Saturday, May 21, 2011

Round 2 starts tomorrow... Why do i keep coming back??

This is my third round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt.
I have achieved so much. I am not the person i was.

And from time to time when i mention that round 2 starts on Monday i get met with a very suprised " you are doing another round?? Why are you going back?"

I love 12wbt
But it is more than that. These are the reasons I am going back.

I still have weight to lose. No. I dont want to be super skinny. That isnt my body shape. But i am still not healthy yet. I still have unhealthy weight I am carrying on my waist. And i want to be healthy . My family only has one me. It is my job to do whatever i can to make sure i am there for them.

This is still not a way of life. This last round in particular I have had too many slips off the wagon. And let's say the last two weeks have seen me slip into some bad habits. I have definately gained weight, i need to keep doing 12wbt till i can manage this on my own.

I dont want to settle for just good enough. Without 12wbt i reckon i would stay the weight I am. After all ... Everyone else can see the difference now. And their is no way I would keep running. I dont want to be ordinary, I want to see what I can achieve!!! 12 wbt pushes me out of my comfort zone. I need it.

I love the community. Yesterday, when i didnt want to run, my twitter crew got me there. When i dont know the answer to an exercise question, Gabi from support crew comes in and answers me in such detail. When my mind is kooky the mindset lessons hit home. And when i am all too quiet our ambassador Angela checks on me ... And gives me a swift kick of wisdom if i need it!

I love the food. And i love the menu planning. It is done for me. It saves me a job. Adore that!!! Makes my life easier!!

Without mish i never would have attempted a (gym) triathlon. I never would have trained in the mud. Or gone to Melbourne on my own. I never would have bootcamped with a whole bucketload of qlders. Mish and 12wbt are pushing me out of my comfort zone. In all areas. Not just fitness. I now say. Yes more than no. Love that.

I still want to be healthy in all senses of the word. This program will get me there.

I still want to be strong. The next two rounds are focussing on strength for me. Culminating in lean and strong rd 3.

And i want to pay it forward. I have been given a gift.
Whether it is supporting others on the forums, blogging my heart out to encourage others, or raising money for cancer by running I am going to pay it forward. Not only will my family benefit from this gift but so will others. This will help Michelle realise her dream.

So i'll be back for quite some time yet.

12wbter for life???

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  1. Love ur blog.... Love ur transformation! I've just got the guts to start my own blog(plus worked out how to do it!) it's my first round and although I'm pumped for change scared that il fail! Loving the network this has got going so I know if I get stuck there b someonenaround! Gd luck with r3! :)