. (I must look like my pictures I guess!) I was told they read my blog. That they did my running tips. That they now run. Or want to. That they showed my blog to other people. It was crazy. Complete strangers know my name.

It was completely overwhelming.

If I met you SAY HI AGAIN! Please!
And I am sorry if I appeared a little distracted. You see .. I was 100% completely blown away.

I got called an inspiration. A lot. Totally crazy. You see - I am not an inspiration. I am me.

I am the girl who lives in the little country town. I am not having any of these crazy workout adventures. They are all so far away and it is so hard to get to them around my family.

I have not won any prizes. I am not one of our amazing ambassadors who I respect so much. I have not have the incredible results that some people have. I am just me.

I fail. Sometimes I go back to bad habits. I am still learning.
I still have weight to lose. I still have so many goals to reach. I still need to be here.

OK I lost weight - but others have lost so much more.

I train as much as I can but I dream of doing more.

And my mindset. My mindset is still no where near where it should be. I still need to find that strength within me. I am no where near where I want to be.

But ... today on facebook Michelle Bridges called me an inspiration. And I don't know about you ... but I'm not prepared to argue with that woman.

And on the weekend 12wbt ers called me an inspiration. I'm not prepared to call them liars.

So what this means - if I am just an ordinary girl from the country doing what I can ... and I am an inspiration ... then you can be too. You are. You are inspirational too!

Maybe you don't blog - but your family watches every step you take. Your friend are watching your journey. If you post on facebook or the forums ... you are inspiring someone. You know you are. Leave a comment - tell me how. Share your story!

Maybe I am an inspiration ... maybe not. But to those who said I am thank you. Honestly - after the excitement of Melbourne today I feel a little flat.

But it is time to make plans. I promise to live my life in a way to live up to those words. Hold me to it. I'll see you at the finale in Brisbane!

I'm going to live my life to be worthy of the word inspirational - to someone at least.

Will you??


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  1. You are an inspiration Kath - and it was so nice to meet you on Saturday at hte workout and then again in our dressed up versions of ourselves! You have had such an incredible journey!!

    Hope to see you again at the finale round 2

    KylieM (12wbt)
    homalone1982 (twitter)
    Kylie Malone (facebook and life)


  2. You are an inspiration darling.. believe it with every ounce of your being!